Monday, March 31, 2014

Goodbye to Weiser

Overlooking Weiser, Idaho
I'm headed to Enterprise!!  If you are wondering... It is 8 hours and 9 minutes from Trenton, and 3 hours and 49 minutes from Nampa.  Pretty much the highest I can get in the mission.  So it should be exciting.  Everyone says that there are really big mountains right there like in Logan.  So I am excited about that!  It's not big enough to have a Walmart.  Haha.  I'm training with another sister.  Sister Duncan.  So I will be in a trio... again.  I'm excited.  Ready for a change.  I'm even going to be in a different time zone than you!! Haha.  How exciting is that??  I'm glad I get to serve in Oregon. =)

So on to my week.  It was so good =)  Probably my best week in Weiser!  

Monday we hiked to the W on the hill.... kinda got in trouble.  But we knew the person who owned the W so nothing happened.  Just got in trouble.  It was a lot of fun though.  And a really really nice day.  And a very pretty view.
The 5 Weiser Sisters
Tuesday we visited a bunch of people.  We just did missionary work.  It's been nice to actually feel good enough to get out and see peopel!!  We went around asking less actives and investigators if they would help make cookies for the fireside on Sunday (which I will talk about more later).  We have learned that people love to help out!  Everyone agreed to make cookies (unless they were sick) but only a couple made cookies AND came to the fireside. Lame-O.

Wednesday went around to a lot more people.  Inviting them to the fireside and to help with cookies.  Lots and lots of people!  Had a fun dinner.  Then more and more people.  Can't even remember most of them.  Sad, but true.

Thursday we had lunch with a fun family.  Best sandwich I've had in a while =)  Haha.  Saw more people to invite to Sunday.  Then saw more people.  Then later we went to the church so I could practice the piano.

My District
Friday we visited a couple more people after our last district meeting of the transfer.  Spent probably a little bit too long at lunch.  But oh well.  We tried to visit more people but both of us were kinda stressed about the next day (transfer calls) so we got a hot chocolate pick-me-up, practiced some more piano, and visited a couple more people.

Saturday was so busy! We went to Hansen's for breakfast and to drop off the progress report.  Then got transfer calls and left to go to the other sisters apartment to listen to it. (It's just a voice mail we get)  Everyone was freaking out!  It was crazy... haha!  And quite frankly, pretty entertaining to watch. ;)  I was NOT expecting Enterprise! In a trio!  Crazy!  Sister Breen is staying here and is training.  And the three sisters in the other wards got split up.  Sister Broadhead (redhead) is staying and training.  Sister Lyman (black hair) is going to Marsing to train, and Sister Krauss (brown hair) is going to my old area with Sister Bowler and Foster!  I'm super jealous!  I was telling her all the people she was going to love, and where she should go and what her companions will be like =)  It was fun.  After the freak out session we went to Marla's to make programs.  That took a good hour.  Then we went and printed them and folded them.  Another good hour.  Then we went to a baptism, then had dinner at homestead then went to the women's conference.  Which was AMAZING! I loved it so much!!  So so good! Then home and to bed...oh ya, and sometime during the day we went home so I could pack.  Crazy day!
Virginia and I
Sunday was the best by far! I don't think I have explained the fireside very much.  We had recent converts and other members each read a paragraph of 'The Living Christ'... so there were 10 narrators.  Then between each paragraph we had a less active or non-member or member do a musical number about Christ.  So there were 9 musical numbers and the last was a congregational hymn 'I believe in Christ'.  It was about an hour long.  And we had some more less actives and members and investigators make cookies.  We planned on about 100-150 people.  But at least 300 showed up!! We didn't have enough cookies or programs! It was sooo cool!  =)  You would have been proud!  Sister Breen did a fabulous job conducting.  And we had a couple other missionaries participate in the opening and closing prayer.  I played 'How Great Thou Art' on the piano.  I was going to have someone video tape it, but forgot.  (too nervous ;) ) Never played for so many people... very nerve racking.  There were two teenage boys that sang 'I stand all amazed' and played the ukulele.  Some singing, duets and solos.  Sister Lyman and another member sang 'Pie Jesu'.  It was gorgeous.  Probably the favorite.  Very very good.  Mine was the only piano solo.  An A Capella group of teenage girls sang 'Come Thou Fount'.  There was a duet with violins.  It was just so perfect.  Turned out better than we thought it would!  In the gym by the cookies we set up two tables full of missionary materials.  Videos, copies of the Book of Mormon, The Living Christ documents, magazines, pass along cards.  And more than half of those were gone.  We didn't want this activity to be a pushy missionary thing.  We just wanted people to feel the spirit and if they were curious take some materials.  And also to give the members more courage to invite people to things.  I think it worked really well.  I wouldn't be surprised if Sister Breen gets 10 referrals next week =)  I keep rambling... but it was just so awesome.  Everyone loved it, and everyone wants to do it again.  The Lord definitely made it all come together.  We had a lot of inspiration when planning it.  If that whole thing touched one soul and made one person better... it was all worth it =)  Even President and Sister Cannon came!  They loved it too =)  It was just FABULOUS! Best missionary experience yet!! I will definitely try that again in other areas.  And maybe even share the idea at home =)
Today we are going to Nampa!  We both have to go to the trainers training.  Then we are staying the night at the mission home.  Then Tuesday we will pick up our new missionaries.  Then I'll probably stay at the mission home again since it takes 4 hours to drive up there.  Then Wednesday I will be in Enterprise!  And I will let you know what it's like next week =)

