Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Almost a Year!

I love the fall!  I'm so excited to wear scarves and start to wear boots.  It gives me so many more options in my wardrobe that I am slowly getting sick of.  haha. 
So last week we got to play volleyball! It was so fun!  It's been way too long.  We are going to play again this week.  3 sets of elders are coming to play.  So it's gonna be a p-day party.  haha.  I'm excited!  Love volleyball!  But you all know that =)

This week we got 4 new investigators! It was fantastic!  They really were miracles.  The first one we met at Wendy's during district lunch on Tuesday.  He was waiting for his work schedule while we were ordering and asked what church we went to.  So we told him and then while sister Bailey ordered her lunch I kept talking to him and asked if he was interested in learning more.  He said he was! His name is Chris.  He said he goes to the light house church but doesn't feel comfortable there so is looking for another church. Perfect!  He lives in Elgin.  So hopefully we have enough miles to meet with him out there, but if not we may have to meet with him at the church here in La Grande.  

The next one was unexpected.  We got a phone call from a recently returned missionary while we were planning Wednesday night.  He told us he found us a new investigator!  His cousin.  She just came from the islands recently, so she doesn't know much English.  So that should be fun... he is going to translate what we teach.  Crazy huh!  Adventures of the mission ;)

And the last two were cool.  We went to a less active's, Sabrina, she ended up not being home.  So as we were walking down the stairs of the apartment complex Sister Bailey felt like we should tract the other three doors.  So we went back up and knocked on the neighbors door.  John answered and we talked for a bit.  We discovered that he was baptized but never went to church.  He just recently moved here and his 2 step kids are interested in learning.  So we set up an appointment to go back!  It was cool.  So hopefully we can get him to come to church, and get his two kids interested and also his wife.  I hope we can teach powerfully with the spirit so the spirit can touch their hearts and change them.  I'm stoked! =)

It was really a pretty good week!  Went by really fast.  It was a little gloomy, and we were super exhausted most days, but we still did what we could and because of that the Lord blessed us with people to teach.

Oh, and just so you know.... Sister Bailey loves running... so she has gotten me to run in the morning with her.  I know, crazy huh?!  It's fun... but I still don't love running.  I've gotten to the point I can run .5 miles without being super out of breath.  haha.  I could probably run a full mile without being too dead.  That's the next step though.
This week I really saw the love of the members towards other people.  We went to help a non-member move.  Her name is Kassie.  She told us to come at 2.  But then when we got there she said 2:15, then she was 5 minutes later than that.  We didn't mind too much... but we felt bad for the 4 members that came to help.  They took some time out of their busy day and she wasn't there when she said.  Then she ended up just needing help with packing, so the people with trucks weren't needed.  I was a little annoyed, but the members asked what day they could come back with their trucks to help.  That really humbled me.  Because I was annoyed for their sake, not mine.  And they weren't even annoyed.  haha.  They were Christ like and they showed their love by being there when Kassie needs them.
Sunday was so super long.  But it was good too.  I bore my testimony in both wards about Christ.  I talked about how Christ loves us so much.  If we knew completely how much he loves us then we wouldn't have any doubts about ourselves or others.  So I challenged the wards to pray and ask Heavenly Father to give them Christ like love for themselves... and then to ask for Christ like love for someone else so they can share the love.  I'm issuing that challenge to you =)  It's pretty easy.  It's awesome! I promise!  Best feeling ever! =)

So that was the week!  If you have any cool experiences that come with praying to gain Christ like love... let me know! Mail me a quick letter with your experience =) You know how much I LOVE snail mail!  My address is always the same... 1008 W. Sanetta St. Nampa, ID 83651.

I love you all!
~The one and only Sister Radmall

Sister Bailey

Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 1 of Transfer 8

Well this week was a lot of fun.  Nothing really special happened though :P  Most of the week we introduced sister Bailey to the members and investigators. 

We get along so well I don't feel like it's only been 1 week.  Haha.  It's been great.  She has a lot of energy and keeps me going.  

On Monday night we got to teach Colton.  He has been struggling with family issues.  And during the lesson we laughed a lot and really didn't teach anything.  We just committed him to find his favorite scripture and mark it.  But after the lesson we were thinking about it and realized that we really didn't teach anything.  But we also realized that maybe all he needed was a little bit of time that he could just forget about everything and laugh.  So even though we didn't teach anything the spirit was still there and we were guided to his needs.  Which was laughing =)  It was a great testimony of how the spirit guides every lesson if you depend on him and if you do your best to plan and study for the lesson.

