Tuesday, October 29, 2013

From Sister Short

Sister Radmall and her two companions, Sister Zavala and Sister Dunkle.
They are marvelous missionaries!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 2 in Nampa

Hey everyone =)

Honestly, it's been really slow with the work here in Nampa.  We are finding people, but very very slowly.  Our goal, since we aren't getting anywhere with what are doing, is to do service with the members and ask them for referrals every single time we see them.  Referrals are definitely more useful than just knocking. 
The weather has been great!! Sunny and hot, I love it.  But today it got cold and rainy. Hopefully the gloomy weather won't make us gloomy! We won't let it get to us =)
So since we are over three wards... we have three trunk-or-treats and carnivals! =D  Triple the candy!  We have only been to two so far, but I think my Halloween candy will last until I get home. Haha. And since we are missionaries they give us a huge handful because they think we are always hungry.... but really, I'm almost never hungry.  We eat so much.  
Sister Z (Shrek), Me (Fiona), Sis D (The best missionary in the world)
The members make so much food for dinner, they say they are still getting used to having sister missionaries.  The three of us eat about as much as one elder would.  So that's pretty funny.
Yesterday we had two dinner appointments on accident.  I was so full I could barely move!  There was a misunderstanding somewhere and it was too late to cancel one appointment without being rude :P  We had three set up but luckily we caught the one before it was too late.  Lol.
I really need to bring my journal with me or something so I don't forget things that happened during the week.  Maybe next week.  But this time I guess all I have to rely on is my memory.
Our first lesson went pretty good.  It was a little robotic because we are still learning.  Our second lesson was a lot better.  We have only taught two so far.  We have one more tonight with that cute 9 year old red head =)
We did a fun service on Thursday.  It's called threads of gold.  It's for all the older ladies in the stake.  We helped serve.  I felt like I was at work serving again.  It was so fun!
Blood drive!
On Friday I donated blood! That was an interesting experience.  A little scary, because I hate needles, but It wasn't bad.  I don't even have a bruise.  I got light headed right at the beginning, but I toughed it out till the end and just sat in the chair for a while and drank juice before the guy would let me get up.  That night was the first trunk or treat. Tons of candy!  I wore purple tights that I brought just for Halloween.  IT was fun cuz my companion had some shrek ears from Wendy's so she wore green and I wore purple and I was Fiona.  Even though I don't like shrek it was fun.
We went to a baptism on Saturday.  It was for a different ward, but we still went.  Then it was another Halloween party.  It was a pretty intense carnival.  Tons of fun.  My companions played a game and it was hilarious... It was a remote control tank game.  You use the controls to drive around and shoot the other tank.  But what they failed to tell my companions was that if you get hit, you get shocked.  It was so funny because Sister Dunkle got hit and the remote shocked her so hard she threw the remote (they remotes were strapped to their wrists).  It was so funny =)  Luckily I didn't play!
 We went to a cute old couple's house and they have these two huge dogs!  The one we are next two is 200 pounds.  I think the breed is Newfoundland or something.  They are huge. (And they kinda stink :) But they are awesome)
Met the stars of duck dynasty ;)
 (This is one of the ward mission leaders and his wife)
I love the people here more and more! They are so awesome.  I swear everyone is an interior designer. Haha.. Everyone's houses are so cute.  Everyone is crafty and their houses are gorgeous!  And everyone here seems to have a nice car too.  It's fun.  I discovered a little bit how the addresses work.  Every subdivision has a name, and the streets are themed to match that name.  Like my favorite subdivision is Kings Court and the roads are, Queens, Robin Hood, Friar Tuck, Little John, Fantasy... etc.  It's interesting.
Since we have to be in by 6:30 on Halloween me and my companions are going to carve pumpkins.  It's gonna be fun!
I think that's all for this week!
I love you all =)

Have a great week!
Love Sister Radmall

P.S. If you want to learn something cool look up Jeremiah 33:23-24.  (Think Lehi and Ishmael) =)  Just something cool I discovered in the MTC.

Monday, October 21, 2013

News from Nampa

Hey y'all!

