Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas!!

It was so fantastic talking to my family!  It's was weird though.  I'm excited to actually talk to you, not through a device.  haha =)  Brigham seriously sounds like dad.  And everyone else just looks older.  Stop growing up people! Isn't time supposed to stop when I'm gone? ;)


So this week was fun.  We went to a Christmas party/ wedding reception on Monday night.  We saw one of our potential investigators.  So that was pretty fun.

Tuesday was super crazy.  We were supposed to go on exchanges with one of the spanish sisters.  But for some reason they had to cancel last minute.  So that didn't happen.  We went to district first one here.  Our whole district is sisters.  Except for the district leader and his companion of course. So that should be interesting.  After district meeting we went to the Hicks to help her make Christmas plates and then we helped her deliver them. That was great!  Helped us find people we didn't know.
 Wednesday we went to lunch with a ward mission leader, Sister Hooper.  She is so sweet!  We went to a delicious pizza place, Garbonzos.  1 of the 2 places to eat in New Plymouth.  Great thing with small towns... the places to eat are always amazing.  (As long as they aren't sketchy;))  Then we went and saw the Hortons.  Debbie is still doing alright.  Made it to Christmas.  Those girls are so strong to see their mom have to go through this.  I look up to them.  I want them to have the gospel in their lives so they can have that support.  We then hopped around to different families and joined their family parties.  It's always weird to go to someone's family parties. I always feel like I'm intruding.  But we did have a lot of fun.  We had a very authentic Jerusalem dinner.  There were a few things that I would have again, but most of it I wouldn't care to try again.  haha =)

Christmas!!  My family is awesome!  We had a great time with the Hick's Christmas morning.  They invited us over at 7 am so we could watch all the kids get up and out of bed.  They were all super groggy.  Then we opened presents with them.  Sweet kids.  Then we skyped!  That was a blast as always!  My last time skyping.  That blows my mind.  We then went to Christmas dinner which was fabulous, then we went to a baptism.  His name is Neil.  He is in the Ontario singles ward.  Not the kind of person you would have thought would get baptized.  Somehow I got roped into playing the piano.  But I'm so glad I did, because there was an amazing spirit there.  Neil received the greatest gift Christmas day.  I can't think of much else that can top getting baptized! =)  It was a very cool experience.
Friday we were supposed to go on exchanges with the fruitland sisters.  But Sister Clegg woke up super sick with a flu.  So we stayed inside all day.  She slept most of the day (or tried). There were a bunch of crazy kids upstairs stopping and screaming away.  So it was hard to sleep.  I got a lot done while she was sleeping.  I organized a lot of my papers and my desk.  And I read a lot.  Sometimes it's a blessing in disguise when your companion is sick.  It's not fun for the companion, but you can get a lot done.

Saturday, even though sister Clegg still wasn't feeling great, she was determined to do something.  So we visited a few people, but in the end we just headed home so she could sleep some more.  But those 2 people we did visit were super good visits.  The Lord provides miracles when we do what we can.  We had a conversation with Sister Vincent, a less active.  She made a goal to read all the ensigns this year.  And to try to come to church.  Then her non-member husband came in and offered to show us his store.  So we went to his store outside and talked to him about making a baptismal goal.  So he will be thinking about that this week!  The Lord has prepared him so much!  He is so ready.  He is just a stubborn cowboy =)  His name is Jerry.  So pray that he will set a date! =)

Sunday we went to 2nd ward church, Sister Clegg got a blessing, then we headed home.  The kids were still running around upstairs so Sister Clegg couldn't sleep.  So we pulled her mattress out to the kitchen next to the heater so she could  be warmer and so the heater would muffle the kids.  It worked really well.  haha =)  She slept for 3 or 4 hours straight.  And I was stuck in the bedroom reading and writing and napping.  Then she woke up for an hour, then went back to sleep for 2 more hours.  Her body was exhausted!  Somehow she convinced me to let her go to dinner.  So we went to dinner and had steak of course.  That didn't make her feel very good :P  But God helped us out... the Cables (who we had dinner with) invited us to watch the Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert with them.  It was a blessing since Sister Clegg felt so sick.  She was able to relax and feel the spirit with some members.  God works in little ways like that, then we do our best... like I said before =)

