Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 2 in Nampa

Hey everyone =)

Honestly, it's been really slow with the work here in Nampa.  We are finding people, but very very slowly.  Our goal, since we aren't getting anywhere with what are doing, is to do service with the members and ask them for referrals every single time we see them.  Referrals are definitely more useful than just knocking. 
The weather has been great!! Sunny and hot, I love it.  But today it got cold and rainy. Hopefully the gloomy weather won't make us gloomy! We won't let it get to us =)
So since we are over three wards... we have three trunk-or-treats and carnivals! =D  Triple the candy!  We have only been to two so far, but I think my Halloween candy will last until I get home. Haha. And since we are missionaries they give us a huge handful because they think we are always hungry.... but really, I'm almost never hungry.  We eat so much.  
Sister Z (Shrek), Me (Fiona), Sis D (The best missionary in the world)
The members make so much food for dinner, they say they are still getting used to having sister missionaries.  The three of us eat about as much as one elder would.  So that's pretty funny.
Yesterday we had two dinner appointments on accident.  I was so full I could barely move!  There was a misunderstanding somewhere and it was too late to cancel one appointment without being rude :P  We had three set up but luckily we caught the one before it was too late.  Lol.
I really need to bring my journal with me or something so I don't forget things that happened during the week.  Maybe next week.  But this time I guess all I have to rely on is my memory.
Our first lesson went pretty good.  It was a little robotic because we are still learning.  Our second lesson was a lot better.  We have only taught two so far.  We have one more tonight with that cute 9 year old red head =)
We did a fun service on Thursday.  It's called threads of gold.  It's for all the older ladies in the stake.  We helped serve.  I felt like I was at work serving again.  It was so fun!
Blood drive!
On Friday I donated blood! That was an interesting experience.  A little scary, because I hate needles, but It wasn't bad.  I don't even have a bruise.  I got light headed right at the beginning, but I toughed it out till the end and just sat in the chair for a while and drank juice before the guy would let me get up.  That night was the first trunk or treat. Tons of candy!  I wore purple tights that I brought just for Halloween.  IT was fun cuz my companion had some shrek ears from Wendy's so she wore green and I wore purple and I was Fiona.  Even though I don't like shrek it was fun.
We went to a baptism on Saturday.  It was for a different ward, but we still went.  Then it was another Halloween party.  It was a pretty intense carnival.  Tons of fun.  My companions played a game and it was hilarious... It was a remote control tank game.  You use the controls to drive around and shoot the other tank.  But what they failed to tell my companions was that if you get hit, you get shocked.  It was so funny because Sister Dunkle got hit and the remote shocked her so hard she threw the remote (they remotes were strapped to their wrists).  It was so funny =)  Luckily I didn't play!
 We went to a cute old couple's house and they have these two huge dogs!  The one we are next two is 200 pounds.  I think the breed is Newfoundland or something.  They are huge. (And they kinda stink :) But they are awesome)
Met the stars of duck dynasty ;)
 (This is one of the ward mission leaders and his wife)
I love the people here more and more! They are so awesome.  I swear everyone is an interior designer. Haha.. Everyone's houses are so cute.  Everyone is crafty and their houses are gorgeous!  And everyone here seems to have a nice car too.  It's fun.  I discovered a little bit how the addresses work.  Every subdivision has a name, and the streets are themed to match that name.  Like my favorite subdivision is Kings Court and the roads are, Queens, Robin Hood, Friar Tuck, Little John, Fantasy... etc.  It's interesting.
Since we have to be in by 6:30 on Halloween me and my companions are going to carve pumpkins.  It's gonna be fun!
I think that's all for this week!
I love you all =)

Have a great week!
Love Sister Radmall

P.S. If you want to learn something cool look up Jeremiah 33:23-24.  (Think Lehi and Ishmael) =)  Just something cool I discovered in the MTC.

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