Sounds like you are all busy.  Wish I was busy!  The elders didn't leave much info in the area book, so we don't have anyone to teach yet.  Now that we have met with the bishops and mission leaders we will have more.  But for the past couple days we have just been walking and driving around meeting members and tracting a little.  I don't like tracting.  But meeting members is fun!
Everyone here is SOOO excited for sister missionaries.  Every single person we met says they are so glad the sisters are here.  They loved their elders, but love the sisters even more. Haha.  So that has been fun.  We went to a super saturday relief society and made some necklaces while talking to some members. That was good.  We signed up for some crafts for another super saturday. Hopefully we will be able to go and make those, cuz they are way cute!
We always have a dinner set up.  And so far I have only had potatoes 2. Once as soup, and once mashed. Haha =)  The members here are so sweet.  They would jump at any chance to help us at all.  And even the non members are nice.  If they aren't interested they just say so and are nice about it.  So that's good.
It's weird to be in the suburbs.  And I still like driving.  I am getting to know the area so much better.  The addresses are TERRIBLE!  Obviously they didn't hear about the grid system.  Every road has a different name.  And they are all names of places around the world.  Like Chicago, and Iowa, and Greenhurst, etc.  Then they have either an Ave, Dr, St, etc. So there could be a Chicago Ave and also a Chicago Dr.  It is so confusing.  It's a good thing my area isn't very big.  The houses are not even numbered right.  Usually there are evens on one side, and odds on the other. But not always.  And they don't go in order.  There can be a 2856 then a 2842 right next to it.  It's ridiculous. If we don't look at a map we get way lost.  But I'm getting most of the main roads down.
We have our first investigator.  He is a 9 year old red head. Lol... He wants to get baptized so he has to take the lessons.  It should be fun.  I'm pretty excited.  His mom isn't baptized so hopefully we can help her along with that as well!
7 hours of church yesterday! It was long.  Hard not to fall asleep in the third sacrament.  But all in all in went pretty fast.  It was the primary program in 2 wards.  The 34th ward is huge! They have at least 50 kids if not more.  The stand was full and they had to set up chairs below to fit everyone.  That meeting went almost 30 mins. over. 
I can finally send pictures!! There might be a lot. Haha.  It's crazy how much people tell us on our first visit.  They tell us a lot of their life story. It's pretty funny.  A lot of the stuff probably shouldn't be said. But that's okay, if they want to tell us then they can. I'm good at listening =)
Me and my companions are still getting along great.  I love my trainer.  I can make her laugh really hard then it makes me laugh really hard then all three of us are rolling on the floor clutching our sides.  It's fun.  Love it =)  Sister Zavala and I are a lot the same I think.  Our sense of humor is similar.  So we tease each other a lot back and forth. It's great!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

My MTC Schedule

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I have enjoyed my time at the MTC (My Time with Christ).

I thought you would like to see my Schedule. To kind of know what I went through.

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pictures from Idaho Nampa Mission Home 

President and Sister Cannon with 28 new missionaries

Sister Cannon, Sister Radmall, President Cannon
October 15th, 2013

Hey =)
I arrived in Nampa yesterday as you know.  I'm sorry I couldn't talk to you dad. I was disappointed with that. I didn't have enough minutes left to place a third call at the airport. I hope you got my voicemail though.

I am doing alright. It's really scary to be out here and start working, but at the same time it feels a lot like home, and it's fun. I am serving in an area called Greenhurst.  It has 3 wards int it.  We are the only sisters.  We are 'shotgunning it', I guess that's when there were just elders and they throw us sisters in.  We are going to have a lot of work becuase the elders that just left were really trunky so they didn't get much done.  But that's ok.  I'm in a trio.  My companion from the MTC, Sister Dunkle, is still my companion! And Sister Zavala (I think that's how you spell it) is our trainer.  She is cool.  Funny, and smart, and ready to work.

