Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Living Christ

I just want you to know that I know that Christ lives! I know that he suffered for us so we can overcome our sins and weaknesses.  And I know he died and was resurrected so that I can live with my family and those I love, FOREVER!! I'm so grateful for him =)

This week was great!  And I can't believe it's June!  I've been out exactly 8 months today.  Feels like 2.
Tuesday we went to district meeting and did exchanges with the sister in La Grande.  That was fun.  Sister Mackelprang came here with me and Sister Duncan, and Sister Leavitt went to La Grande with Sister Thomas.  We saw some people that we hadn't met yet.  Had dinner on the lake at a member's house.  Gorgeous view!  Scary driveway though.  They say... "when you hear the splash you know you are there."  Haha.

Wednesday we got to teach Larry.  All we could really do was testify and give him a chapter to read for next time.  I know he is going to come around even though he is a little stubborn.  I feel like we cant give up on him just because he isn't progressing as fast as we would like.  We had dinner with them again.  I just love them!  They are so great =)

Thursday we went tracting.  It was pretty monotonous. And not a lot of progress came out of it.  But Sister Leavitt really wanted to, so we did.  I took a bunch of videos this week while we were taking breaks.  It was fun.  I can only send the super short ones, so sorry... you are going to have to wait until next April to see them.

Friday we did some yard work at home because someone left flowers on the porch, so we had to plant them.  It was fun!  The yard looks great! Then we went and helped paint Bishop Lowe's shop thing that they are making.  That's what we did all day Saturday too.  Painted.  It was pretty fun, I do admit.  Made me want to paint my room again ;)  Then we went to a pot luck dinner at the church with some ward members.  That was fun.  Played a quick game then went and visited people. 

Sunday was the best day of the week.  It was testimony meeting, I got up and bore my testimony.  Felt good.  Then we got to work to get ready for the Living Christ music fireside later that night.  Everything went smoothly.  The program was awesome!  Everyone did fantastic.  There was a good turn out, not a ton of people, but enough.  The spirit was SOO strong the whole time.  Especially when Sister Hipple sang "His Hands" and the ending song of "I believe in Christ"  It was a congregational hymn, and I swear there were angels singing it with us.  It was way to loud and powerful for the amount of people that were there.  It was just awesome!  And a lot of people that we wanted to come, came!!  That was even better=)  It was just fabulous!  Can't say it enough.  Haha!

That was my week.  It was fun.  I love it so much up here in Wallowa County.  It is the most amazing area I've had so far=)  You wouldn't believe how much I love the people here.

I hope you  all have a fantastic week!
Love Sister Radmall

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