So that was our crazy week =)  I really hope I don't get sick.  That would be lame.  I've still only gone on 1 exchange when we've had 4 planned!  So we dont' have time to get sick again.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas filled with love, joy, peace, Christ, and the spirit.  Have a wonderful new year.  Make some good, not too hard, goals that you can keep ;)

Every year from now on I am going to have a one word focus every year.  This last year was the word 'Be...'. The point of the word be was to help me be myself.  Be what I want to be. Be like Christ.  Be like my hero.  Be whatever!    So this year my word is 'Explore'.  I'm going to explore myself this year.  Explore everything I can.  People, places, school, myself, challenges, emotions, whatever I can =)  
You should try a one word focus!  They are pretty cool.  Not overwhelming, yet the word can be on your mind all the time.  I make a collage and put it on the wall so I can remember it every day.  Maybe try that if you want. =)  I highly suggest it.

Love you all!
Have a great week!
Happy 2015!
Love, Sister Radmall

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Busy in the Service of the Lord

I have never been so tired in my life!!  It's been a great week.  But a crazy one.  And every week this transfer is just going to get crazier!

Started with Monday, obviously... usually does.  Had a crazy time making Christmas cards and going to the church to say hi to other missionaries.  Then we went to the Hortons.  We read a little bit with the girls.  Then we had a really good conversation with their mom, Debbie.  Debbie is dying of cancer.  Hoping to make it to Christmas.  We talked to her about how to have more faith.  And that there is life after death.  She already knows that, but we gave her Alma 34 to read.  Which talks about both faith and the plan of salvation.  So hopefully she read it and liked it.

Tuesday we taught our investigator, Sherry.  She had a baptismal date for January and we are hoping she keeps it.  We had an awesome lesson about the plan of salvation and helped her answer some of her questions.  She is headed up to Alaska this week. 

Wednesday was Christmas conference!  This is the first conference in 9 months that I haven't had to spend the night in the mission home because we live so far away.  haha.  Now we are only 45 minutes from Nampa.  I had an awesome time at conference.  The spirit was so strong!! 
 Sister Cannon did a Living Christ for the program.  It wasn't exactly like the one's I've done.  But she modeled it after those.  It was pretty cool.  There were a lot of musical numbers.  I played a piano solo, "Silent night/Still Still Still" by Sally Deford.  Then I accompanied Sister Lyman to "Gesu Bambino" (Amazing voice she has) then last minute I was asked to accompany a group of 5 with Away in a Manger.  I got my fair share of playing piano that day.  haha.  It was fun.  I'm so grateful for the talent I have for playing the piano.  It's been so useful on my mission.  Thanks mom for making me practice! =)  

When we got home we went to mutual.  They were caroling  so we joined them!  Our investigator, Mike, was driving the horses that were pulling the sleigh.  It was great fun!  And we got to talk to Mike a bunch.

Thursday we went to Ontario for a stake correlation meeting, then I got to go with Sister Breen for the day!  We had a great time talking about the fun times we had in Weiser.  I can't believe that was almost a year ago!  Time goes by so fast when you look back... and so slow when you look forward.  Wish I could just always look to the present to time would go moderate. haha =)

Friday we did weekly planning then went to dinner.  It was an awesome dinner!  We went to a part member families and it didn't seem like he was interested in us.  But then we invited him to watch He is the Gift with us and he really enjoyed it.  Then we started talking about what missions are like and how we go on missions and such.  It was a great conversation!  We had another great conversation with some non-members.  They were so nice, and we talked a lot about Christ and how he is the meaning of Christmas.  They were super excited to watch the He is the Gift video as well.

