Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Transfer Week

I'm staying in La Grande for another 6 weeks!  With Sister Bailey!  She is going home in six weeks, so I get to be her last companion! I'm super excited =)
Sister Bailey's Birthday celebration
This week was very uneventful/eventful week.  haha.
Started out with a really good district meeting.  Our district is awesome.  So funny!  Then we went with Sister Hawks to her neighbor's to help load a ton of cardboard boxes into their little truck.  Earlier we also helped a sweet older couple peel pairs to can.... I may have accidentally sliced off my knuckle.  Whoops, got confused at which was pair and which was finger. haha ;)  It's healed pretty good already.

This week we made a goal of going 15 minutes early to dinner and tracting the houses surrounding dinner.  Then during dinner we would talk to the members about their neighbors.  We did it twice and it went really well.  In Imbler on Wednesday we tracted into a seventh day Adventist who raises hybrid wolves and is the Victorian Santa Clause in some of the wards in La Grande.  That was pretty cool.  People are so interesting.  I would like to just sit back and listen to what people have to say and learn about them.  It would be fun to just always people watch.  haha.

Happy birthday to Rachel and Brigham and Papa last week! =)  sounds like they all had enjoyable days. 

On Thursday we went to an appointment.  The kids we were going to teach weren't home.  They had gone with their grandma last minute.  But we were able to talk to their mom about attending church... while helping her fold her socks.  (Probably wasn't the best for my cut finger, the socks weren't very clean).  She was very appreciative.  And we loved helping.  We also gave her two friends that were there Book of Mormons.  It was pretty great.

Friday Sister Bailey woke up sick.  Stomach flu=P  Lame!  We had a really full day of lots of great stuff.  But had to cancel all of it.  I deep cleaned the whole apartment while Sister Bailey slept and ate ramen and slept some more.

Saturday she was still pretty sick.  Another full day canceled... but it was really super rainy and windy.  So it was a blessing that we didn't have to be out in the weather.  Saturday I read a bunch of talks and drew Sister Bailey's dream home (very unrealistic) haha =)  Boredom!  I can only focus for so long.  I also made magic bars. They were delicious! Shared with the elders so I didn't eat the whole thing.  They loved them too.  

Sunday we missed church... because she still wasn't feeling well.  We were supposed to do a musical number but obviously didn't do that.  I read a lot in 2nd Nephi yesterday.  That was fun.  There are TONS of blessings in Isaiah!  DIdn't even know it.  Blessings for the righteous, and Wo's for the wicked.  Pretty cool.

And that brings us back to today.  Sister Bailey is feeling better, and I'm not sick yet!  So we get to have a p-day and aren't stuck inside!  

I found a scripture I really like.... 2 Nephi 9:18

have a great week!
Love, Sister Radmall

What I do when my companion is sick.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Happy Birthday, Sister Bailey!

So this week was great!  It was a little crazy, but at the same time not really productive.  Hate weeks like that.  They can't make up their mind.  haha.  
The week started out kinda rainy and cold, but they got warm and sunny.  So even the weather couldn't make up it's mind.
I honestly don't have a ton of stories for the week.  So sorry if this is kinda short.  Monday we played a really fun game of cut throat basketball with the elders.  It's great playing b-ball with the elders because they can't block me.  So if I have the ball I pretty much get a free layup cuz they all back off;) It's great.  Makes me feel like I'm a good basketball player.  haha!!!

Tuesday we went to a mutual activity.  We actually were at the church practicing our musical number (that I composed;)) and waiting for Clara, our marshalese investigator.  But then she canceled.  So we stayed and got to know the youth a little better.  It was fun.  We played some get to know you games.  Like the game where you have a name of someone on your back and you have to ask yes and no questions to figure out who it is.  I didn't know mine.  So that was hard.  Then we played kinda like musical chairs.  But someone stands in the middle and says... everyone with long hair... then everyone with long hair stands up and runs to find a seat. Don't know what that game is called.  Then we made some s'mores.  Good times =)  I love the youth!

Wednesday we finally got to go to Elgin again.  Hadn't been there for at least 2 weeks.  And we may not have the miles to go out there again.  =P  Nothing really happened there that stands out right now, sorry.  Just that fact that we finally got to go is exciting =)

Thursday was a little odd... we got a random call from someone in Portland and asked if he could take us out to lunch.  So we went to the pizza buffet and he talked about his friends and how he wanted us to go over and see them.  So that was kinda cool.  Later that night we went to a relief society dinner.  A non-member came and spoke about how to re-invent clothes.  It was great.  She buys clothes that are out dated, and super cheap at the thrift store.  Cuts some, sews some, and she has something adorable, modern, and fits her perfectly.  It was awesome.  I want to try to do that.  She took a leather coat and made it into a purse.  It was brilliant.  

