Monday, April 28, 2014

This week in Enterprise

We had a fun week.  It was really kind of crazy.  Where to start.
Monday was fun.  We explored Enterprise.  Cute town.  Joseph is still the best though!  We went into a lotion shop thing and met the owner.  I gave him a Book of Mormon because he seemed relatively interested.  So we are going to go back there and see if he read it.  I hope he did! It took a lot of courage to give it to him.  10 seconds of courage =)  After that we went to an antique store.  They had an awesome old piano.  It sounded so good.  So I played on that for a while and my companions talked to that lady about the gospel.  It was great.  The pros of having 3!  She invited us back next Saturday to the chocolate walk so I could play the piano when people come in.  We might go, I don't know. We shall see.

Tuesday we drove to Nampa. One of the La Grande sisters was going to the temple and Wednesday we had the 3 week training we had to go to.  So Tuesday we got to drive around my old area and say hi to people. So much fun!!! I loved seeing people I knew from my first area!!  Made me excited to come back next year when I'm home and have time to visit everyone I want to!  Later that night we went on splits with some other sister's so they could get more work done.. between all of us we visited a lot of people in their area.  It was great!
Wednesday was 3 week training.  That was good.  Then we drove home and went with the La Grande sisters to a couple places... places that wouldn't care about having 5 sisters in their house.  Haha.  We stayed the night on the floor in La Grande.
Thursday we had district meeting.  Which is why we stayed the night in La Grande.  That was fun.  Had really good pizza =)  Then we went home and visited a bunch of people in Wallowa since we were driving through it. 
Friday we were planning on doing service but then it decided to snow =P  So we didn't.  We had to do a little extra studying and planning because we had been gone that whole week.  So we didn't really get out to do much.  Saw one person down the street from us.  We are completely out of miles so we had to walk everywhere that day (wasn't far).  After dinner we walked to the church to help set up for the talent show.  Fun talent show! There was such good talents.  Loved it!!  Sister Duncan did some gymnastics.  That was fun.  And I played the piano.  I played waterfall.. But because I was so nervous I played it like twice the speed it's supposed to be played.  Haha.  I played it perfect, but it sounded awesome cuz it was so fast.  Everyone loved it =)  It was fun!!
Saturday we went to Joseph "Ammon tracting"  Ammon tracting is going around tracting in pants and looking for service.  People take us more seriously around here when we are in pants instead of a skirt.  It would have worked really well if one of our investigators didn't keep us the rest of the night.  Haha.  Larry is a talker!!  And so is his wife.  So we went to see if we could do anything for them (while it was snowing) but they didn't have anything.  So they talked our ear off and we never got the chance to say we had to go.  Then they invited us to dinner, or we accepted and they talked our ear off some more during and after.  We finally got to leave, like 3 hours later.  Haha.  To meet with the Butlers.  So we didn't get a lot done that day.  But we did set an appointment to actually teach Larry.  So hopefully we can answer some questions he has.  Or should I say... I hope the spirit can answer his questions!
Sunday was fun.  We went to ward council early but they weren't having it.  So we just had our own meeting with the bishop. Told him all our good ideas we had.  We have a lot =)  We are going to do a fast and find.  So the people that sign up to feed us will fast that day for someone they can share the gospel with, then they will break their fast with us at dinner.  Another was a missionary bulliton board.  Finished that one already.  Another is a service Saturday.  Saturdays are dedicated to service only.  And the last idea is do The Living Christ Music Fireside again! I am so excited.  I really hope it turns out as well as it did in Weiser!  June 1st is when we are doing this one =)  After a great day at church we had a fantastic dinner and taught a great lesson to our (somewhat stubborn) investigator.  All around a good day.  I feel like the work is progressing now in Enterprise!
Today (Monday) we drove to Nampa again.  Killed our miles =P  And energy.  haha.  Tomorrow is sister's conference and we didn't want to leave at 4 in the morning to get here on time.  So we are spending P-day... well what's left of it anyway... in Nampa.  We are going to have dinner at Bishop Minor's house! I am so excited!! I miss them =)
So... that was pretty much my week.  Lots of good things happened even though we didn't get a lot done. We are finally starting to see the good things that are coming from our obedience and diligence to do our best.  I absolutely love being a missionary.  My favorite part is feeling Christ like love for everyone I come in contact with.  Knowing how Christ feels about them makes me want to help them progress in whatever way they can!
I love you all =)  And have a great week
Love, Sister Radmall