Tuesday we spend a lot of the afternoon and evening helping a family move.  They really appreciated the help.  They moved from our ward into another ward.  We are sad they aren't in our ward anymore but their house is so much better for their growing family.  

Wednesday we went to the eye doctor (who is our ward mission leader) so he could check sister Bailey's eye.  A month or so ago she got hit in the eye with a nerf dart and her eye was bleeding.  So she was doing a follow up to see if she could start working out again in the morning.  It's all good now!  Then we went to Elgin and visited people.  Had dinner at subway met lots of people and went home.

Thursday we again visited lots of people.  We went to one less active lady's house.  She gave us a tour of her gorgeous house.  We talked about lots of different things... she gave us corn and plums and huckleberry jam!  We shared a message about the atonement.  And I shared what I learned... I think it really struck a cord with her.  Because when I was sharing she got really quiet and wouldn't look at me.  I love when that happens.  haha.  Just because it makes me feel like I'm saying something that they need to hear.  It happened twice this week =)  So that was cool.  I'm really hoping it made her think, and makes her want to come to church!  Then, after dinner we went back out to Elgin for a relief society activity.  It was a book exchange and the institute teach from the college, Brother Wilcox, came a spoke.  It was great.  There were only about 6 of us there, so it was very small and we were able to really discuss things.  He talked about women in the scriptures.  It was just fantastic.  We talked about Nephi's wife, and Ishmael's wife, and Lehi's wife and how they had to give up everything to go with their husbands.  They had to trust in the Lord.  Nephi's wife had to leave her sisters when they fled.  How hard would that be?  It was just an awesome discussion.

Friday we got to see Katie.  She is doing a lot better.  Her stomach isn't hurting as bad.  So that's good!  

Saturday we helped the Jackamans glean potatoes!  We went to a potato farm and picked all the really big potatoes that the farmer didn't care for or make money off of.  We filled up a whole pickup load.  Then on Sunday the Jackmans brought their truck to church and let anyone take potatoes. It was great.  There were a lot of potatoes!  Lots of fun =)

Sunday at dinner was another time that I shared a message that I think moved the less active that was there.  When I started sharing it he wouldn't look at me.  Pretty great.. haha

That is my week!
Let me know how your book of mormon reading is coming along!
Love you =)
~Sister Radmall 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Call--Sister Training Leader

I am a sister training leader!  Crazy!! So I'm supposed to cover some sisters to make sure there isn't drama, and make sure they are all okay.  Kinda the same as a zone leaders only for sisters.  But the only problem.... the closest sisters are an hour and a half away... so  not sure how that will work.  But we'll figure something out.

My new companion is Sister Bailey.  Do you remember her?  We went on exchanges a couple weeks ago.  I think I sent a picture.  I'll send another just in case.  She is from Alabama.  Super fun!  We get along really well.  She is going home in 2-ish months.  So I might be able to be her last companion.  
I forgot my old planner so I don't remember all we did.  May not be a long email.  Sorry.  
Monday we played frisbee a little bit with the elders.  We had no car so we walked.  Then we called a got a ride home from a member.  Tuesday was awesome.  We went on splits with a returned missionary.  It was an awesome experience.  We went to the Willards house and she wasn't feeling well at all.  She broke down because she is annoyed that she can't be in her family's life as much as she wants to because she is sick all the time.  She has questions of why this is happening to her.  So as a representative of Jesus Christ, I promised her that if she sincerely asked Heavenly Father a question, really believe that she could get an answer, then open her scriptures and read then she would get an answer.  She did that.  And she got an answer.  I hope she will take that answer to heart.  I hope it was a comfort to her!  I love her so much!  I just want to take all her pain away.

