Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Slow Week


This week was a bit slower than the other weeks have been lately.  We were scraping the bottom of the barrel for things to do.... in other words, we went tracting a bunch.

Monday we played mini golf with Brother Butler.  That was fun!  Especially since it was for free =)  Then we went and saw some members.  Had family night with one of them.

We had an appointment with our new investigator, Joseph, but he had to work so canceled.  That was disappointing.  At least he is still interested!  We went to Larry Water's house and he made us hook his mules up to the cart and drive them around the block.  Haha.  Still trying really hard to actually teach him something!  Loves his mules =)

Wednesday was kinda funny in the morning.  We got a call from the Realtor trying to sell Pat's house saying that someone was going to look at the house.  So we took our study time and cleaned really fast so it looked as good as possible with all her stuff in there.  Then we disappeared as not to be there for the showing =)   Went and helped clean the relief society president's house because she moved to New Mexico.  Then we went to Larry the barber's and had a really good discussion about the plan of salvation.  We finally got him to commit to pray and ask if the church is true.  He is scared to ask because he already knows the answer, and knows he will get an answer if he asks.  So I testified to him that if he prays to know the truth, that any fear of the church will be gone.  He believed me, and it made me so happy because I really want to see Larry with the priesthood.  And I want to see him in the Celestial Kingdom with his awesome wife =)  

I think Thursday was the hardest day.  We were all out of energy and motivation.  So we started walking through town with the idea to tract, but we just ended up at the park for a little break with no place in mind and no ideas.  So we stopped and prayed and got a couple names come to mind.  One was a member.  We went to her house and it turned out that she needed help making a craft for a relief society night.  She was so grateful.  And we got to see a couple people on the way there too.  Prayer works!!  A lot of times it works instantly too.  We are so blessed to have the opportunity to be best friends with our Heavenly Father and talk to him about anything at any time =)
Friday was zone meeting in Baker City.  It was fun!  Got to see other missionaries.  haha.  Then we drove home and visited some people afterwards.

Saturday was kinda fun.  We went to Joseph to a farmer fest thing.  All the shops were showing off their stuff.  We went to help wheel around one of the members, and to try to talk to people.  Then we went to Butlers to talk about the week, then had dinner at VanBelle's.  They are so fun.  
Sunday I was exhausted.  Don't know why.  Just was.  After church we went to the Hunters for a much needed visit.  For me at least.  Sister Hunter is just so fantastic.

That was my week.  Sorry if I bored you.  It wasn't too exciting of a week.  But it wasn't bad =)

I dare you to read through Moroni chapter 10 and write down what all the things Moroni "exhorts" you to do... then write all the blessings that come from those exhorts.  It's pretty cool =)

Love you all!
Sister Radmall

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