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Week

So the week started out with our zone leaders telling us we could get on facebook.  Weird!  It felt really weird getting on and posting things.  It was fun though.  I enjoyed posting things about Christ everyday.

Monday we explored Joseph again.  It really is just the cutest town.  
Went into all the fun shops this time.  Lots of cute stuff.  But all expensive.  Got iced cocoa instead of hot chocolate and the Arrowhead chocolates this time.  SO good! 
 Then we had dinner at a member's and got on their computers to do facebook.  We couldn't get on at the family history center, we had to do it at a member's house.

Tuesday was district meeting.  It was good.  The blood drive people got there the same time we did so we helped them bring in their stuff.  Then they asked us what blood type we were.  Two of the elders had an O type blood so the people practically begged them to give blood. It was funny.  Se we had district meeting then went to lunch and the elders went back to donate blood.  There wasn't room on the list or else I would have done it again.  After that we started going through the ward list for the week.  Saw a lot of members.  Active, in-active, and part member families.  Everyone is really nice.  But everyone is pretty set in their ways.  If only they would listen for a little bit, they might learn something they didn't know before, or find something they are searching for!  I wish people would just be open minded about things.  Oh well... agency.

Wednesday we visited a lot more people.  Nothing too exciting.  Had dinner at the Hipples.  Awesome family.  Then went to mutual.  That was pretty much it.

Thursday was weekly planning like always.  Then we visited a lot of people again.  We visited an older lady in an assisted living center.  She reminded me a lot of a lady at work!  I loved it =)  That was pretty much it again.  We are making ourselves known to the county!  It's great =)
Friday we visited people.. again.  Started teaching a new investigator! We are excited.  Even though he only thinks we are 'practicing' on him.  He likes us though, so hopefully something will come of that =)  We had dinner in Lostine which is about half hour from Enterprise.  Then we visited people in Wallowa.  It was fun.

Saturday was a little more eventful.  We started out weeding the member's house that we live with.  Then we helped a family move a lot of heavy furniture to take to a storage unit.  That was hard work.  Definitely made me sore.  Then we went back to work at our house.  Making it look good so if she comes home anytime soon she will be a little less overwhelmed.  Then the wind started picking up.  A really bad wind storm came around.  So we went inside, got ready, then went to dinner.  That pretty much took up the rest of the night.  They invited non-members over, that was really good!  Then we got on facebook, then went home.

Easter!  Easter was great.  At church one of the speakers wasn't able to make it... so the other speaker had to take up the whole time.  It was a farewell talk.  He did a really good job taking up the time.  It was good.  We sang an extra song too.  The bishop said something that I really liked.  He challenged us to look out at the mountains on our way home and think of the atonement and how the mountains are a gift from the atonement.  Jesus Christ didn't only suffer and die for our sins and trials, he also died so we can have what we have... mountains, sunsets, animals, computers, family, buildings... etc.  Awesome =)

That was my week!  I hope you all had a great Easter week!  
Thanks for all you do for me =)  
Love you!!
Sister Radmall 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Another Week Gone By

I brought my cord, so I can upload pictures on this old computer;)  haha.
This week was a lot more productive than last.  It was fun.  We contacted 13 referrals!!! That is a record for me!  It was great.  Sadly no one really wanted to listen to anything we said, but we did make a couple friends.  Probably 2 out of the 13.  When members help and introduce their friends to us then we are more likely able to share a message or uplift them or get them interested.  If we just show up on the door step, only 2 out of 13 even like to talk to us for more than 2 minutes.  So help the missionaries! =)
Monday we did explore Joseph.  It is pretty much the cutest town on the planet!  Got pictures by some big bronze statues.  They have a fantastic chocolate shop.  Delicious hot chocolate!  After that we had dinner with the Butlers (WML)  That was fun.  Very nice couple.  They did an awesome job with this area.  Visited EVERY single member on the records.  I might have already said that last time.. but oh well.  They are great.