I'll share one more cool experience that happened this week.  Then that's all I remember...
So we were sitting in our apartment studying.  I get distracted pretty easily because I like to watch the people walk by.  I noticed this lady across the street that I sometimes see pulling her shopping cart behind her with all her belongings in it.  She is homeless and she decided to spend the night in the flower bed next the building across the street from our apartment.  All the sudden I felt Christ's love overcome me for this lady.  I wanted to take away all her pain and suffering.  I wanted to help her.  But didn't know how.  She started trying to move her shopping cart but it was stuck.  So I told Sister Mack that we needed to go help her.  So I hurried and got presentable, put my name tag on and got my bag.  We went across the street to help her.  She had already gotten her cart out but was trying to put a box on it.  We offered our help, but she declined.  So I decided I would offer her a Book of Mormon, because I know how much it could help her.  She declined that as well... That broke my heart.  I wasn't going to push it on her, but I so wanted her to have it!  There is so much in that book that she could benefit from.  And giving it to her was the only way I could help her!  So we went back to the apartment.  I was a bit sad because I wanted to help her so bad.  But I still love her.  I've seen her a couple times on a street since then, and that same feeling of love comes.  I hope someday she can be happier and not be homeless.

So those were my awesome experiences this week.  I love being on a mission!  It's so fun and fulfilling.

On Sunday I learned about repentance and what it really is... .I don't think I really knew until yesterday... It's like piano lessons.  Mom pays for the lessons.  But asks the child to practice.  The child practicing doesn't put money in Mom's hand. Or the piano teachers hand.  The debt was already paid.  Mom asks the child to practice so the child can become what Mom knows he can become.  He can become a great pianist.  Christ already paid the debt.  He just asks us to practice.  He doesn't even ask us to do our best because no one can do their absolute best all the time.  He just asks us to do a little bit better every time so that we can become who he knows we can be.  We aren't earning our way into heaven... we are LEARNING our way into heaven!  
That opened my eyes even more to what repentance really is.  It is practicing following the commandments so we can eventually become and amazing concert pianist =D  

Remember how much God loves you.  He really does want whats best for you, and knows what's best for you... so just listen to him.

Goodbye Sister Mack!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Living Christ Fireside and Last Week of Transfer 2 in La Grande

Hey Hey!
Can't believe it's the last week of another transfer.... I say that every transfer... haha.  But it's because it really can't believe it!  I'm almost to my year mark and I can't believe that either. It's almost kinda scary.

I can't believe Jade is going on a mission.  I didn't even know she was thinking about it.  She will do so great!

So this week was super super super crazy!  Started out with labor day of course, so we couldn't email until Tuesday.  On Tuesday the Enterprise sisters picked us up at about 1 and we drove down to Nampa.  Me and Sister Mackelprang walked around my old area looking for the Sayre's new house in the hot sun... but it turned out they were on vacation in Jackson Hole.  So we didn't get to see them or Bishop Minor.  But we did get to see the Stokes.  That was fun!  And we helped move their neighbor's couch up the stairs =)  Tuesday night we stayed in the mission home.  I love staying in the mission home!  The Cannon's are so sweet.

Sister Zavala
Elder Godoy
Wednesday was Zone Conference.  I loved seeing other missionaries!  It was so great.  And all of my companions were there! So I got to get an update on them =)  Elder Godoy from the 70's came and spoke to us.  He is from Brazil so he has an accent.  And he has an awesome sense of humor.  He is speaking in the next General Conference.  So look out for him =) I met him!  haha.  He probably won't be quite as funny in General Conference.  But he will still have his accent.  After Zone Conference we drove home.  The Sisters had some dinner at our apartment in La Grande, took little break then started driving back to their area in Enterprise.  That pretty much consisted of Wednesday.
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Sister Bailey
Thursday was the only day we were actually able to do visits.  We were able to talk to one of our friends, Cleo.  She is just so sweet.  Loves having us over.  Really wants us to come over for breakfast some time.  We had dinner with the Collins in Elgin.  They are 7th day Adventist.  She is actually an inactive member that we visited.  Then we started helping them in their garden, so they invited us to dinner.  It was great!  I'm pretty sure they were kind of trying to convert us... but we were doing the same.  haha.  We both shared scriptures from the Bible, and us from the Book of Mormon.  They explained why their Sabbath is on Saturday.  And to be honest, everything they said just made me more sure that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the one and only completely true church on the earth.  I tried to talk about the priesthood with them.  Because the priesthood is one of the things that makes our church the true church.  So many churches have lots of truth, and they are awesome.  They are centered on Christ and they have good values.  But they are missing an important gift that we have.  The power of God to act in his name.  If we don't have the power we can't act in His name to do his ordinances and his will.  Because of Joseph Smith we have the power.  If someone doesn't believe that Joseph Smith was called of God then they can't accept the true church.  Everyone on the Earth is promised that if we ask a specific question, actually wanting the answer, and being willing to act upon that answer... Heavenly Father will give us an answer to whatever question we ask.  So if anyone reading this doesn't believe in Joseph Smith, or in the Gospel... ask Heavenly Father a question!! Need help coming up with a question?... Is Joseph Smith a prophet?  Is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints the true church on the earth?  What can it hurt to ask a question?  The answer will either be yes, or no.  If it's yes it will change your life for the better, if it's no then it didn't hurt to ask.  I've asked... my answer was YES! I commit many people to do the same.  Some have done it, some have not.  The ones that have asked God a question have received their answer... you can too.  Ask the question even if you are kind of sure.  Get a sure answer.  Get and answer so you know with out a doubt what's true.  Don't second guess... don't take someone's word for it, just ask the source! Ask your Heavenly Father who loves you and knows exactly how to answer you in a way that you will recognize that answer.... hey, thanks for listening to me preach! haha.  I wasn't planning on writing all that.  It just came out.  So I really hope that long random rant helps someone.  I know you will get an answer if you will ask!  Just do it! =D