Last night we stayed at the mission home.  Most gorgeous home ever! Our appartment wasn't ready yet.  So we will be unpacking and moving in to our apartment in a couple hours after we go shopping. Thanks for sending my bag! I got it.  And I'm excited to open it. It's like opening a present at christmas cuz I forgot what I put in there. =)  I was so excited to get my hands on some piano music.  Now I just have to find the time and a piano to play it.  I'm still piano deprived and I am so anxious to play! Whenever we sing and there is a piano in the room I jump up to volunteer before they even ask if someone can play. Haha... It's pretty pathetic.  But I don't get to play any other time.  I asked President Canon if I could have my ukulele. He said no =( But oh well.  Could you please send my efy cds that I left? I'd really like those so we have more than just 2 cds to listen to =) Thanks!

The MTC felt like a dream... as soon as I got on the plane it felt real. Now it seems even more real. And it is so scary.  I can't say I'm home sick, because even though I really miss you all I'm not really wishing I was back there.  I am 'safe sick' I want to feel safe and comfortable and confident.  That will all come with time I know. But I'm having a hard time being patient with that.

Yesterday when we got to the church we had lunch. Then they said a bunch of stuff about safety and money and all that fun stuff.  Then they temporarily gave us a companion and we went door knocking.  Scariest thing ever!  First door was anyway.  The other two I felt a little better about doing.  The first two doors they didn't want to talk to us and just said bye.  The thrid, she wasn't interested but we just talked to her for 20 mintues about her cats.  It was funny =)  Wasn't as bad as I thought it was, but I'm scared for the next time we will be doing it.  And we will be tracting because we have no investigators.

If you are sending a package it needs to go to the mission office.  Then they will forward it to me.  But it has to be first class or priority mail in order for them to forward it.  You can send letters there too and they will forward it to where ever I am.  That might be best right now, because I am so close to the mission home it will be easier that way.  Especially since I don't know my address.  The mission office address is: 1008 west Sanetta Drive Nampa, ID 83634.

I'm the driver!! I love it =)  We have a nice new Chevy Malibu. And my other companions can't drive.  So that's my responsibility.  I'm glad because I can get to know the area faster that way.  ANd it's awesome driving a car that actually works!!! Tons of fun!

I've gotta go. I will email again on Monday.  Just chekin in =)  
Love you tons!! Miss you!!  Send fun pictures occassionally! 

Love Amber.

Friday, October 11, 2013

MTC Preparation-Day 10/10

Here's a description of my week:

When I got to the MTC I felt so rushed.  My host took me to my room quickly then took me to get my books then I was in class for 3 hours.  I didn't have time to think about how I wouldn't see my family for 18 months.  Probably a good thing, but like it said... I felt very rushed.  We got right to work.  Had a session thing with an investigator where there were a whole bunch of missionaries teaching the investigator.  It made me feel more comfortable because I didn't feel like I had to speak up unless I wanted to.

Thursday seems like forever ago!!  But then again, I don't feel like I have been here for over a week.  It is the weirdest feeling.  On Thursday was when I was starting to miss family and everyone.  But I didn't let it get to me.  "Just kept swimming swimming swimming..." =)  I was already loving my companion and all the people in my district.

On Friday there was 6 hours of class time.  It's amazing how 6 ours of class at the MTC feels like 1 hour of seminary.  It doesn't ever feel that long.  So much spiritual insight and knowledge! I was feeling a little unsure of myself, but when we taught our fake investigator (our teacher acting as someone he taught on his mission) the things I wanted to say just came out smoothly and it was awesome. Gave me some more confidence.

Saturday and Sunday conference was so awesome!!! I have never gotten so much out of conference.  I felt like every talk was for me!  And every time there was a prayer and they prayed for the missionaries around the world I got all choked up and could feel that prayer.  I know all of your prayers are helping me! Because without them I would not be able to do what I'm doing and learn as quickly as I am.  Thank you for helping me, and for the faith you have in me =)  I discovered one of the biggest reasons I want to go on a mission.  Before I came here I didn't really know why, just knew I should and knew it would help me.  I want to go because I want to share the feeling the Holy Ghost gives me with as many people as I can.  It is such an amazing feeling I just want everyone to know what it feels like and know what it is =)  My favorite quote from conference was President Uchtdorf's.... "Doubt you fears before you doubt your faith." Helped me so much!