The sun sets over Weiser
I hope you all have a great week!
Love, Amber

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Almost Transfers Again!

Hey =)

I don't really remember what happened this week... .haha.  It wasn't really a very exciting week.  

Sister Breen was sick on Monday.  But we did go thrift shopping for a little bit with the other missionaries. 

Tuesday Sister Breen was sick again.  We stayed inside all day.  Made a little theater on my bed and got to watch Ephraim's Rescue.  That was kinda fun.  I also got to sit out on our little balcony overlooking Weiser and read.  That was nice and relaxing in the sun!

Wednesday Sister Breen was still sick!  Stayed in again.  Got more done.  And ya.... I think that was pretty much it. :P

Thursday we did something!  It had been 10 days since we did any real missionary work.  So it was exciting to do something.  Haha!  We visited people that needed to be visited.  We went to Virginia's (an investigator) and found out that she is getting married to a guy she found online!! It's a trend or something in Weiser for 70 year old to date online then get married.  It is pretty dang funny.  So we are excited for her.  We think that this guy she is marrying will help her get baptized! That would be good =)  We took some pictures by a fun old barn because Sister Breen really liked it.  I took a picture that I am really proud of.  It's cool =)  Still have photography in me ;)

We didn't do a ton on Friday.  Because Sister Breen was not feeling well again.  After district meeting she got a haircut then we went home so she could take a nap.  Then after dinner we went out to contact a couple people.  Then we had an interview with President Cannon.  I really enjoyed seeing him and Sister Cannon! =)  Oh ya!  We are doing a music fireside on the 30th.  So we went to follow up with someone we asked to play the piano.  He wouldn't answer the door so we put some flyers in the door.  And as we drove away they slowly disappeared inside..... they have a big mastiff, so we are hoping that a human got them and not the dog.  haha! 

Saturday we stayed out all day!  It was exciting.  Haha.  Visited people that we hadn't seen for a while because we were stuck inside so long.  We met some new people.  Then later we went to an interesting funeral.  It was on the side of a hill.  Haha.  The lady wanted to be buried in her yard.... so she was. And Sister Breen helped bury her.  That was funny.  She was really excited.  Haha =)

And Sunday, we went to church.  That was really good.  We got to help with the 5 and 6 year olds.  Super cute! Only one investigator came to church though.  Afterwards we went to dinner.  I really like the family we ate with.  Probably one of my favorite in Weiser.  Then we were going to go out to a family who lives like 10 miles out in the middle of no where, but we realized we had no gas.  Maybe enough to get out there but not enough to get back.  So we had to cancel that appointment :P  Hopefully we can go tonight. Then we went to get some pictures from the people that let Sister Breen pull the calf.  And we got to help bottle feed a couple calves.  I do admit that was fun.... reminded me of helping Teanna with her calves =)  I liked it. That was pretty much all of our Sunday.  We did go wish Sister Thomason happy birthday after that though.
Holding an adorable kid goat... and Sister Breen's glasses.

