Monday, March 31, 2014

Goodbye to Weiser

Overlooking Weiser, Idaho
I'm headed to Enterprise!!  If you are wondering... It is 8 hours and 9 minutes from Trenton, and 3 hours and 49 minutes from Nampa.  Pretty much the highest I can get in the mission.  So it should be exciting.  Everyone says that there are really big mountains right there like in Logan.  So I am excited about that!  It's not big enough to have a Walmart.  Haha.  I'm training with another sister.  Sister Duncan.  So I will be in a trio... again.  I'm excited.  Ready for a change.  I'm even going to be in a different time zone than you!! Haha.  How exciting is that??  I'm glad I get to serve in Oregon. =)

So on to my week.  It was so good =)  Probably my best week in Weiser!  

Monday we hiked to the W on the hill.... kinda got in trouble.  But we knew the person who owned the W so nothing happened.  Just got in trouble.  It was a lot of fun though.  And a really really nice day.  And a very pretty view.
The 5 Weiser Sisters
Tuesday we visited a bunch of people.  We just did missionary work.  It's been nice to actually feel good enough to get out and see peopel!!  We went around asking less actives and investigators if they would help make cookies for the fireside on Sunday (which I will talk about more later).  We have learned that people love to help out!  Everyone agreed to make cookies (unless they were sick) but only a couple made cookies AND came to the fireside. Lame-O.

Wednesday went around to a lot more people.  Inviting them to the fireside and to help with cookies.  Lots and lots of people!  Had a fun dinner.  Then more and more people.  Can't even remember most of them.  Sad, but true.

Thursday we had lunch with a fun family.  Best sandwich I've had in a while =)  Haha.  Saw more people to invite to Sunday.  Then saw more people.  Then later we went to the church so I could practice the piano.

My District
Friday we visited a couple more people after our last district meeting of the transfer.  Spent probably a little bit too long at lunch.  But oh well.  We tried to visit more people but both of us were kinda stressed about the next day (transfer calls) so we got a hot chocolate pick-me-up, practiced some more piano, and visited a couple more people.

Saturday was so busy! We went to Hansen's for breakfast and to drop off the progress report.  Then got transfer calls and left to go to the other sisters apartment to listen to it. (It's just a voice mail we get)  Everyone was freaking out!  It was crazy... haha!  And quite frankly, pretty entertaining to watch. ;)  I was NOT expecting Enterprise! In a trio!  Crazy!  Sister Breen is staying here and is training.  And the three sisters in the other wards got split up.  Sister Broadhead (redhead) is staying and training.  Sister Lyman (black hair) is going to Marsing to train, and Sister Krauss (brown hair) is going to my old area with Sister Bowler and Foster!  I'm super jealous!  I was telling her all the people she was going to love, and where she should go and what her companions will be like =)  It was fun.  After the freak out session we went to Marla's to make programs.  That took a good hour.  Then we went and printed them and folded them.  Another good hour.  Then we went to a baptism, then had dinner at homestead then went to the women's conference.  Which was AMAZING! I loved it so much!!  So so good! Then home and to bed...oh ya, and sometime during the day we went home so I could pack.  Crazy day!
Virginia and I
Sunday was the best by far! I don't think I have explained the fireside very much.  We had recent converts and other members each read a paragraph of 'The Living Christ'... so there were 10 narrators.  Then between each paragraph we had a less active or non-member or member do a musical number about Christ.  So there were 9 musical numbers and the last was a congregational hymn 'I believe in Christ'.  It was about an hour long.  And we had some more less actives and members and investigators make cookies.  We planned on about 100-150 people.  But at least 300 showed up!! We didn't have enough cookies or programs! It was sooo cool!  =)  You would have been proud!  Sister Breen did a fabulous job conducting.  And we had a couple other missionaries participate in the opening and closing prayer.  I played 'How Great Thou Art' on the piano.  I was going to have someone video tape it, but forgot.  (too nervous ;) ) Never played for so many people... very nerve racking.  There were two teenage boys that sang 'I stand all amazed' and played the ukulele.  Some singing, duets and solos.  Sister Lyman and another member sang 'Pie Jesu'.  It was gorgeous.  Probably the favorite.  Very very good.  Mine was the only piano solo.  An A Capella group of teenage girls sang 'Come Thou Fount'.  There was a duet with violins.  It was just so perfect.  Turned out better than we thought it would!  In the gym by the cookies we set up two tables full of missionary materials.  Videos, copies of the Book of Mormon, The Living Christ documents, magazines, pass along cards.  And more than half of those were gone.  We didn't want this activity to be a pushy missionary thing.  We just wanted people to feel the spirit and if they were curious take some materials.  And also to give the members more courage to invite people to things.  I think it worked really well.  I wouldn't be surprised if Sister Breen gets 10 referrals next week =)  I keep rambling... but it was just so awesome.  Everyone loved it, and everyone wants to do it again.  The Lord definitely made it all come together.  We had a lot of inspiration when planning it.  If that whole thing touched one soul and made one person better... it was all worth it =)  Even President and Sister Cannon came!  They loved it too =)  It was just FABULOUS! Best missionary experience yet!! I will definitely try that again in other areas.  And maybe even share the idea at home =)
Today we are going to Nampa!  We both have to go to the trainers training.  Then we are staying the night at the mission home.  Then Tuesday we will pick up our new missionaries.  Then I'll probably stay at the mission home again since it takes 4 hours to drive up there.  Then Wednesday I will be in Enterprise!  And I will let you know what it's like next week =)

The sun sets over Weiser
I hope you all have a great week!
Love, Amber

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