Monday, October 21, 2013

News from Nampa

Hey y'all!

Sounds like you are all busy.  Wish I was busy!  The elders didn't leave much info in the area book, so we don't have anyone to teach yet.  Now that we have met with the bishops and mission leaders we will have more.  But for the past couple days we have just been walking and driving around meeting members and tracting a little.  I don't like tracting.  But meeting members is fun!
Everyone here is SOOO excited for sister missionaries.  Every single person we met says they are so glad the sisters are here.  They loved their elders, but love the sisters even more. Haha.  So that has been fun.  We went to a super saturday relief society and made some necklaces while talking to some members. That was good.  We signed up for some crafts for another super saturday. Hopefully we will be able to go and make those, cuz they are way cute!
We always have a dinner set up.  And so far I have only had potatoes 2. Once as soup, and once mashed. Haha =)  The members here are so sweet.  They would jump at any chance to help us at all.  And even the non members are nice.  If they aren't interested they just say so and are nice about it.  So that's good.
It's weird to be in the suburbs.  And I still like driving.  I am getting to know the area so much better.  The addresses are TERRIBLE!  Obviously they didn't hear about the grid system.  Every road has a different name.  And they are all names of places around the world.  Like Chicago, and Iowa, and Greenhurst, etc.  Then they have either an Ave, Dr, St, etc. So there could be a Chicago Ave and also a Chicago Dr.  It is so confusing.  It's a good thing my area isn't very big.  The houses are not even numbered right.  Usually there are evens on one side, and odds on the other. But not always.  And they don't go in order.  There can be a 2856 then a 2842 right next to it.  It's ridiculous. If we don't look at a map we get way lost.  But I'm getting most of the main roads down.
We have our first investigator.  He is a 9 year old red head. Lol... He wants to get baptized so he has to take the lessons.  It should be fun.  I'm pretty excited.  His mom isn't baptized so hopefully we can help her along with that as well!
7 hours of church yesterday! It was long.  Hard not to fall asleep in the third sacrament.  But all in all in went pretty fast.  It was the primary program in 2 wards.  The 34th ward is huge! They have at least 50 kids if not more.  The stand was full and they had to set up chairs below to fit everyone.  That meeting went almost 30 mins. over. 
I can finally send pictures!! There might be a lot. Haha.  It's crazy how much people tell us on our first visit.  They tell us a lot of their life story. It's pretty funny.  A lot of the stuff probably shouldn't be said. But that's okay, if they want to tell us then they can. I'm good at listening =)
Me and my companions are still getting along great.  I love my trainer.  I can make her laugh really hard then it makes me laugh really hard then all three of us are rolling on the floor clutching our sides.  It's fun.  Love it =)  Sister Zavala and I are a lot the same I think.  Our sense of humor is similar.  So we tease each other a lot back and forth. It's great!

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