My companion, Sister Dunkle, is so cool.  She lives in the country too.  So we are a lot alike in ways.  We both love nature, and love the simple things that living in the country gives us!  She is from California.  So she has been pretty cold. Haha... But so have I!! It is so cold because every walkway is covered all the time so if the sun is out it only shines in a couple places. It's always shady.  Plus it has been cloudy, rainy, and really cold.  It's snowing just up the mountain today.

Our district consists of me and my companion. Two other sisters, and four elders. They are the best! We all love each other family.  It's pretty sweet.  I room with sister Anderson, she is from South Carolina and has the best accent ever! So cute!  And Sister Valele who lives close by, but her family is from Tonga.  She is so enthusiastic.  It is the sweetest thing ever.  She is ALWAYS talking about her family.  And gets excited over everything.  She just bought a Tongan Book of Mormon here and is trying to learn.  She is teaching us too.  Ofa lahi atu means 'I love you so much'  we always say it in our district. Lots of fun.

I've seen McKay a couple times. I got to talk to him yesterday.  He is doing good too.  Loving it here!  He says he is learning tons as well.  I saw the Butters a couple times too in the cafeteria. They got here Monday as you probably know, and they are leaving Friday.  Way fast!

After Sunday the days just went by way fast and all blurred together. I have so many crazy awesome experiences with role playing.  And on Monday and yesterday we taught an investigator (he was role playing too, but we didn't know him so it didn't feel like he was role playing).  It was awesome.  One of the most important lessons I have learned is to teach people, not lessons.  Very good advice.  In every lesson they tell us to study and make a lesson plan but don't stick to it, just talk to the person, follow the spirit, and love them.  I have been trying my best to do that and it totally works! Lol.

I had a cold all week long, so every morning I had no voice and I would be coughing all day.  On Wed. our district hosted the new missionaries coming in.  It was the best experience so far I think.  We hosted a international missionary first.  I had a sister from China.  She spoke a little English.  About the same amount that our Japanese exchange student, Kanako, did.  I had so much fun with that.  It reminded me so much of Kanako and the others, it made me miss them. =)  Then I hosted one other sister from Pennsylvania. It was so fun.  It was fun to see how I was when I got there.  And I liked being able to reassure them that this is an awesome place.

I made a goal when I got here, and accomplished it!  I wanted to learn how to sing harmony without a piano, just a capela.  And I totally can now! I can usually pick up any note when we are singing hymns. It's fun!  I miss my piano sooooo much!!!!!  My fingers have been itching to play so much!!! I finally got a chance today to play for about 10 minutes. Not nearly enough, but more than I had.  I'm pretty sure my companion is tired of me wishing out loud that I could play the piano.  I miss my music too.  But I will get that back soon.

I am missing friends and family and facebook and movie quotes and all that.  But I am getting so much gospel knowledge and feeling the spirit so much that it makes up for all that =)  And I am making friends so fast here.  Plus I am getting my fair share of movie quotes in.  Every one keeps saying that I can quote movies off of everything.  I can't, but I like that they think that. haha!

The first couple days I was able to email you because my companion had some things she had to do on the computer so I took that time to write to you.  Wasn't supposed to, but I did.  This is the last time I will be writing to you by email at the MTC.  We have 4 computer labs in our classroom building.  I will explain a little more about how this place works.  I have a room obviously, but I don't spend much time there.  I have one class room that my district goes to every day for about 6 hours--he same teachers the whole time we are here.  The other district in our zone are in the room right next to us.  So that's kinda how it works.

I am sorta getting used to my morning schedule.  I don't like it.  But I don't complain.  I have learned to get ready in 10 minutes so I can have an extra half hour of sleep =)  I have also learned how to take a shower and dry my hair and get ready in 20 minutes! Awesome, useful skill here cuz I only get 20 minutes between gym and the next activity.  And if I take a shower at night it gives me extra sleep in the morning. Haha!

So to everyone that is wondering if I am getting bused up to Idaho... I'm not.  We are flying to Oakland California for some reason, have a 2 hour layover I think. Then we are flying to Boise.  Don't ask me why! Haha. Doesn't make sense to me.... But oh well, flying will be fun. =)  There are 16 of us all going to Nampa Idaho. It's gonna be great!

