Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Last week of my 6th Transfer

This week really went by faster than last week!  Kinda just disappeared.  I feel like this one will too since it's the end of the transfer. 

I don't feel like we did a ton, but obviously we did something cuz It's another week again.  Tuesday we pulled weeds for a less active lady again.  This time was a lot easier than the last time.  Haha.  A lot less weeds.

Wednesday we got to play with horses.  Brushed a couple.  Then we helped her plant some raspberry starters.  I learned a lot about gardens!  Made me excited to plant something.  Haha! Then we helped Larry Chambers in his yard.  Edged the lawn for him.  It was so hot!  But it was fun.  Got to talk to him about the gospel in a less 'official' teaching setting.  So that was our teaching appointment with him for the week.  He is going to get a testimony and get baptized.  I just know it!!  He is praying to get an answer, and I am more than 100% positive that he is going to get his answer.  Don't know when, hopefully soon!  We had dinner with them after helping.  I really do enjoy Larry and Gene's company. Sweetest people ever!

Thursday was kinda hard.  We were struggling for things to do.  But we did visit some people that we hadn't seen for a while.  I was noticing that the spirit doesn't always shout out places or names to go, and we don't always recognize that we helped or that it was mandatory that we see someone.  We are always being prompted to go somewhere, but it's usually just a thought that pops into mind and it's usually mistaken for our thought when it's really the spirit =)
With Sister Lewis.  Sweetest lady.  She has an awesome accent.
Friday we had the same problem, struggling to find people to see.  So we practically begged Sister Hunter to give us some service.  Haha.  We ended up cleaning out the seminary room.  Then she had us come make cookies to take to people later that day.  That actually worked really well.  It broke the ice for a lot of people!  So we will probably start making cookies once a week to bring to people =)  We will be cookie masters!  haha!  That is, if we stay here.
With Sister Hunter

Saturday the Butlers took us to Imnaha to go visiting teaching with them.  There are 2 members out there (Imnaha is 1.5 hours away from Joseph) and the Butlers visit teach them both every month.  Pretty cool!  It was a really pretty drive, though a little rainy and cloudy.  And the people we met were very nice.  Probably wont go down there again.  This week we are going to go 1.5 hours the other direction to Troy where another family that the Butlers visit teach lives.  That should be fun.

Sunday, fathers day!  It was good.  Pretty much just a normal sunday.  We were going to have a linger longer at a member's house but it was rainy so they moved it to the church.  Then people weren't interested enough so they canceled it all together.  Then people ended up going to the member's house anyway.  haha.  All that didn't really matter.  haha. oh well=)  We had really good visits with some people after the linger longer that wasn't really a linger longer.  So it was a pretty good day.

And today we did normal p-day stuff then went the end of the lake and played mini golf in the rain.  Good times.   It was pretty fun.  Got ice cream afterwards even though we were super cold.  Hopefully it warms up this week!  I'm ready for the warm sun again.  We were going to go on the tram to the top of the mountain, but it was snowing up there... so we decided against that idea.  haha.

I was thinking about the spirit a lot this week.  Probably because I am studying 'recognize the spirit' in the Preach My Gospel.  But I realized... now this isn't doctrinally proven, mostly just an assumption.... Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father both have bodies, the Holy Ghost does not.  So I realized that while Christ gave his life for us, the Holy Ghost gave up the opportunity to even have a body so he can help us all.  That just shows how much he loves us.  He wants to help us all the time if we let him.  Like I said, not really doctrine, but I thought it was some cool food for thought =)

Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic week!
Love, Sister Radmall
With Bishop and his wife.  They are the best!

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