Monday, February 24, 2014

Time Flies!

Hey y'all,
 This week really went by fast. Doesn't feel like it should be Monday again... But it is. Last Monday was interesting. After P-day we went to Thomasons (Ward Mission Leader) for family home evening. A recent convert, Rex, came with his girlfriend. He told us that he and his girlfriend are getting married! It's kind of a weird situation because Rex hadn't met her until earlier that day. But both of them really want to get married, so they are. It seems to be a good match. But we are really hoping it works out. Luckily she is a very strong member though. So that's good.

 Tuesday we just went around contacting people. Trying to find new investigators by going through our area book. We didn't find anyone new, most of the people we were trying to find had moved and the current resident wasn't interested in us. But we did share a couple lessons.

 Wednesday we did that same thing. This time we found someone! We were looking for a girl named Rachel, but she had moved and the girl that lived there said she was interested in learning more. Whether she was actually interested or just trying to get us off her porch I don't know... but we went back the next day and she wasn't home. Stood us up :P Kinda lame. We are still trying though. 

Thursday we got stood up, then visited a lot of less actives. It was really good. We shared a lot of messages and uplifting scriptures. None of them came to church, but hopefully we helped them in some way! We contacted a referral.. his name is John Schmidt! =) Kind of the opposite of the piano guys Jon Schmidt. Haha. This John is a biker. He owns a auto body repair shop. We went over there to see him and we had a really good conversation about the gospel and what we each believe in.... while playing a game of pool. Haha. It was great. It's frustrating to hear him talk so much about God, and know that his beliefs are so close to ours... but still not be able to help him understand why there is only one true church on the earth, and how our priesthood authority came straight from Jesus Christ. It makes sense in my head.. why can't it make sense in his too? Haha. After that we went to another referral who has a lot of questions about the church because his son in law is a member. So we went over there and right off the bat he asked for a Book of Mormon. So we gave him one, and some pamphlets that will help them understand a lot more. We are hoping that will spark more curiosity so we can teach them. They are looking for something more in their life anyway... I think the gospel is probably the best choice =) Thursday was pretty much just a really good day. I enjoyed it.

 Friday... I lied, we contacted those people and gave the a Book of Mormon on Friday. Haha. I'm too lazy to fix that though. =) We gave one of our investigators a church tour. Hoping it would help her feel more comfortable and get to church... but it didn't. So that was lame.

 Saturday was crazy! There was so much we did, and so much more we wanted to do but couldn't. We met with one of our ward mission leaders in the morning and had breakfast with them. Then we went to a funeral where me and Sister Lyman (another sister in Weiser) did a musical number. I accompanied while she sang. It was alright. I messed up really bad because my music fell of the piano! Haha. It was embarrassing, but funny. I'm sure many people got a chuckle out of it. After that funeral we helped clean up then waited at the church and played 'I have never' until the next funeral started. Me and sister Lyman did the musical number at the funeral too. That one was a lot better because I had Sister Krauss hold my music. Haha. At the end of the second funeral we had been at the church from 10 to 7... so me and Sister Breen went to Idaho Pizza for dinner. It was nice to go out and not have to talk to anyone for a bit. Then we went to our other ward mission leader's house. And that is what our crazy day consisted of.

 Now... what we wanted to That recent convert, Rex, went to the temple to do baptism with the youth. We really really wanted to go but couldn't. He said it was amazing. It was so awesome to hear of his experience! =) He was able to watch one of the young women get baptized for his wife. He told us he was crying, and she was crying, and he just loved it. Made us so happy =) (I really hope this is all making sense cuz I'm not rereading or editing this). The other thing that I wanted to do was go to Nampa for Christine's baptism. But I wasn't able to do that either :P But I heard from Sister Bowler and Foster that it went really well and the spirit was there. That's the 4th person that has gotten baptized that I've taught. It's so crazy how much I love them and how proud I am of them for taking that step, when I only knew them for a couple weeks. It's awesome being a missionary =)

 Sunday really wasn't too exciting. Though me and sister Lyman got asked to do that same musical number in sacrament. But she can't, so I may end up singing or doing a piano solo again or something. I love the opportunities I'm getting to play the piano. It's super fun! And challenging! And when people find out I play the piano they let me play their grand pianos ;) So it works out great. Haha.

 That was pretty much my week. It was a great week. It was super tiring, but very fulfilling. It was great.  Here is a good quote I heard yesterday in relief society "It will be alright in the end... and if it's not alright, then it's not the end." Have a great week! =)
Love, the one and only, Sister Radmall

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