Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Almost Transfers Again!

Hey =)

I don't really remember what happened this week... .haha.  It wasn't really a very exciting week.  

Sister Breen was sick on Monday.  But we did go thrift shopping for a little bit with the other missionaries. 

Tuesday Sister Breen was sick again.  We stayed inside all day.  Made a little theater on my bed and got to watch Ephraim's Rescue.  That was kinda fun.  I also got to sit out on our little balcony overlooking Weiser and read.  That was nice and relaxing in the sun!

Wednesday Sister Breen was still sick!  Stayed in again.  Got more done.  And ya.... I think that was pretty much it. :P

Thursday we did something!  It had been 10 days since we did any real missionary work.  So it was exciting to do something.  Haha!  We visited people that needed to be visited.  We went to Virginia's (an investigator) and found out that she is getting married to a guy she found online!! It's a trend or something in Weiser for 70 year old to date online then get married.  It is pretty dang funny.  So we are excited for her.  We think that this guy she is marrying will help her get baptized! That would be good =)  We took some pictures by a fun old barn because Sister Breen really liked it.  I took a picture that I am really proud of.  It's cool =)  Still have photography in me ;)

We didn't do a ton on Friday.  Because Sister Breen was not feeling well again.  After district meeting she got a haircut then we went home so she could take a nap.  Then after dinner we went out to contact a couple people.  Then we had an interview with President Cannon.  I really enjoyed seeing him and Sister Cannon! =)  Oh ya!  We are doing a music fireside on the 30th.  So we went to follow up with someone we asked to play the piano.  He wouldn't answer the door so we put some flyers in the door.  And as we drove away they slowly disappeared inside..... they have a big mastiff, so we are hoping that a human got them and not the dog.  haha! 

Saturday we stayed out all day!  It was exciting.  Haha.  Visited people that we hadn't seen for a while because we were stuck inside so long.  We met some new people.  Then later we went to an interesting funeral.  It was on the side of a hill.  Haha.  The lady wanted to be buried in her yard.... so she was. And Sister Breen helped bury her.  That was funny.  She was really excited.  Haha =)

And Sunday, we went to church.  That was really good.  We got to help with the 5 and 6 year olds.  Super cute! Only one investigator came to church though.  Afterwards we went to dinner.  I really like the family we ate with.  Probably one of my favorite in Weiser.  Then we were going to go out to a family who lives like 10 miles out in the middle of no where, but we realized we had no gas.  Maybe enough to get out there but not enough to get back.  So we had to cancel that appointment :P  Hopefully we can go tonight. Then we went to get some pictures from the people that let Sister Breen pull the calf.  And we got to help bottle feed a couple calves.  I do admit that was fun.... reminded me of helping Teanna with her calves =)  I liked it. That was pretty much all of our Sunday.  We did go wish Sister Thomason happy birthday after that though.
Holding an adorable kid goat... and Sister Breen's glasses.

Today we are going to hike to the W on the top of a hill! It is going to be fun!! =)  I'm excited.

I just want everyone who reads this to know that I know I am sharing the true gospel to people everyday.  I know that Jesus Christ suffered for us so that we can repent every day and be clean so we can live with Heavenly Father.  I'm so glad I'm on a mission.  I know it is what I am supposed to be doing, even though it is hard sometimes and I miss home.  I want to share the joy I feel with the people I see everyday.  And I'm so grateful for the chance I have to do so.

Have a great week everyone!
love you all!
~Sister Radmall

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