Anywho... back to the week =)  Friday we went to Baker for Zone Meeting.  Then we went on another exchange with the STL's.  This time I stayed in La Grande and Sis. Mack went to New Plymouth.  Me and Sis. Bailey had lots of fun. First we mowed Bob's yard.  He broke his knee and his neighbor told us he needed help.  So we went and helped him!  It's been a while since I've used a weed whacker. haha. I need some more practice.  Then we went up to the Bishop's cabin in the woods for a Relief Society retreat.  They were just telling some camping stories.  I told them about my girls camp experience with the rain and the tent falling on us as we scream "Mama Lurdle, Mama Lurdle!!" haha.  Good times.  We didn't stay up there very long, just long enough to say hi to everyone there and meet new people.  Then we went back down the mountain and got all the last minute people on the program for the living Christ firesideon Sunday.  We made programs at our ward mission leader's house, then went to bed!  We were exhausted.
Sister Mackelprang
Saturday we drove all the way to Ontario to exchange back.  Then me and Sis. Mack went to Elgin for a funeral of a baby.  It was so sad.  Sis. Mack spoke and did an amazing job.  She gave so much hope to the family.  I hope they know their baby is happy and they will see him again.  There were a lot of non-members there, Sister Mack was so brave, and did such a good job at speaking.  I was impressed.  We then had dinner at the Dutsons, then ran back to La Grande to print programs.  It wasn't working so we went to someone's house and tried and it wouldn't work there either.  So we went to our ward mission leader's house and finally got one to work so we could copy it.  Copied all the programs off then went to bed.  Exhausted again!  
Sunday luckily we had no extra meetings.  I didn't need that.  My stress level was already pretty dang high!  haha.  We went to church at 9, got out at 4, had dinner, then went to the church to set up at 5.  No matter how early you go to set something up there always has to be something you forget so you have to rush.  We got all the chairs set up by ourselves cuz the elders came later, and all the cookie tables and water and all that fun stuff.  Then all the participants started showing up.  I told them all what to do and how the program worked.  Then we waited for the audience to come.  Not sure how many people would come.  We had a great turn out!!  It was fantastic.  Had to open both overflows.  So at least 300 people.  Good thing too because there were a LOT of cookies!  We had so many talented people singing and playing.  I was going to play a solo of 'Redeemer'  But someone else played that with cellos and a violin.  So me and Sis. Mack had to play our duet again.  It was probably the best one yet.  President and Sister Cannon came, and loved it.  Everyone was so happy with it. We were too!  They get better every time.  And the last song, the congregational hymn 'I Believe in Christ' gets me every time.  It's probably the most powerful thing I've ever heard!  I love doing this fireside.  Even though it is so super stressful it makes us feel so good and it makes the members so happy with us and excited to do missionary work.  Love it!  I will continue doing it!  After, we went home and made huckleberry shakes to wind down.  Perfect stress reliever.  haha 

We don't have a car today... or tomorrow... or Wednesday... so we are walking.  Our car had scrapes on the bumper when we got it and Elder Short wants it fixed.  So, it's getting fixed.  I'll let you know how the walking goes.  haha.  Might be interesting.

So, that was my super duper crazy week!  It was so fun.  Probably the most exciting, busiest, and most fun week on my mission yet!  =)  Next week I may or may not be in La Grande.  So I'll let you know with that=)

I love you all! Thanks for all your support and examples to me!