Saturday we went out to lunch with a member.  All the way out to Sand Hollow.  I got a crazy sandwich.  It was good though.  It had ham and turkey and cheese between french toast with powdered sugar on top.  Yum!  Not that you cared to know, I just thought it was a crazy sandwich.  haha!  

Sunday after church we went to some peoples houses.  I was super bold on Sunday.  I don't know why.  Actually, I do know why.... it's because the people we saw needed to hear what I said and the spirit told me to say what I said.  It was very cool.  We went to two part member families.  In both families the wife isn't a member.  So we went to ask if either of them wanted to get baptized.  Neither did, but we said some things that will make them think.  It was awesome to feel Heavenly Father working through me!

And that brings us back to Monday.  We are just going to relax and clean today.  We need it.  I hope next week is crazy too!  Makes for a better week! =)

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas! And I hope that you all remember Christ throughout the season.  He really is my best friend.  He is my brother.  He is my Savior.  He is my healer.  He is the ear I turn to.  He is my comforter.  The list could go on.  He is kind, loving, patient, forgiving, a friend, perfect, strong, courageous, fabulous, generous, amazing!  I love him, and he loves me! =)  I'm so glad I've had this 14 months to get to know him by serving others.  I've been so blessed to have this opportunity!
Love you!
Sister Radmall

Monday, December 15, 2014

Greetings from New Plymouth!

New Plymouth:  known for being the biggest Horseshoe in the world!  Pretty cool, huh?

On Monday we had a crazy crazy day.  Trying to get everyone and their luggage where they needed to be. I was so grateful to get home and un-pack.  I felt very rushed.  But transfers are always like that.  
I don't think I told you about Sister Morales.  I was in my 4th trio on Monday and Tuesday.  But only those two days, because she was going back to Temple Square.  That is her mission.  She was only in this mission for 3 months.  She is from Mexico and has an awesome accent.  It was fun to be with her for 2 days.

Making tie quilts

Tuesday we ran around meeting people and going to appointments.  It was a super busy day.  I was so so tired.  It's great to be tired.  Means you're working hard!

Wednesday was MLC.  We dropped off Sister Morales then went and learned about the Christlike attributes.  It was pretty cool.  I made a goal... I am going to work on 1 Christlike attribute every transfer.  I only have three more, but I'm going to pick 3 things to work on.  This transfer I'm studying and working on humility.  I'll let you know how that goes =)  For dinner we went to the Moscripts.  So I went in there knowing the he owned something in the town, so I asked him what it was he owned.  He replied, "The town"  haha!! It was funny.  But it's kind of true.  He owns most of the town and is building a subdivision of 45 houses that will be done fairly soon.  They are very well off people, but so so humble.  It's amazing.  They are so giving of what they have.  If everyone was like them no one would be lacking in anything.
Santa is coming to town in a nice truck and boat this year ;)

Thursday We went to an exercise class that the bishop's wife does.  There is a non-member there that we talk to.  It was kick-boxing.  My arms were so sore!  It was a really good work out.  If I stay in New Plymouth for the rest of my mission I might actually be in shape when I get home ;) haha!!  Then we went and helped out at the senior center.  We worked in their thrift shop for a little while.  They need a lot of help, so we will be doing that a lot in the future.  And we also helped serve lunch.  That was fun.  It reminded me of working in the center at home.  Good times.  So every week, sometimes multiple times a week we go over to the Horton's.  They aren't members.  We help the twins, Sage and Lane read their books and do their homework.  Their mom is dying of cancer.  They are hoping she makes it to Christmas.  It is so sad to see.  We do what we can, offer service, and uplifting comments.  They are a happy family even with the circumstances.  But we can only do so much.  They have a belief in Christ which is why they can be so happy in such a sad time.  Anyway, we helped them on Thursday.

Friday was zone meeting.  New zone!  I've been in the La Grande zone for a year.  So it was weird to go to a new zone.  haha =)  Then we went and helped Sage and Lane clean their toy corner so their grandma wasn't so stressed. Friday night was a Christmas party for 2nd ward.  It's always so overwhelming to try to remember everyone's faces and names.  But it was still a lot of fun.  One of our investigators came.  So that was good.

