Thursday, October 10, 2013

Message from the MTC 10/6/2013

I am loving conference!! I have never had the talks mean so much to me before.  And in each prayer when they blessed the missionaries I felt that blessing.  I was missing you kind of towards the beginning though because I knew you were doing the same thing as me!

I'm glad everyone is happy =) That's awesome Brigham wants to clean.  I think it's something in that room because I always wanted to clean too.... hopefully he keeps wanting to do that so my room stays nice! haha. Not that I am going to live in it again, but still! 

I'd like some yummy apple pie right now =) Not that I don't have good food.  The food here is awesome! And I can have much of it as I want. (no worries, it's all healthy, well mostly.  The ice cream may not be. Haha)

I sent you guys a letter, and I just put a letter for each kid in the mail like 5 minutes ago.  It is so crazy here!! I have 6 hours of class every day plus some extra ones that are a little different, like zone teaching.  Then more classes really. Haha. Yesterday was our first day for gym and that was really nice.  I played volleyball the whole time.  So today has really been a good break from all that.  We have study time before, in between, and after conference to just do personal studies, or companionship studies.  My companion and I, and the other companionship that we are rooming with just took a walk to the temple.  That was really nice.  Nice to get out in the sun because it has been really cold!  Plus all the walkways are shaded all the time.  So that makes it colder.  I took pictures but I don't have a way to put them on the computer yet.  I'm going to have to buy a usb cord first.  So pictures coming eventually.  Haha

I love you!! Miss you!! Enjoy the rest of conference, and I think about you often... Not to often though ;)

~Love Sister Radmall

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