Today we are going to hike to the W on the top of a hill! It is going to be fun!! =)  I'm excited.

I just want everyone who reads this to know that I know I am sharing the true gospel to people everyday.  I know that Jesus Christ suffered for us so that we can repent every day and be clean so we can live with Heavenly Father.  I'm so glad I'm on a mission.  I know it is what I am supposed to be doing, even though it is hard sometimes and I miss home.  I want to share the joy I feel with the people I see everyday.  And I'm so grateful for the chance I have to do so.

Have a great week everyone!
love you all!
~Sister Radmall

Monday, March 17, 2014

Sick-O Week

This week was really unproductive.  I was sick all week :P  Starting on Monday... until Saturday.  Then Yesterday Sister Breen was sick.  So we pretty much didn't do missionary work.  We did some things... so it wasn't a completely boring week.  It was actually a really really weird week!

Monday... we explored the steeple in the Weiser church!  Crazy awesome.  Haha!  The dusty-ness didn't help my throat.  But we went anyway. It was exciting.  Then we stayed home cuz I was exhausted.

Tuesday we stayed home all day.  Except for one time when we took a letter to the post office and checked out the flooding down by the river.  It was crazy flooded.

Wednesday was pretty much the most exciting, odd day.  Are you ready for this?  =)  You'll never guess.   We went to watch a calf being pulled.   And Sister Breen sorta helped.  I was the photographer and stayed back to watch.  She was really excited to be part of the whole thing.  Haha!  It was funny.  =)  Then we helped them feed their cows.  The hay didn't help my cold at all.  But it was worth it to see Sister Breen so excited.  Then we went home because I could barely breath from all the hay.  Haha.  Probably not the best thing. But oh well.

Thursday we went to Caldwell for zone conference.  That was a lot of fun.  I wish I was feeling good, because it would have been so much more fun.  I drove.. .and that probably wasn't a very good idea either.  Made me really tired and I had a massive headache when we got home.  It was really fun to see a lot of missionaries and we learned a lot about obedience and being good missionaries.  it was really good.  We got frozen yogurt afterwards with the other sisters in Weiser.  Then went home and I passed out at like 6 for the rest of the night.

Friday we had district meeting.  In Weiser this time.  That was good.  Then we went to Idaho Pizza for lunch... then went home again.  I was feeling better but Sister Breen wouldn't let us go out because she said I needed to stop and get better.  Haha.  She was right.  

Saturday we went to two baptisms.  One of our investigators came.  He enjoyed it.  Then we got shakes with the other missionaries because Sister Breen's throat was starting to hurt..... Round two on being sick! :P  Then we went home because neither of us were feeling good.

Sunday Sister Breen felt really yucky.  So we stayed inside all day.  It was a really long day!  But I got a lot done.. so that was good!

Today I am feeling lots better.  Feel better than I sound though.  Sister Breen is feeling like I was last Thursday.  So we are going to have to do this all over again.  Oh well.  =)  Gotta take care of ourselves before we can helps others!

That was our week.  Non productive... yet exciting, weird, and fun!  Haha.  Weirdest week yet! =)

Enjoy the pictures!  We took a lot this week.

Love you all!
I heard this this week, and I loved it...
"The best way to know God is to struggle."  That is why we go through trials... so we can know God better =)

Love, Sister Radmall

Monday, March 10, 2014

Is it really Monday?

I can't believe it is already Monday.  On Thursday it felt like Tuesday. This week has just gone by way too fast.  But it was a good week.

Monday we played here at the church with other sisters and elders in our district.  We played ultimate frisbee in the gym cuz it was raining outside.  And I got to play piano for a good while. 

