Monday, May 26, 2014

Serving in Paradise!

Hey everyone!
This week was kind of eventful.

Tuesday we saw Larry.  Got him to agree to take the lessons while we were building his fence. Haha.  We are excited for that!  He is the one who was in the mule cart we were driving a couple weeks ago.  He and his wife are just awesome.  After that we visited some other people in the ward.

Wednesday we got to teach seminary again.  It was fun as always!  We met an inactive couple who have tons of horses. So we got to play with them a little while we talked to the couple.  They are so nice.  We tried to visit with the other Larry.  Larry the barber.  He wasn't home, he was out moving cattle.  But his wife was home, and she fed us dinner.  Then we went home a little early to clean up from brushing horses and went to bed a little early so I could drive in the morning to zone conference.

Thursday we had to wake up at 3:30 so we could drive 4 hours to Ontario for Zone Conference.  I have to admit, I don't remember a lot of it.  haha.  I do remember that it was fun, and really good to see other missionaries;)  but I was so exhausted.  It felt like my first day in the mission field all over again =P That took up the whole day.  got home at 8:30 and crashed.

Friday we decided to ride bikes for some reason.  It was a little rainy.  Wasn't my idea. haha =)  But it was fun to ride around Enterprise.  I can't think of anything exciting that happened on Friday.  Sorry.

Saturday was fun though.  Haha.  We went branding again.  At a big branding, invite only.  Even President and Sister Cannon were invited, and came!  That was fun.  They didn't make it to the actual branding, but they made it to the feast.  The feast was intense.  Crab legs and steak.  First time I've ever had crab legs.  They were good!  It was fun to see the Cannons in chaps and a cowboy hat ;)  After the branding we went to a ward social up in the mountains at a member's cabin.  I brought magic bars =)  When we got up there and saw people, it was just like I belonged and I was seeing all my lifelong friends.  It was a great feeling.  I just absolutely love everyone here.  If I had a choice I'd stay here the rest of my mission.  Haha.  Hopefully that comment doesn't jinx me =P  

Sundays are always fun.  Exhausting, but fun.  Again, I had the feeling that I belong here and I've known these people for a long time.  It's fantastic.  Sunday was a little hectic because we are trying to put the music fireside together.  Only a week left.  I think we have everything mostly ready.  Just gotta get programs printed, then I have to practice and practice and practice the piano so I can accompany people.  Should be great.

Today we went hiking!  It was so fun.  Brother Butler took us up to some waterfalls.  Very pretty hike.  I'm a little tired and sore now.  Haha.  Also today we really cleaned our house.  Opened all the windows all day cuz its getting a little musty with no one living there but us in the basement.  We went through some cupboards and threw out more bad food, vacuumed, tidied up the laundry room.  Ah man, it looks and feels so much better!  

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