Saturday we went to a ladies house with a member.  Her house is undergroud.  Kind of.  It's covered in dirt.  That's what the roof is.  It was pretty cool.  Later was the 1st wards Christmas party.  We got roped into doing something for the program.  They did what's called the 'pains' of Christmas.  So we sung "on the first pain of Christmas... on the second pain of Christmas..." etc.  That was fun.  
Sunday I got to get up and introduce myself and bear my testimony.  Love that.  I always introduce myself by saying, "I'm Sister Radmall.  That's like a cool-shopping-center; Rad-mall.... now you'll never forget it." They usually think that's pretty funny.  After both wards we were able to go to our potential Russian investigator's house.  She is soooo sweet.  We walked in and she was like, take your coats off, sit at the table.  So we did.  Then she said, you always are serving other people, now it's time for you to just have some fun.  haha =)  So we painted Christmas cards.  It was a lot of fun.  haha.  We talked about the church a lot too.  That was even better ;)

 Later we went on splits with a recently returned missionary, Amy.  She just came from Jades mission!  She got home in September, so didn't meet Jade.  But it was pretty cool.  We met with our investigator, Sherry.  And committed her to a baptismal date!  So that was super exciting!

I am happy here in New Plymouth!  While I miss La Grande it's been fun to have a change.  And sister Clegg is awesome.  She is so fun.  I love being with her!  We get along great.  I don't know if I told you where she is from... but she is from Provo.  Another Utah companion =)
Well, that was my crazy week.  We are super busy, and it's awesome.  Time is truly flying!  Can't believe next week is Christmas! I am so excited to see you all!! =)  What is everyone doing for Christmas?    

#HeistheGift   <------- watch this!!!! =D then share it!!!

Love you all!
have a great week
~Sister Radmall

 Only in Idaho.... it even makes shooting sounds!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


So I got transferred...It was so sad!  I really wanted to stay in La Grande for Christmas.  But I know this is where I'm supposed to be, and La Grande needs some new sisters.  It's still hard to leave though.  I've been there almost 6 months.  Made some amazing friends!  So I'll be in New Plymouth Idaho with Sister Clegg who is from Provo Utah.  I'm pretty stoked.

Sister Clegg
So I'm just going to mention the things that really stood out to me this week.
On Tuesday we had district meeting.  Sister Bailey's last one.  So for the skill check she decided to have everyone play chubby bunny.  That was pretty funny!

