Thursday, October 10, 2013

First Day at MTC-- Letter Home 10/2

Oct. 2, 2013

Hey guys!

I haven't been able to miss you today until I got 5 minutes in the shower to just let it out.  I am having a good time!  heads are still in the clouds I think.  But I feel comfortable here with all these "Newbies."

It's crazy to think how much I love my companion already.  And I know almost nothing about her.  Her name is Sister Dunkle.  She is from California--in the middle.  So she is a country girl. :)

The other companionship I share a room with is Sister Valele (I think) and honestly, I can't remember the other Sister's name.  Sister Valele is from West Valley, but I think she is Tongan.  The other sister is from South Carolina.  Cutest accent ever!  She is a doll :)  Kinda reminds me of Beverly Wiley :) only a heavier accent.  It's fun.

Today I felt way pushed around and rushed and crazy.  But it wasn't too bad actually.  My teacher is pretty cool.  And my district is fun.  Love my zone leaders--way nice!

We did a thing today where we went into a room where a living room was set up and then role played teaching an investigator.  We did it 3 times.  Then after the role play missionaries left, the newbies tried teaching the investigator by trying to follow the spirit.  It was amazing!  I didn't comment, but I felt like I knew what that individual needed to hear.  I'm pretty sure the actors tell their own story kind of.  Because it felt so real.   And when the first guy told about himself and got into more touchy heartfelt and I could feel his pain, and I just all the sudden loved him so much and wanted to give him a hug and take away that pain.  Amazing!  Never felt that much love towards someone I never talked to before  .:)

My companion and I counted how many times we were "welcomed to the MTC" --18!  Haha.  More will come tomorrow I'm sure.

There is a magic tree here.  It was part of the tour.  It's magic because it smells like cream soda!  And it really does!  Haha :)

Food is good.  They serve BYU ice cream on Sunday and Wednesday.  Didn't get any, but I will. :)

Tomorrow might be crazy.  I'm told it will be the longest day of the MTC.  I'm also told that if I can make it ok to Sunday, I will be able to make it to the end of my mission.

I saw Mckay.  Accidentally called him Mckay instead of Elder Spackman.  Haha :)  Saw 3 people so far that I went to school with.  Pretty Cool! :)

I miss you guys but have tons to do.  Don't miss me too much!

Love you!
Sister Radmall

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