Well, that was my week.  Some of it anyway.  Lots of fun!! I love you all!!

Love Sister Radmall

P.S. Stop sending me food! haha =D  I get free food here and have WAAYYY too much candy in my room.  Me and my companions can't eat it all. haha! I'd prefer letters or something.  You can send me food when I don't get free meals ;)   

Thursday, October 10, 2013

First Day at MTC-- Letter Home 10/2

Oct. 2, 2013

Hey guys!

I haven't been able to miss you today until I got 5 minutes in the shower to just let it out.  I am having a good time!  heads are still in the clouds I think.  But I feel comfortable here with all these "Newbies."

It's crazy to think how much I love my companion already.  And I know almost nothing about her.  Her name is Sister Dunkle.  She is from California--in the middle.  So she is a country girl. :)

The other companionship I share a room with is Sister Valele (I think) and honestly, I can't remember the other Sister's name.  Sister Valele is from West Valley, but I think she is Tongan.  The other sister is from South Carolina.  Cutest accent ever!  She is a doll :)  Kinda reminds me of Beverly Wiley :) only a heavier accent.  It's fun.

Today I felt way pushed around and rushed and crazy.  But it wasn't too bad actually.  My teacher is pretty cool.  And my district is fun.  Love my zone leaders--way nice!

We did a thing today where we went into a room where a living room was set up and then role played teaching an investigator.  We did it 3 times.  Then after the role play missionaries left, the newbies tried teaching the investigator by trying to follow the spirit.  It was amazing!  I didn't comment, but I felt like I knew what that individual needed to hear.  I'm pretty sure the actors tell their own story kind of.  Because it felt so real.   And when the first guy told about himself and got into more touchy heartfelt and I could feel his pain, and I just all the sudden loved him so much and wanted to give him a hug and take away that pain.  Amazing!  Never felt that much love towards someone I never talked to before  .:)

My companion and I counted how many times we were "welcomed to the MTC" --18!  Haha.  More will come tomorrow I'm sure.

There is a magic tree here.  It was part of the tour.  It's magic because it smells like cream soda!  And it really does!  Haha :)

Food is good.  They serve BYU ice cream on Sunday and Wednesday.  Didn't get any, but I will. :)

Tomorrow might be crazy.  I'm told it will be the longest day of the MTC.  I'm also told that if I can make it ok to Sunday, I will be able to make it to the end of my mission.

I saw Mckay.  Accidentally called him Mckay instead of Elder Spackman.  Haha :)  Saw 3 people so far that I went to school with.  Pretty Cool! :)

I miss you guys but have tons to do.  Don't miss me too much!

Love you!
Sister Radmall

Message from the MTC 10/6/2013

I am loving conference!! I have never had the talks mean so much to me before.  And in each prayer when they blessed the missionaries I felt that blessing.  I was missing you kind of towards the beginning though because I knew you were doing the same thing as me!

I'm glad everyone is happy =) That's awesome Brigham wants to clean.  I think it's something in that room because I always wanted to clean too.... hopefully he keeps wanting to do that so my room stays nice! haha. Not that I am going to live in it again, but still! 

I'd like some yummy apple pie right now =) Not that I don't have good food.  The food here is awesome! And I can have much of it as I want. (no worries, it's all healthy, well mostly.  The ice cream may not be. Haha)

I sent you guys a letter, and I just put a letter for each kid in the mail like 5 minutes ago.  It is so crazy here!! I have 6 hours of class every day plus some extra ones that are a little different, like zone teaching.  Then more classes really. Haha. Yesterday was our first day for gym and that was really nice.  I played volleyball the whole time.  So today has really been a good break from all that.  We have study time before, in between, and after conference to just do personal studies, or companionship studies.  My companion and I, and the other companionship that we are rooming with just took a walk to the temple.  That was really nice.  Nice to get out in the sun because it has been really cold!  Plus all the walkways are shaded all the time.  So that makes it colder.  I took pictures but I don't have a way to put them on the computer yet.  I'm going to have to buy a usb cord first.  So pictures coming eventually.  Haha

I love you!! Miss you!! Enjoy the rest of conference, and I think about you often... Not to often though ;)

~Love Sister Radmall