Monday, March 17, 2014

Sick-O Week

This week was really unproductive.  I was sick all week :P  Starting on Monday... until Saturday.  Then Yesterday Sister Breen was sick.  So we pretty much didn't do missionary work.  We did some things... so it wasn't a completely boring week.  It was actually a really really weird week!

Monday... we explored the steeple in the Weiser church!  Crazy awesome.  Haha!  The dusty-ness didn't help my throat.  But we went anyway. It was exciting.  Then we stayed home cuz I was exhausted.

Tuesday we stayed home all day.  Except for one time when we took a letter to the post office and checked out the flooding down by the river.  It was crazy flooded.

Wednesday was pretty much the most exciting, odd day.  Are you ready for this?  =)  You'll never guess.   We went to watch a calf being pulled.   And Sister Breen sorta helped.  I was the photographer and stayed back to watch.  She was really excited to be part of the whole thing.  Haha!  It was funny.  =)  Then we helped them feed their cows.  The hay didn't help my cold at all.  But it was worth it to see Sister Breen so excited.  Then we went home because I could barely breath from all the hay.  Haha.  Probably not the best thing. But oh well.

Thursday we went to Caldwell for zone conference.  That was a lot of fun.  I wish I was feeling good, because it would have been so much more fun.  I drove.. .and that probably wasn't a very good idea either.  Made me really tired and I had a massive headache when we got home.  It was really fun to see a lot of missionaries and we learned a lot about obedience and being good missionaries.  it was really good.  We got frozen yogurt afterwards with the other sisters in Weiser.  Then went home and I passed out at like 6 for the rest of the night.

Friday we had district meeting.  In Weiser this time.  That was good.  Then we went to Idaho Pizza for lunch... then went home again.  I was feeling better but Sister Breen wouldn't let us go out because she said I needed to stop and get better.  Haha.  She was right.  

Saturday we went to two baptisms.  One of our investigators came.  He enjoyed it.  Then we got shakes with the other missionaries because Sister Breen's throat was starting to hurt..... Round two on being sick! :P  Then we went home because neither of us were feeling good.

Sunday Sister Breen felt really yucky.  So we stayed inside all day.  It was a really long day!  But I got a lot done.. so that was good!

Today I am feeling lots better.  Feel better than I sound though.  Sister Breen is feeling like I was last Thursday.  So we are going to have to do this all over again.  Oh well.  =)  Gotta take care of ourselves before we can helps others!

That was our week.  Non productive... yet exciting, weird, and fun!  Haha.  Weirdest week yet! =)

Enjoy the pictures!  We took a lot this week.

Love you all!
I heard this this week, and I loved it...
"The best way to know God is to struggle."  That is why we go through trials... so we can know God better =)

Love, Sister Radmall

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