Best district ever!  I'm sad to leave.  That night we went to Elgin to a Relief Society activity.  Just so you know, Sister Bowles took a package for me and she will be bringing it down to you sometime this month.  Not sure if it will be before or after Christmas.  But she will call you =)
Thursday Sister Bailey and Sister Clegg's companion went to the temple.  So me and Sister Clegg were together for the day.  It was a foreshadowing of the new transfer.  haha.  That was fun.  I had a feeling I would be there, but I just didn't want to come to terms with it.  So I didn't prepare to leave.  I should have just accepted that I was going to leave La Grande.  Cuz I knew it.  Oh well =)
Friday was a crazy day.  In the morning I left New Plymouth with Sister Bailey and as we were headed back to La Grande the freeways closed because of ice rain and lots of accidents.  So we were stuck in Ontario for 3 hours.  It was an adventure.  We kinda just walked around because we couldn't do anything since it wasn't our area.  It was fun.  I met a trucker from Hyrum who was headed back home.  That was fun.  He knew of Radco Construction.  haha =)  After waiting for a while we finally were able to go back to our area.  We had an amazing meeting with the Jederbergs.  Sister Bailey went to say bye, and I said a maybe goodbye.  Before we left Sis Bailey felt like she needed to bear her testimony of Joseph Smith.  So she did, then I followed, then Brother Jederberg who is less active kind of bore his testimony too.  About how God is always there for us.  He really opened up and told us why he doesn't go to church and all this other stuff.  It was so cool.  Then he said the prayer!  That was awesome!  It was pretty funny.  After he offered his non-member wife's face was so funny.  SHe was like, "Let me just pick myself up off the floor."  =)
Saturday was so crazy.  Stressing to get everything packed!  We had to say bye to people, pack, clean, and all the appointments we already had.  It was crazy.  But fun. 
Sunday was a really hard day.  It was amazing though! For 4th ward we were invited to share our testimonies through music.  So we got up and did our Joseph's first prayer arrangement.  It set the mood so well.   All the testimonies after that were so amazing.  A couple people made me cry because they were talking about how we had changed their lives.  I was like, really??  Sometime I feel like I'm not doing anything to help anyone, because I'm just being myself.  But there are those that needed me, and I helped them in more ways than I  thought.  I felt their love and friendship as they thanked us.  It was amazing.  Then a less active man that we have been working with got up and bore his testimony.  When he got up he said that the spirit was so thick he could practically see it.  It really was.  I don't think there was a dry eye in the room.  I can't explain the feeling in there.  It's beyond words.  Amazing is the only word I can come up with =)  Love that ward!!!  We went to the Jackmans' after church.  They are the best!  I didn't want to leave.  The Christmas devotional was great!  I loved it.  I'm going to be watching it again tonight because my companion didn't see it.  I'm excited.
Sister Bailey and I in the transfer van. Our last time together :(
Sister Bowler!  She is going up to McCall, so I will be her sister training leader!

So, that was my week.  I wrote more than I planned.  haha.  Thanks so much for all your support.  I really appreciate it!  I love you all.  And I know the Lord is with all of you.  No matter what.  Just open the door and let him in.
have a great week! 
~Sister Cool-shoppingcenter ;) 

Here are some of the people in La Grande I have grown to love:



 Lesters, Bishop

Glabes, ward mission leader... with their 5 day old baby =)

Brother 'Papa' Orton

 Huntsmans, Bishop

3rd Ward Missionaries


Meyers, ward mission leader



Jessee and Hyrom


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!!! (Message from Dec. 1)

So, starting with Monday.  We made chocolate chip cookies at the Meyers so we could give them to people during the week.  They were pretty good if I don't say so myself =)  After p-day we had dinner and family night at the Hutchins.  They are a cute family.  It was a lot of fun.  Talked about baptism because their daughter is getting baptized pretty soon.  Then we played movie charade.  It was hard.  I didn't know anything.  haha =)

Tuesday was a really good district meeting.  Probably one of the best I've ever been to.  It was focused on being thankful because of Thanksgiving.  At the end we went around the room and each shared an experience of when they were struggling with their testimony, then got a reassuring witness of the truth.  It was definitely a spirit filled meeting.  Our district is the best.  I really hope no one transfers!  Though it is inevitable eventually.

Wednesday we finally got to meet a less active named Anita.  I haven't been able to meet her the whole 5 months I've been here!  She is just so busy.  But we caught her at home and it was a really good meeting.  We shared the 'He is the Gift' video.  And it really touched her.  So did the prayer we left.  Hopefully it will help her come back to church.  After that we went to Elgin.  We finally had a good discussion with Lisa.  Whenever we go there when both TJ and Lisa are there we always get off topic somehow.  But this time we talked about church and reading the scriptures.  And how TJ still wants to get baptized.  He just has to stop smoking and drinking.  He is going to the addiction recovery classes every week.  So there is a step in the right direction!  We had a fun dinner.  We went to the Winkelmans.  He was a psychologist.  So he was teaching us how to read people.  And how to communicate with the people we are closest to.  So for example, apparently I prefer talking and listening (mostly listening) so if someone wants to communicate with me so I feel loved they should talk to me so I can listen, but also let me talk when I want to.  Sister Bailey is a touchy feely person.  So in order to communicate with her, and get her attention, she needs to be touched then talked to.  I don't know if that made sense.  It made more sense when he explained it.  But it was pretty cool.  =)