Love, Sister Radmall

September 2nd letter: A Birthday, Huckleberry picking, and a Hike up Mt. Emily

Hey!  So this week I have a lot of pictures.  They are all from p-day pretty much.  haha.  We have too much fun on p-day =)
I'm emailing on Tuesday because yesterday everything was closed.  So we got permission to email today!

Last Monday, my b-day, was so much fun.  I loved it.  Probably one of the best birthdays ever! We said hi to a couple of my best friends up there.  Then we went mini golfing with the sisters.  Then we went to the chocolate shop and got chocolate of course.  I got a free truffle cuz it was my birthday =)  Then we went to the Hipples and talked a bit, then to the Dikes and we played piano with her for a bit.  Then to the Chambers for dinner and a little celebration with them.  That was so fun.  They were so sweet to make sure my birthday was a good day.  Then we went to Bishop Lowe's house for another celebration but we were late so the sisters left already, and we were full of chocolate so we just took some cake home.  Still is the best area =)

Tuesday was district meeting.  It was great.  Elder Nelson's last one.  That was weird!  He was assistant to the president when I first got here.  Weird to see him go home.  We went on splits Tuesday night.  I love going on splits.  It makes the less active families more likely to come.  It's great.
Wednesday we helped paint the Elgin Opera house.  That was fun.  I felt very artistic (though I know I'm not) haha.  Brother Hanley is in our ward and is charge of the painting.  He is a fantastic artist.  He can practically paint anything.  So cool.  We were also able to teach our investigator, TJ, who has a baptismal date.  Sadly we will probably have to move that date because he has some addictions that he has to overcome before he can get baptized.  I really hope we can help him overcome those!

Thursday we weekly planned.  Then I was so tired I felt like I was going to pass out, so we took a cat nap then went to work.  Saw our new investigator, Marla.  She is so awesome.  So ready to hear the gospel.  We got to teach her the restoration and give her a Book of Mormon to read for the next time we see her.  She said she would come up with some more questions for when we see her again.  We are hoping to have the discussions at her friends house, the Westenskows. =)

Friday we went on exchanges.  Sister Thomas came here to La Grande, and I went to New Plymouth with Sister Bailey.  We got along so well.  It was probably the best exchange I've ever been on.  We saw one of their investigators who seems totally ready like Marla does.  Then we went to dinner... clear out in the desert.  That was weird.  I'm used to mountains.  Weird to go back down to the desert.  Then we helped a non-member move.  She was so thankful for that.  Hopefully she will get interested in the church after all the help she got.  
Saturday we exchanged back at a baptism.  Me and Sister Mackelprang played our duet at it.  It went okay.  We hadn't practiced much so it wasn't as good as it could've been.  We then went to eat lunch with the family at their house.  Super nice family.  I don't remember what we did later... I just know that we were rushing to get everything done.

Sunday was one of the few sundays that we had no meetings other than church.  IT was nice.  We had a full breakfast time and a full lunch hour.  Fantastic.  It was pretty busy after though.  We went to dinner with a family that had lots of non-members visiting. It was great!  One of the non-members is one we are working with, so that was extra great! haha.  Her son was ordained a teacher, so she came to church.  We were super excited!

Monday was labor day.  We went huckleberry picking with a member in our ward.  Jessee.  She is great.  She took us up to the top of Mount Emily.  Gorgeous view!  Tons of fun rocks to climb, and nice cool mountain air.  Then we went and picked huckleberries.  While we were picking somehow the tire went flat on the car.  And we could get the jack out of the side of the car!  That was exciting. So we were stuck in the mountains.  I finally jarred the jack loose. (took forever) and there was no lever for the jack.  So we used a screw driver and finally got the tires changed.  Great adventures!  We got home at like 5 and still had to shop and clean and fold laundry.  So we were rushing.  It was a fun day though.
This week is going to be a rough week for missionary work.  We are going to be gone today, and most of tomorrow.  Down in Nampa for Zone Conference.  Then Friday is Zone Meeting in Baker.  So that leaves us with Thursday, half of Friday and Saturday to prepare for the living Christ, and do missionary work all at the same time. Ah!! busy busy!  Should be fun though.  I like busy sometimes.

How is the challenge coming along?  Are you reading the book of Mormon?  Did you pick a theme to mark?  Let me know! =D
Love you all!
~Sister Radmall