Monday, April 7, 2014

Enterprise, Oregon

I bet you are all wondering what my new area is like and who my companion is and all that fun stuff.  I guess I'll tell ya =)  As you know from last email I am in Enterprise.  Super pretty place!!  Farthest northern point of the mission possible.  
Monday  me and Sister Breen emailed then drove to Nampa and went to transfer spots.  I got my companion, Sister Duncan (from Anchorage Alaska been out 5 months), and Sis. Breen got a temporary companion.  So I went with Sis. Duncan to visit some people in Nampa since we were staying at the mission home.  Saw Sayres and Bishop Hansen's family.  Fun stuff!  Then we had dinner and a trainers training at the mission home.  That was fun.  Then went to bed.

Tuesday I took Sis. Dunkle (who was also staying at the mission home) in the morning and we went and visited a couple more people that we knew from our first area.  The stokes and Sayres again, then Sis Bowler and Foster.  After that we went to pick up the new missionaries!  Straight from the MTC.  Always fun. We were there from 12 to 7-ish.  Long day.  Sister Leavitt is our other companion.  She is from Orem Utah.  She is so sweet and nice and so excited to meet people and go out and work =)  She is great!  We spent Tuesday night at the mission home again because it takes 4 hours to drive from Nampa to Enterprise....  Weird fact.. Nampa is halfway between home and Enterprise.  haha!  4 hours each way.  Weird, huh? =)

Wednesday we studied and had lunch then left Nampa at about 1:30 in a Chevy Cruise car.  Then we met the district leader 3 hours later in La Grande where he had a Toyota Tacoma pick-up waiting for us =)  I LOVE it!! So much fun to drive.  haha.  Everyone gets a kick out of the sisters driving a pick-up =)  Oh ya, and I'm in a different time zone!  So I am behind an hour.  We got to Enterprise at about 6:30.  Right as the sun was setting.  Such a pretty sunset.  And we have a fantastic view from our house.

It was kind of weird when we first moved into our house because we live in the basement of a member's house.. but the member hasn't been there since November.  So we are pretty much house sitting.  It is a little odd.  But we are getting used to it.  We have a cat... with three legs.  Haha.  We feed her so the neighbor doesn't have to come over anymore.  We also cleaned out her fridge... a science project of a fridge.  It was bad.  I didn't feel comfortable putting my food in there without cleaning it out.  It was pretty gross.  Now it's clean though =)  It's kinda nice to have a whole bit kitchen to ourselves.  I like it.  I feel like I've been really spoiled every where I've been.

Thursday we unpacked some more.  Cleaned the fridge.  And met the ward mission leader.  He is amazing!  He has met and visited with every single member of the ward.  Whether active or in-active.  So we went down the directory with him and he told us about every single on of them.  The members here are such good missionaries.  They haven't had missionaries since December because the last sister's wrecked the car.  But you wouldn't be able to tell because they are so good at fellow shipping and making sure no one is forgotten. They are the kind of ward that every missionary is jealous of.  I am so excited to do anything I can for them! 

Friday we had zone meeting.  So we got to drive 2 hours back to Baker City.  Spent pretty much all day driving and in the meeting.  Got home about 4 and met the bishop.  Brand new bishop.  Got called just last Sunday.  He is going to be great!  I'm excited.  

Saturday was obviously conference.  Watched it at the church since we don't really know anyone yet.  I love conference as a missionary!!  More talks apply to me.  I love it.  I didn't bring my notes with me to email or else I would have a quote... but next time I'll try to remember. After conference we visited members.

Sunday was pretty much the same.  Visited people between conference.  Had dinner at the bishops house. Then visited some more members.  So our area is the whole county!  It's 4 hours across.  One ward.  Crazy huh?  Probably won't go clear out the edges.  But I thought it was cool how huge it is.

Today we are going to explore the town of Joseph.  It is a tourist town.  So it has some cute fun stuff.  I'm excited!!

that's pretty much it.  I love my new area and my new companions.  I'm excited to start off on a new foot.  I remember a quote from conference now =)

"Faith is the antidote of fear."  Don't remember who said it.  haha. Sorry.

Have a great week!  I'll try to get some pictures.  The history center is a little different here in Enterprise.

Love, Amber

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