Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hey =)
I arrived in Nampa yesterday as you know.  I'm sorry I couldn't talk to you dad. I was disappointed with that. I didn't have enough minutes left to place a third call at the airport. I hope you got my voicemail though.

I am doing alright. It's really scary to be out here and start working, but at the same time it feels a lot like home, and it's fun. I am serving in an area called Greenhurst.  It has 3 wards int it.  We are the only sisters.  We are 'shotgunning it', I guess that's when there were just elders and they throw us sisters in.  We are going to have a lot of work becuase the elders that just left were really trunky so they didn't get much done.  But that's ok.  I'm in a trio.  My companion from the MTC, Sister Dunkle, is still my companion! And Sister Zavala (I think that's how you spell it) is our trainer.  She is cool.  Funny, and smart, and ready to work.

Last night we stayed at the mission home.  Most gorgeous home ever! Our appartment wasn't ready yet.  So we will be unpacking and moving in to our apartment in a couple hours after we go shopping. Thanks for sending my bag! I got it.  And I'm excited to open it. It's like opening a present at christmas cuz I forgot what I put in there. =)  I was so excited to get my hands on some piano music.  Now I just have to find the time and a piano to play it.  I'm still piano deprived and I am so anxious to play! Whenever we sing and there is a piano in the room I jump up to volunteer before they even ask if someone can play. Haha... It's pretty pathetic.  But I don't get to play any other time.  I asked President Canon if I could have my ukulele. He said no =( But oh well.  Could you please send my efy cds that I left? I'd really like those so we have more than just 2 cds to listen to =) Thanks!

The MTC felt like a dream... as soon as I got on the plane it felt real. Now it seems even more real. And it is so scary.  I can't say I'm home sick, because even though I really miss you all I'm not really wishing I was back there.  I am 'safe sick' I want to feel safe and comfortable and confident.  That will all come with time I know. But I'm having a hard time being patient with that.

Yesterday when we got to the church we had lunch. Then they said a bunch of stuff about safety and money and all that fun stuff.  Then they temporarily gave us a companion and we went door knocking.  Scariest thing ever!  First door was anyway.  The other two I felt a little better about doing.  The first two doors they didn't want to talk to us and just said bye.  The thrid, she wasn't interested but we just talked to her for 20 mintues about her cats.  It was funny =)  Wasn't as bad as I thought it was, but I'm scared for the next time we will be doing it.  And we will be tracting because we have no investigators.

If you are sending a package it needs to go to the mission office.  Then they will forward it to me.  But it has to be first class or priority mail in order for them to forward it.  You can send letters there too and they will forward it to where ever I am.  That might be best right now, because I am so close to the mission home it will be easier that way.  Especially since I don't know my address.  The mission office address is: 1008 west Sanetta Drive Nampa, ID 83634.

I'm the driver!! I love it =)  We have a nice new Chevy Malibu. And my other companions can't drive.  So that's my responsibility.  I'm glad because I can get to know the area faster that way.  ANd it's awesome driving a car that actually works!!! Tons of fun!

I've gotta go. I will email again on Monday.  Just chekin in =)  
Love you tons!! Miss you!!  Send fun pictures occassionally! 

Love Amber.

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