Monday, March 3, 2014

Spring is totally here!


It's spring here in Weiser.  50 degree weather the past two week.  It's wonderful!  Rainy and kind of chilly yesterday and today, but still has a springy feel!  The 3 sisters in Weiser and 2 Elders in Payette are going to meet us at a park and we are going to play frisbee.  It's going to be fantastic! I am so ready to play any kind of sport and get my muscles moving and working! =) Hopefully it isn't too wet.

This week we did so many things.  Every night we had something going on.  Tuesday started out with Rex at the family history center again.  He is still super excited to find people so he can go to the temple again.  Such a great experience for him!  Then we taught a good lesson, and Sister Breen learned a lot about cows.  Haha!  Since it's calving season, and everyone here is a rancher Sister Breen is so excited, she really wants to help pull a calf.  I think that is hilarious, but she has never been around farms and all that jazz.  I'm going to stand back (if it ever happens) and be the photographer.  =)  Later we went to help out at the Blue and Gold Banquet.  That was fun.  We had to be the judges for a creation the families made out of random things, that was kinda hard, but it was super fun.

Wednesday we helped clean a lady's walls again... the one that smokes inside and her walls are orange.  Ya, it was hard work.  But her husband, who is not a member, likes us now!  So that's a step.  While we were still gross we offered to help our ward mission leader with his house that they are remodeling.  Since I kinda know the basics of building houses (cuz of dad) I offered.  But they didn't need help that day.  Then we took a mattress over to our investigator, Jerry.  Jerry is an interesting guy... we'll just leave it at that. =)  He told us he had a surprise for us on sunday... and he did.  He got a haircut and was wearing a super nice suit (bell bottoms and everything)  We barely recognized him.  He is usually in his leathers.  He even took out his indian earring.  It was great =) Haha.

Thursday we saw a lot of people.  It was great! 2 of our investigators, Rex and Virginia have been dating online.  It is so odd to me...haha.  Rex is getting married.  Which is weird! And Virginia's boyfriend is going to be here this week.  I just love that our investigators are in their 70's and online dating.=)

Friday nothing really special happened.  We visited a lot of people.  We saw a less active family.  The girls LOVE us!  They are always jumping all over us and showing us all their stuff.  They just got lizards so we got to see them.  They fed them crickets.  I was doing my best to act interested and not grossed out by the creepy crawly crickets :P Haha.  That family also have fish, a turtle, great dane, and a mastiff.  Lots of animals in a small place.  It's always fun to go over there.

Saturday we had a stake women's conference that was super duper good!  It was about having peace in the heart.  There were so many good talks.  All week we invited a tons of people to it.... no one came :/  But there were a lot of non members from other areas that came.  That was great!  Dinner was so good! Thanks mom for giving her the recipe ;)  Then we went to the stake baptisms.  Longest baptism I have ever been to.  Picked some long winded people to give the talks.  Haha. 

Sunday was a super long ward council fast Sunday.  Jerry did come in with his surprise though... totally made our whole day =) After church we went WAY out into the mountains to visit a family.  It is so gorgeous out there!! Rolling hills forever.  Then we went to dinner and Sister Breen got a rattle snake rattle.  She loves it =)  Then we went to a game night at a ward missionary's house with a less active family.  It was really good.  We all had a good time.  Played pictionary then had ice cream and peach cobbler.  We are finally starting to be liked by this family.  We are super excited!

That was my crazy week!  This week is going to be crazy too. Everyone is coming out for spring and they are so much happier.  It's awesome!  

Have a fantastic week!
"Remember the worth of 'every' soul is great in the sight of God." Doctrine and Covenants 18:10

Sorry I did so lame on pictures this week :P  I'll do better next week.

Love you!
~Sister Radmall

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  1. I love reading your posts! Thanks for letting us "be a part" of your mission by sharing your experiences with us. I love that you are finding joy in your days; I'm sure there are many ups and downs. Our love and prayers are with you.


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