Tuesday we had district meeting in La Grande.  1.5 hour drive through the canyon.  Very pretty.. very long.  But the meeting was fun.  There are only one other set of sisters and the district leader and his companion.  So only 7 in the district.  3 companion-ships.  Pretty small.  Later we contacted a lot of people.  Then went to a baby shower.  We only went so we could meet people since there wasn't church on Sunday.  It was a fun little shower. 
Wednesday we contacted a bunch more people.  Had dinner, then contacted some more.  Then went to mutual.  It was fun to meet the girls.  There are 2 young men, and about 7 or 8 young women.  So enjoy having such a big mutual group to do fun stuff =)
Thursday we got to help do some yard work.  It was fun... the lady kind of reminds me of Arlene =)  Then we drove to La Grande again to have interviews with president.  Then we found out there was a screw in the truck tire so we took it to get fixed, then had lunch then drove home.  After that we contacted more people.  Lots of contacting. =)

Friday was weekly planning.  In my planner it shows that we had a lot of people to contact but I have them crossed off, so I guess we didn't contact them.... I don't remember what we did instead.  Haha.  But we did have dinner with a really fun family.  Elk burgers =)  Way good.  After dinner we did contact people.  I can't believe I can't remember what we did the rest of that day. Haha.
Saturday was fun! Lots of hard work.  First we went to help someone move out.  Me and sister Leavitt cleaned all the windows.  It was fun to work with her and talk with her.  Got to know her a bit better.  She is great.  Very sweet!  After that we took a lunch break then helped the Hipples, down the street from our house clean up the cut bushes in their yard.  Then while Brother Hipple was taking it all to the dump we helped his wife move all the boxes and furniture out of his office.  Holy heavy!  It was a lot of hard work!  I'm surprised I didn't hurt my back.  It felt really good to work though.  We brought big file cabinets down.  GIRL POWER! .... or shoud I say... SISTER POWER! =)  He was impressed.  Then we helped him put it in the U-haul (lots easier than carrying it down the L-shaped stairs)  Then we went home and showered and changed... in 1 hour.  Then went back for dinner. He was impressed with that too.  He made a comment before we left that we were girls and would take longer than an hour to get ready.  He took that back when we showed up 5 minutes early for dinner and he still wasn't cleaned up ;)  It was funny.  Dinner was fantastic!  After that we contacted a couple more people on our list.
Sunday we spoke in sacrament meeting.  It went really well.  We talked about missionary work of course.  And stressed the members helping us contact people.  My talk was mostly how to use love to do missionary work.  I'll share the story I came up with.  It's kinda cool =)
Imagine John.  He is a really big, strong guy.  Now imagine a door.  A thick metal door with a dead bolt and strong hinges.  John wants what is on the other side of that door.  But he wants to prove his strength.... even though he has a key in his pocket he doesn't use it.  He rams into the door only to bruise his shoulder.  Then he kicks it. Nothing.  He goes and finds tools that will open the door.  Finally after denting the door, ruining the door frame, and breaking the lock, he shoves the door down and walks in.  He finds that the fallen door squished what was in the room.
Now imagine Ben.  Same senario.  He uses his key, opens the door, and walks in to find what he wants is perfectly intact.  Simple as that.
Love is the key!!  Using love in missionary work will not hurt the person on the other side of the door, and it will not ruin friendships in the process.  It will only open more and more doors and more and more friendships in the future. =)
I hope you have a great week!  That was my week.  And here comes a lot of pictures!
Love you!
Sister Radmall

Monday, April 7, 2014

Enterprise, Oregon

I bet you are all wondering what my new area is like and who my companion is and all that fun stuff.  I guess I'll tell ya =)  As you know from last email I am in Enterprise.  Super pretty place!!  Farthest northern point of the mission possible.  
Monday  me and Sister Breen emailed then drove to Nampa and went to transfer spots.  I got my companion, Sister Duncan (from Anchorage Alaska been out 5 months), and Sis. Breen got a temporary companion.  So I went with Sis. Duncan to visit some people in Nampa since we were staying at the mission home.  Saw Sayres and Bishop Hansen's family.  Fun stuff!  Then we had dinner and a trainers training at the mission home.  That was fun.  Then went to bed.