Tuesday we did more family history with Rex.  He is getting to where he doesn't have information so he will have to call relatives and research a lot more.  Still loves it though.  We may have found a new investigator.  He is a Vietnam Veteran. He is so nice!  He seems pretty interested and we are excited to start teaching him.  The elders were teaching him before.  We aren't really sure why they stopped.  Later we went on splits with some ward members.  We had a really hard time finding the person we were supposed to visit.  So we went on a little exploration of a couple dirt roads that led to nowhere.  Haha.  That was fun.  Saw a HUGE bull.  Biggest one I've ever seen!  Haha.  We did finally find the person we were supposed to visit.  And it went really well..  The little boy liked me.  So we will try to go back and get them to church.

Wednesday we saw our investigator Jerry.  We talked to him about what he believes and if he believes in latter day prophets.  He said yes.. Then he said "Sometimes, I believe I am a prophet."  We never know what is going to come out of Jerry's mouth. Haha.  He is doing better.  He just has a lot of misunderstandings that we have to fix.  He is still super interested, and comes to church every week.  So we are trying!  Then we went clear out on a road called Manns Creek Road.  It is super far out.  Saw a lot of baby cows and Sister Breen was super excited.  Had to get a picture.  Haha.  Saw some people that really needed to be visited, that was good.  Sis. Breen got to hold a little chick.  And a lamb.  Wednesday was an animal day. Haha.  Later we had a ward party.  Dessert wars.  Everyone got into teams and each team had to make the dessert that was on their table.  We had 15 minutes to do it.  It was intense.  Lots of fun though.  Ours won 'best tasting'.  Probably because it was oreo =)  

Thursday we saw a bunch of people.  We have been struggling with finding people to actually teach.  Right now we are working a lot with less actives.  We go to their house and chat for a bit then share a scripture and invite them to church.  That is great, but we also want to teach some lessons!  We will find someone =) Later that night was a Relief Society Birthday Party.  That was so fun! I got to know a lot of the members in the ward from that.  Finally.  Haha.  We had to put things that represented us in a paper bag and people guessed.  I put my camera.  Printed off a couple pictures from the photo blog that I took.  A picture of Marble.  And my young women's medallion that I wear everyday. I also have my A on that necklace, so everyone was asking what my first name was.  Haha.  

Friday we had Zone Meeting.  In Baker City.  The drive is always fun.  I didn't have to drive for the first time! That was the first time I didn't drive missionaries.  Haha.  Also the first time I backed the car. Which is weird.  I really have been driving my whole mission.  Guess I'm okay with that.  After zone meeting I went on exchanges with Sister Clemmons in Fruitland.  It's always fun to see what different missionaries do and where they live.  But I really love my area and where I live.  It makes me more grateful for what I have.  While on exchanges I got three referrals for Weiser.  So that was super cool!

Saturday I was still on exchanges till 3.  So we visited some less actives in Fruitland ward.  Then I came home to Sister Breen.  I love Sister Breen! She is the best!  We missed each other.  We couldn't get ahold of our dinner so we assumed they were out of town and got dinner at a cute drive up restaurant.  As soon as our food came our dinner called.  So we had two dinners that night.  Whoops ;P  Stake conference was this weekend!  It was so good.  Best one I've every been to for sure!  Saturday night session was cool.  All of the youth 12 and older were invited.  The youth choir sang a beautiful song.  And two of the youth in our ward made a presentation about how useful internet and media are.  It was really cool.  They gave examples of how to share the gospel on facebook, twitter, and youtube.  All the speakers talked about was hastening the work and doing missionary work.  Hopefully it gets the members pumped!!

Sunday meeting was good too.  Also about missionary work.  Three of our investigators came and loved it.  After church we went to a member's who helped us make invitations for the Music fireside we are having.  It is going to be so cool!!  We are having less actives and non members participate.  We are going to have someone read a paragraph of The Living Christ then there will be a musical number, then another paragraph, then another musical number.  It's going to be good!  And it's coming along great!  Later we talked to both of our ward mission leaders about mission stuff.  Ward mission leaders are awesome!

That was my week.  Hope I didn't bore you =)  We had so much going on this week.  Something every night!  That's probably why the week went by so fast.

