Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I got transferred :( To the far away land of La Grande.... actually not that far away. It's about 1.5 hours west of Enterprise. Same district, same stake. But it was SOOOO sad to leave Enterprise. I was crying yesterday while giving my testimony. And while hugging people. It was bad. Enterprise has to be one of my favorite areas so far!! I am totally going back to visit everyone next year =)

My new companion is Sister Mackelprang. She is awesome! =) She loves chocolate too! I'm so excited! I will tell you more about her when I get to know her better.

On Monday we had a really good lesson at the Bishop's house.  We taught a couple.  He is a member, less active, and she is not a member. We discovered that she is more interested than we thought in the first place. We committed her to pray about baptism. She is going to get baptized, I know it!
June 17, 2014
Tuesday we donated blood. That was exciting. Second time doing that. And thanks to mom sending me my blood donor card it was a lot faster than last time =) Thanks! haha. Later we just visited some people. Nothing too exciting.

Wednesday was fun. We helped a member bake a strawberry rhubarb pie. It was yummy! And super easy. We found a huge rhubarb plant in our yard and didn't know what to do with it. So with one failed attempted at making a pie on our own, we went and she taught us how. haha. It was fun. Then we went to Larry's and taught him. My last lesson over there :( I didn't know that at that point, but looking back I wish I would have known. The lesson went good. But not as good as I wish it did. The spirit needed to be there a lot more. With Larry I figured out that there is a happy medium of talking and listening. A little more listening and a little less talking bring the spirit a lot more with him. Sad I'm gone once I figured that one out. Oh well. Then we went to a member's house who is a talker! She talks.. and talks... and talks... I don't think she takes a breath... ever. For an hour we sat there listening while she just kept talking and couldn't stop. Haha. It was funny. She is so awesome. Has been through so much and still has such a strong testimony. She wrote three books about getting over different things and made it missionary oriented.  Wednesday was a pretty good day.

Thursday we had to go to Les Schwab in the morning to get a nail out of the tire. Then we went with the Butlers to Troy. About 2 hours away. It was fun. Gorgeous scenery, and the members down there took us to lunch. Such sweet people!

 Then we came home and did weekly planning, then had dinner, then visited one family, then went to a relief society activity. I got super motivated to do some things there! It was called "The Happiness Project" Which is actually a book. But she took some ideas from there and taught us. We learned about a one sentence journal, which I am doing. I made one out of a composition book that will last 5 years. So each page is a day and in a couple years I will be able to look on a page and see 4 or 5 entries of one sentence. It will be cool. =) We also learned about a one word focus. At the beginning of the year you pick one word to focus on all year instead of a new year resolution. So that one word is always in the back of your mind and it can help you do things. We made some collages with our word. Mine is, Be... When I think of that word it think: Be who you want to be, be who the lord wants you to be, be kind, be a superhero, be whatever! =) And more. But it just seemed like a good word for me this year. Thursday went by really fast!

Friday we helped an older lady plant bulbs. She has been sick and hasn't gotten her energy back, so we helped in her garden. Lots of fun. My pants ripped!! so I gotta get some today. Haha. Sounds like there is a lot of service in La Grande too. So I definitely need them. We also did some yard work in our yard. Didn't get nearly enough done, but we did get some. The young women might go over there to help soon. Because the missionaries can't keep up the yard. We are too busy most of the time. Saturday was transfer calls and we mostly packed :( I was so disappointed that I wasn't going to stay. But like I said before, I am super excited to start a new adventure with Sister Mackelprang. Sister Duncan is staying there with a new companion. Hopefully they get along well! I know them both, and we shall see :) Sister Leavitt gets to go to Weiser with another companion. They are both new to that area, so she is a little nervous because neither knows about it. But I told her she will love Weiser =) I'm excited for her.

 We weeded a pasture on Saturday. It was tough! The back of my legs hurt so bad! It hurts to walk.... I'm walking a little bowlegged. haha! But she was so grateful to get it all done. Had horrible hand cramps after that. Had a hard time folding my clothes to pack. We had dinner at Ranzie's house. so that was fun. She is getting baptized July 21st. Which is a Monday. So I might get to ride the tram after all! We might spend our p-day up there =) I'm crossing my fingers!

Sunday I was a mess. I seriously felt like I was leaving my family to go the the MTC again. Haha. I was such a baby most of the day. Especially when all of my favorite people started hugging me goodbye. Bishop had us bare our testimonies, and I was a blubbering mess then too. Haha. Everyone knew that I loved the area. So that was good I guess. I really do love Enterprise. It is so amazing to me how much you can love someone after serving them selflessly. I was there only 3 months and most of them are best friends and close to family now. If there is one thing I've learned on my mission... selflessly serve those you love and you will selflessly love those you serve! My heart just wants to explode with the love I feel for the people I've taught. The members I've served with, the missionaries I've been around. I can't explain it. The best way to explain it is, I think it is a glimpse of the love we might feel for everyone in the celestial kingdom. =) Makes me tear up just thinking about it. Haha. I'm such a baby :P
This morning we woke up at 5:30 so my other companions could get to Baker at 8:30. I got dropped off in La Grande with my fabulous companion. And then we did laundry, and now I'm here. So ya! that was my crazy week. I really hope those who actually read my email all the way through don't get bored. If you got to this point, good job! I congratulate you. Haha! ;) I have lots of pictures to send today! Enjoy! Thanks for all your love and prayers. I am grateful so much each day for you.

Love, Sister Radmall
Overlook from Joseph
Sunset over Enterprise

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