Friday we went to the chiropractor (my first time) because he does missionaries for free and Sister Bailey needed to be adjusted.  So he did me too.  That was weird.  haha.  There's a first for everything.  Friday I did a lot of firsts.  After that I wasn't feeling good at all.  So we stayed in the rest of the day =P

Saturday I was feeling better.  Luckily!  Because it was Sister Bailey's birthday! =)  The elders and I had fun with that.  The elders had me unlock our car the night before.  Then they put balloons and confetti in the car (I didn't know about the confetti or I may not have complied.  haha)  So in the morning we had a really messy car.  haha.  It was fun though!  She loved it =)  Then I planned another trick with the elders.  I cleverly positioned myself on our couch with the camera to catch the whole thing =)  The elders knocked on the door.  Sis Bailey answered... then got sprayed with silly string.  It was so funny.  I think the elders had way too much fun at the dollar store.  It was a pretty exciting day =)  We went to KFC for lunch, got a iced hot cocoa, and made a cake.  Tons of gross unhealthy stuff. haha.  For dinner we went to the Chandlers... we always seems to have dinner with them on someone's birthday.  Then we had a lesson at there house that went really well.  Vern wants to get baptized, but has some legal things he has to take care of.  So he committed him to make goals to get it all done, and put dates to those goals.  Including the goal of baptism.  So we will see what he says this Saturday =)

Sunday I wasn't feeling well again, but good enough to go to church.  It was a long day at church.  But I always love seeing all the awesome members in our wards.  I love them =)  That was honestly our week.  Like I said... not too exciting.  Had a lot of lessons canceled lessons.  But all in all it was good week.

Hope everyone is doing well!  Something I liked yesterday is this... We are not called to be successful.  We are called to be faithful.  That applies to anything.  As long as you are doing your best... you are doing what the Lord asks of you =)  Remember that!
Love you all!
~Sister Radmall

Saturday, October 18, 2014

An Extraordinary Week

Hey everyone,
This week was probably the craziest week of my mission.  I was gone from Monday through Friday... it was pretty much a vacation.  But a legit vacation.
Monday we did a fun little photo shoot.  Forgot how much I missed taking pictures. 
 Then we drove to Nampa and ate Wendy's Kids Meals on the way down.  haha.  That was kinda fun. Then stayed the night at the mission home.

Tuesday we went to MCL (Mission Leadership Council).  That went from about 10-4.  Afterwards we went on splits with Sister Bowler and her companion Sister Dijkwel.  I got to spend a couple hours with sister Bowler again!  That was a blast! I miss her.  We stayed the night at the mission home Tuesday night again.

Wednesday we went to Cracker Barrel to celebrate Sister Bailey's Birthday early. (It's on the 18th... you should send her a little letter ;))  Then we drove to Baker to watch 'Meet the Mormons'.  That was pretty much awesome!! If you haven't seen it.... SEE IT!!  
Then I went to Weiser with SIster Leavitt and Sister Bailey went back to La Grande with Sister Paxton.  (Keeping all these names straight?=))  Sister Leavitt's b-day was on the 11th, so we celebrated a bit.  Got some iced cocoa and I gave her a cute minion.  And we did facial masques.  Pretty much a party =)

Thursday I was in Weiser all day... it was fun to be there again.  There was a lady we went to that sculpts people.  She sculpted Pirates of the Caribbean people.  They looked just like them.  It was cool.  She also had Willie Wonka, and the Mad Hatter (She likes Jonny Depp).  So that was pretty fun.
Friday was Zone Meeting.... and another exchange.  This zone meeting was probably the best one I've been too.  The zone leaders asked us to write down a spiritual experience that we would never forget.  Then we went around and shared a couple.  It was so cool.  The spirit was so strong.  I going to issue a challenge... Write down a spiritual experience that you will never forget, that you can share with someone.  Then share it with someone.  It can be at family home evening, or mutual, or just someone one on one.  It's amazing how much the spirit will be there when you share. =)  Let me know how it goes... and if you want to share your spiritual experience with me you're more than welcome to =)  I'd love to hear!
So after zone meeting I finally went home to La Grande with Sister Colby.  Sister Bailey went to McCall with Sister Clarke.  Me and Sister Colby had fun.  I didn't know her before, so I had fun getting to know her.  I love being Sister Training Leader.  It's just fun to be there for the sisters if they ever need me.  And to get to know them all better (even though they are 2 and 4 hours away).
Saturday we drove back to Weiser to exchange back.  Finally with my companion again!! I missed her.  President Cannon was at the Weiser church for stake conference so after the meeting he took us out to lunch at homestead cafe.  That was fun.  He is so sweet!  He's the best!  Then we drove home and I seriously fell dead asleep while Sister Bailey was in the restroom.  Power nap! haha. I was so tired... jet lag.. roadtrip lag.  We then helped set up for a stake Y.W. in Excellence.  It was great.  We were asked to share how getting our medallions has helped in our life.  I told them that I am more confident because of it, and it prepared me spiritually for my mission.