Something that I loved in Stake Conference was the Stake President talking about how if you help a butterfly get out of it's cocoon it won't be able to fly because it's the struggles that strengthen the butterfly.  That is just like us.  It's the struggles that make us strong enough to go through our other trials and challenges.  We have trials to make us strong and beautiful.

Have a great week!  I would love to hear from you all =D

Love, Sister Radmall 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Spring is totally here!


It's spring here in Weiser.  50 degree weather the past two week.  It's wonderful!  Rainy and kind of chilly yesterday and today, but still has a springy feel!  The 3 sisters in Weiser and 2 Elders in Payette are going to meet us at a park and we are going to play frisbee.  It's going to be fantastic! I am so ready to play any kind of sport and get my muscles moving and working! =) Hopefully it isn't too wet.

This week we did so many things.  Every night we had something going on.  Tuesday started out with Rex at the family history center again.  He is still super excited to find people so he can go to the temple again.  Such a great experience for him!  Then we taught a good lesson, and Sister Breen learned a lot about cows.  Haha!  Since it's calving season, and everyone here is a rancher Sister Breen is so excited, she really wants to help pull a calf.  I think that is hilarious, but she has never been around farms and all that jazz.  I'm going to stand back (if it ever happens) and be the photographer.  =)  Later we went to help out at the Blue and Gold Banquet.  That was fun.  We had to be the judges for a creation the families made out of random things, that was kinda hard, but it was super fun.

Wednesday we helped clean a lady's walls again... the one that smokes inside and her walls are orange.  Ya, it was hard work.  But her husband, who is not a member, likes us now!  So that's a step.  While we were still gross we offered to help our ward mission leader with his house that they are remodeling.  Since I kinda know the basics of building houses (cuz of dad) I offered.  But they didn't need help that day.  Then we took a mattress over to our investigator, Jerry.  Jerry is an interesting guy... we'll just leave it at that. =)  He told us he had a surprise for us on sunday... and he did.  He got a haircut and was wearing a super nice suit (bell bottoms and everything)  We barely recognized him.  He is usually in his leathers.  He even took out his indian earring.  It was great =) Haha.

Thursday we saw a lot of people.  It was great! 2 of our investigators, Rex and Virginia have been dating online.  It is so odd to me...haha.  Rex is getting married.  Which is weird! And Virginia's boyfriend is going to be here this week.  I just love that our investigators are in their 70's and online dating.=)

Friday nothing really special happened.  We visited a lot of people.  We saw a less active family.  The girls LOVE us!  They are always jumping all over us and showing us all their stuff.  They just got lizards so we got to see them.  They fed them crickets.  I was doing my best to act interested and not grossed out by the creepy crawly crickets :P Haha.  That family also have fish, a turtle, great dane, and a mastiff.  Lots of animals in a small place.  It's always fun to go over there.

Saturday we had a stake women's conference that was super duper good!  It was about having peace in the heart.  There were so many good talks.  All week we invited a tons of people to it.... no one came :/  But there were a lot of non members from other areas that came.  That was great!  Dinner was so good! Thanks mom for giving her the recipe ;)  Then we went to the stake baptisms.  Longest baptism I have ever been to.  Picked some long winded people to give the talks.  Haha. 

Sunday was a super long ward council fast Sunday.  Jerry did come in with his surprise though... totally made our whole day =) After church we went WAY out into the mountains to visit a family.  It is so gorgeous out there!! Rolling hills forever.  Then we went to dinner and Sister Breen got a rattle snake rattle.  She loves it =)  Then we went to a game night at a ward missionary's house with a less active family.  It was really good.  We all had a good time.  Played pictionary then had ice cream and peach cobbler.  We are finally starting to be liked by this family.  We are super excited!

That was my crazy week!  This week is going to be crazy too. Everyone is coming out for spring and they are so much happier.  It's awesome!  

Have a fantastic week!
"Remember the worth of 'every' soul is great in the sight of God." Doctrine and Covenants 18:10

Sorry I did so lame on pictures this week :P  I'll do better next week.

Love you!
~Sister Radmall