Monday, March 10, 2014

Is it really Monday?

I can't believe it is already Monday.  On Thursday it felt like Tuesday. This week has just gone by way too fast.  But it was a good week.

Monday we played here at the church with other sisters and elders in our district.  We played ultimate frisbee in the gym cuz it was raining outside.  And I got to play piano for a good while. 

Tuesday we did more family history with Rex.  He is getting to where he doesn't have information so he will have to call relatives and research a lot more.  Still loves it though.  We may have found a new investigator.  He is a Vietnam Veteran. He is so nice!  He seems pretty interested and we are excited to start teaching him.  The elders were teaching him before.  We aren't really sure why they stopped.  Later we went on splits with some ward members.  We had a really hard time finding the person we were supposed to visit.  So we went on a little exploration of a couple dirt roads that led to nowhere.  Haha.  That was fun.  Saw a HUGE bull.  Biggest one I've ever seen!  Haha.  We did finally find the person we were supposed to visit.  And it went really well..  The little boy liked me.  So we will try to go back and get them to church.

Wednesday we saw our investigator Jerry.  We talked to him about what he believes and if he believes in latter day prophets.  He said yes.. Then he said "Sometimes, I believe I am a prophet."  We never know what is going to come out of Jerry's mouth. Haha.  He is doing better.  He just has a lot of misunderstandings that we have to fix.  He is still super interested, and comes to church every week.  So we are trying!  Then we went clear out on a road called Manns Creek Road.  It is super far out.  Saw a lot of baby cows and Sister Breen was super excited.  Had to get a picture.  Haha.  Saw some people that really needed to be visited, that was good.  Sis. Breen got to hold a little chick.  And a lamb.  Wednesday was an animal day. Haha.  Later we had a ward party.  Dessert wars.  Everyone got into teams and each team had to make the dessert that was on their table.  We had 15 minutes to do it.  It was intense.  Lots of fun though.  Ours won 'best tasting'.  Probably because it was oreo =)  

Thursday we saw a bunch of people.  We have been struggling with finding people to actually teach.  Right now we are working a lot with less actives.  We go to their house and chat for a bit then share a scripture and invite them to church.  That is great, but we also want to teach some lessons!  We will find someone =) Later that night was a Relief Society Birthday Party.  That was so fun! I got to know a lot of the members in the ward from that.  Finally.  Haha.  We had to put things that represented us in a paper bag and people guessed.  I put my camera.  Printed off a couple pictures from the photo blog that I took.  A picture of Marble.  And my young women's medallion that I wear everyday. I also have my A on that necklace, so everyone was asking what my first name was.  Haha.  

Friday we had Zone Meeting.  In Baker City.  The drive is always fun.  I didn't have to drive for the first time! That was the first time I didn't drive missionaries.  Haha.  Also the first time I backed the car. Which is weird.  I really have been driving my whole mission.  Guess I'm okay with that.  After zone meeting I went on exchanges with Sister Clemmons in Fruitland.  It's always fun to see what different missionaries do and where they live.  But I really love my area and where I live.  It makes me more grateful for what I have.  While on exchanges I got three referrals for Weiser.  So that was super cool!

Saturday I was still on exchanges till 3.  So we visited some less actives in Fruitland ward.  Then I came home to Sister Breen.  I love Sister Breen! She is the best!  We missed each other.  We couldn't get ahold of our dinner so we assumed they were out of town and got dinner at a cute drive up restaurant.  As soon as our food came our dinner called.  So we had two dinners that night.  Whoops ;P  Stake conference was this weekend!  It was so good.  Best one I've every been to for sure!  Saturday night session was cool.  All of the youth 12 and older were invited.  The youth choir sang a beautiful song.  And two of the youth in our ward made a presentation about how useful internet and media are.  It was really cool.  They gave examples of how to share the gospel on facebook, twitter, and youtube.  All the speakers talked about was hastening the work and doing missionary work.  Hopefully it gets the members pumped!!

Sunday meeting was good too.  Also about missionary work.  Three of our investigators came and loved it.  After church we went to a member's who helped us make invitations for the Music fireside we are having.  It is going to be so cool!!  We are having less actives and non members participate.  We are going to have someone read a paragraph of The Living Christ then there will be a musical number, then another paragraph, then another musical number.  It's going to be good!  And it's coming along great!  Later we talked to both of our ward mission leaders about mission stuff.  Ward mission leaders are awesome!

That was my week.  Hope I didn't bore you =)  We had so much going on this week.  Something every night!  That's probably why the week went by so fast.

Something that I loved in Stake Conference was the Stake President talking about how if you help a butterfly get out of it's cocoon it won't be able to fly because it's the struggles that strengthen the butterfly.  That is just like us.  It's the struggles that make us strong enough to go through our other trials and challenges.  We have trials to make us strong and beautiful.

Have a great week!  I would love to hear from you all =D

Love, Sister Radmall 

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