Sunday morning we went to Elgin's sacrament meeting.  Then we went back to La Grande to 3rd ward's Relief Society, then all of 4th ward's church.  So that was pretty crazy.  Sister Bailey spoke in 4th ward.  It was really good.  She talked about bearing up your burdens with ease.  It was really good.  She is a great speaker.  Then after dinner we went home and weekly planned because we weren't able to do it on Thursday with our crazy week.  

That was pretty much the week.  It wears me out just thinking about it.  haha.  But it was a really good week.  Went really fast... yet it feels like last Monday was forever ago!
Remember to write down and share with someone a spiritual experience you've had in your life.  I promise you'll feel the spirit.

Oh, and an update on President Kevan... he isn't doing much better.  Still in ICU.  So continue to pray for him and his family.

Love you all!!
Sister Radmall 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Year Mark!

Well... this week I've been out a year.  Can't even believe it!!  I feel like I said that last week.  haha

So on Monday we played volleyball with the elders.  so much fun.  I had a blast.  But I think I played too hard.  haha,.  I was a little sore.  And I had a bruise on my thumb pad in my left hand from hitting the ball so much. haha.  Later that night we taught an awesome less active lady who's kids aren't baptized.  But it sounds like they want to be!  So we will be teaching them!

Tuesday we taught Clara.  She is from the Marshall Islands... so her cousin had to translate the lesson.  I hope she understood.  I kinda feel like she didn't.  But she felt the spirit.  So that is the most important part anyway!  It was cool to listen to them talk in Marshallese though.

Wednesday we went to Nampa for a new leadership training meeting for me.  Trains us how to be leaders... since I'm an STL. there were only 4 of us in the meeting.  It was a nice small setting to be taught by the mission president.  It was great.  I loved it.  Sister Bailey went on a little exchange with Sister Bowler while I was in the meeting.  They had fun.

Thursday we walked... all over the place.  We took a ward directory of 4th ward with some of the bishop's notes on it and visited the people he wanted us to.  It was good.  Most weren't home, but the ones that were, it was awesome.  Got lots of exercise.  haha.

Friday we had our whole day planned with good service opportunities.... and they all canceled.  Lame!!  So it was a rough day.  We tried to visit a couple people but they weren't home.  So it was not a very productive day.  We went to the EOU homecoming parade for like 10 minutes.  That was kinda fun.  Saw some less active members that we've been trying to get in touch with.  Then we went to the Jackmans and had an awesome dinner.  It's always awesome at the Jackmans =)

Saturday... CONFERENCE!!! I was so excited!  It was so good!  We watched the first session at the stake center.  I'm going to make it a goal from now on to watch at least one session of conference at the church building.  Because I actually sit and listen and get stuff out of it.  Then a member took us out to lunch at a cute restaurant owned by Mennonites.  They are so nice.  Then that member let us watch the next session at her house.  She loved having company instead of watching it by herself.  That was fun.  Then we went to dinner then visited some people.  My favorite talk was in the afternoonsaturday session.  The one who gave 6 points to spiritual confidence.  I loved how bold he was.  It was just fantastic!  I want to be bold like that some day.

By the way... it was weird to have conference at 9-11 and 1-3 instead of the Utah time.  It took me a while to figure that out. haha.

Sunday we went over the the Hutchins and helped her do her quilt.  That was fun.  Then we had lunch with them... their tradition is toast with mushed up boiled eggs on top, with white gravy over all of it.  It was pretty good.  Then we watched the afternoon and did more quilting.  =)  After conference we taught Clara again.  She accepted to be baptized!  Next step... helping her understand everything... when we can't speak her language.  

Well, that was my week.  Don't know what else to say.   Hope you all enjoyed conference.  And also, how is the Book of Mormon reading coming, for those of you that are doing it? 

Oh ya, anyone who is reading this, will you please pray for President Kevan.  He is in the stake presidency here in La Grande.  He got t-boned by a car on his bike this last week and broke his neck.  So please pray for him and his family.  Thanks =)

Love you all!
have a great week!