Tuesday I took Sis. Dunkle (who was also staying at the mission home) in the morning and we went and visited a couple more people that we knew from our first area.  The stokes and Sayres again, then Sis Bowler and Foster.  After that we went to pick up the new missionaries!  Straight from the MTC.  Always fun. We were there from 12 to 7-ish.  Long day.  Sister Leavitt is our other companion.  She is from Orem Utah.  She is so sweet and nice and so excited to meet people and go out and work =)  She is great!  We spent Tuesday night at the mission home again because it takes 4 hours to drive from Nampa to Enterprise....  Weird fact.. Nampa is halfway between home and Enterprise.  haha!  4 hours each way.  Weird, huh? =)

Wednesday we studied and had lunch then left Nampa at about 1:30 in a Chevy Cruise car.  Then we met the district leader 3 hours later in La Grande where he had a Toyota Tacoma pick-up waiting for us =)  I LOVE it!! So much fun to drive.  haha.  Everyone gets a kick out of the sisters driving a pick-up =)  Oh ya, and I'm in a different time zone!  So I am behind an hour.  We got to Enterprise at about 6:30.  Right as the sun was setting.  Such a pretty sunset.  And we have a fantastic view from our house.

It was kind of weird when we first moved into our house because we live in the basement of a member's house.. but the member hasn't been there since November.  So we are pretty much house sitting.  It is a little odd.  But we are getting used to it.  We have a cat... with three legs.  Haha.  We feed her so the neighbor doesn't have to come over anymore.  We also cleaned out her fridge... a science project of a fridge.  It was bad.  I didn't feel comfortable putting my food in there without cleaning it out.  It was pretty gross.  Now it's clean though =)  It's kinda nice to have a whole bit kitchen to ourselves.  I like it.  I feel like I've been really spoiled every where I've been.

Thursday we unpacked some more.  Cleaned the fridge.  And met the ward mission leader.  He is amazing!  He has met and visited with every single member of the ward.  Whether active or in-active.  So we went down the directory with him and he told us about every single on of them.  The members here are such good missionaries.  They haven't had missionaries since December because the last sister's wrecked the car.  But you wouldn't be able to tell because they are so good at fellow shipping and making sure no one is forgotten. They are the kind of ward that every missionary is jealous of.  I am so excited to do anything I can for them! 

Friday we had zone meeting.  So we got to drive 2 hours back to Baker City.  Spent pretty much all day driving and in the meeting.  Got home about 4 and met the bishop.  Brand new bishop.  Got called just last Sunday.  He is going to be great!  I'm excited.  

Saturday was obviously conference.  Watched it at the church since we don't really know anyone yet.  I love conference as a missionary!!  More talks apply to me.  I love it.  I didn't bring my notes with me to email or else I would have a quote... but next time I'll try to remember. After conference we visited members.

Sunday was pretty much the same.  Visited people between conference.  Had dinner at the bishops house. Then visited some more members.  So our area is the whole county!  It's 4 hours across.  One ward.  Crazy huh?  Probably won't go clear out the edges.  But I thought it was cool how huge it is.

Today we are going to explore the town of Joseph.  It is a tourist town.  So it has some cute fun stuff.  I'm excited!!

that's pretty much it.  I love my new area and my new companions.  I'm excited to start off on a new foot.  I remember a quote from conference now =)

"Faith is the antidote of fear."  Don't remember who said it.  haha. Sorry.

Have a great week!  I'll try to get some pictures.  The history center is a little different here in Enterprise.

Love, Amber