Thursday, Thanksgiving!!  It was a lot of fun!  I am so thankful for my mission, and the people here in La Grande that make every day a good one.  We went to the church and played flag football with a bunch of people, then we went to the Jackmans and helped them make dinner.  Ate dinner (super delicious, they had rice cream... don't know how to spell it) then we got permission to play some games.  So we played card golf and Zarahemla.  They are the sweetest family ever!  We then made our way over to the Meyers.  Played 'Last Word' there and just had a good time.  It's so hard to do missionary work on big holidays because no one is home.  And no one wants you if you're not invited.  So we just went to members that invited us, and shared the 'He is the Gift' video.  After the Meyers we went to the Glabes.  They gave us pie and we played Rummikube there.  That was fun too.  It reminded me of playing with mom =)  So that was our crazy Thanksgiving!  It was a blast.

Friday we were invited to Sister Westenskow's yoga class because she said a lot of non-members go.  So that was my first experience doing yoga.  It was actually really relaxing.   We were able to talk to a non-member from Italy.  That was pretty cool.  I was wondering if that whole thing would be worth it, but I think it was.  That one person made it worth it.  We went out with Ashley who is a recently returned missionary.  She is so great!  She took us to her visiting teaching appointment.  But she wasn't home.  We ran into her sister and cousin instead.  The cousin being Clara, the Marshallese girl!!  Yay!  We hadn't seen her forever!  And she told us she is still reading and praying and she still wants to be baptized (we think and hope she understood us and wasn't just nodding her head)!  So we will have to try hard to get her and her cousin, Kamna, to do lessons again so she can get baptized.

Saturday we helped Ginny, a less active, move.  She is in a really good spot now to come to church!  She has more money now, has a bigger, clean (for now) apartment.  And is finally adopting her granddaughter, Madison (who, by the way, is the most adorable 6 year old girl on the planet).  So I am super excited to see if she will come to church next week like she said.  She really needs the church, and so does her granddaughter.  They would be so happy.  And the church needs them!

Sunday was great.  Went to all of church, also joined choir practice, then went to the Orton's for dinner.  We call him 'papa' Orton because is is just so papa-ly and takes such good care of us.  We always love going over there forSunday dinner.  Then we went to Ashley's house and taught her family and a friend.  We were going to do the restoration because the friend isn't a member, but it turned into talking about our reason on earth and the fall of Adam.  They had some pretty deep questions.  It was funny.  But really good.  Led by the spirit.  Then we went to Ashley's brother's house.  Shane doesn't believe in God anymore, and Ashley really wants to help him.  So we went over there.  He was there and his room mate Brandon was there.  Both of them were very open.  Shane said he isn't quite ready to believe in God, but is more than happy with us coming to help him get to that point.  And Brandon accepted a Book of Mormon!  We watched a video about Al Fox the 'painted Mormon' because Shane asked if he could still go to the temple with tattoos.  We didn't find the right video, but it was cool because it talked about having faith in God.  It was what both of them needed.  Even though it wasn't the one we were expecting it was still awesome!  So that was a really good discussion.  About God and whether he is there or not.  I know he is there!  He has shown me his love.  I've felt it.  And it's amazing!=)

That was the week! Pretty great!!  Sister Bailey is going home next week.  I'm going to miss her!  She is super excited.  She has learned so much on her mission and is ready to go home and be with her family.  I have learned so much from her.  She has been an example of working till the end and doing my best.  I'm so glad I was able to be her last companion =)  And she is one of my favorite! ;)  I'm also excited to get a new companion and have new adventures as a Sister Training Leader.  I'll let you know who it is as soon as I can =)  

Love you all!!  
Remember Christ... the first Gift of Christmas.  Discover the Gift, Embrace the Gift, then Share the gift!  With EVERYONE!!! =D

~Sister Radmall