Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Transfers! 3/2/2015

I am moving to Kuna Idaho!  Very unexpected.  I thought I would end my mission in New Plymouth.  But Sister Clegg is staying and I am headed out to a new area for 6 weeks.  I'm excited.  But it's going to be crazy trying to get to know everyone by the time I leave.  It's definitely going to be a new adventure.

So we had another crazy week.  We were in pants 5 days this week.  It was fantastic!!  I love doing service.

So update on our newly baptized members.  They are doing AWESOME!  They are seriously still glowing and abnormally happy.  I love seeing it.  Even Mike, who wasn't too sure about getting baptized is super happy. It was sad to leave them.

Monday we got to have a girls night with one of our investigators.  We did our nails.  I taught them how to do water marbling.  We had a lot of fun.  Hopefully that will soften Martina's heart so that she will be more interested. 

Tuesday we did a district service.  I got to get on the roof... like one of my favorite places ;)  I swept off all the branches.  The elders scooped horse manure.  We cleaned out gutters, and got rid of old hay on the ground.  It was a lot of work.  But we got so much done since there were 8 missionaries helping.  And it softened the ladies heart so much.  She no longer thinks us Mormons are crazy =) haha.
Fruitland District
Service on Wednesday was crazy and exhausting.  We helped a lady named Carol move all her boxes out of her house, then we cleaned all of her cupboards and all her kitchen.  She had hundreds of cook books.  So we asked her if she likes to cook.  She said, "um, no not really.  I never really did enjoy it."  Then why do you have all these cook books lady?? haha =)    Then we moved all her boxes into her new house.  That was a lot of work.  Then we went straight to Sherri's, had pizza, then painted her cupboards.  Later we went to the senior center and helped serve.... coffee.  A little ironic?  I think so.  "Uh, so you don't actually want to drink this coffee... but here ya go, enjoy."  It was fun though =) 

On Thursday we helped Ginger clean her garage.  Ginger is a little stubborn.  So we have been trying to help her for weeks and just keeps canceling.  So we just went when we knew she had time and started doing it.  She had no choice but to help us so we did it right.  She wasn't very thrilled with us... but she told us later that she was very grateful that we just made her do it.  It went from disaster to beautiful.  I love cleaning and organized stuff.  Especially when you can notice a difference.

Friday we helped Ruthann Vincent in the shop because Jerry was gone.  We helped her dust and organize the shelves.  It was a lot of fun.  We got to have some good conversation with her.  I love her =)

Saturday was like the best day ever!  I know I've said that a lot lately... there have just been a lot of really good days I guess. haha.  It was transfer calls.  And I got the crazy surprise of leaving.  So I packed that morning.  Then we went to a mission conference in Nampa.  L. Tom Perry, Elder Neilson from the seventy, and Sister Marriott from the young women general presidency came!!! It was so amazing =D  We all got to shake Elder Perry's hand.  And it was so cool to give Sister Marriott a hug, and talk to her since mom and her know each other so well. 
VIP visit with Sister Marriott

They all talked about how we do hard things, and we need to be bold and invited everyone.  Even not as missionaries.  We need to invite everyone we can to hear the gospel and share the gospel with everyone.  I got out of Elder Perry's message the pattern of revelation.
1. Create the Idea
2. Look at every detail of that idea
3. Make a decision
4. Ask Heavenly Father a specific yes or no question
5. Listen to the Spirit

Pretty cool huh =)  It really was a great spirit filled day.

Sunday was just as good.  It was stake conference.  A broadcast from Meridian Idaho.  They all spoke again.  Elder Neilson talked a lot about change.  Change is become like Christ.  So it is a good thing!  Though hard, it's good.  Sister Marriott talked about avoiding contention.  also really good.  She said to ask the question... Who has God given you to love?  Elder Perry talked about nourishing our body, spirit, and mind.  Also amazing.  
I know that Elder Perry is called of God.  He was just glowing as he was speaking.  He is definitely led by the spirit.  It was amazing to be in the presence of an apostle of the Lord.

That was my crazy week.  So I'm now with Sister Kleihege in Kuna.  (Pronounced: kly-gee)  went from Clegg to Kleihege.  haha =)  pretty funny!  I'm excited.  She is super sweet.  We are going to have a lot of fun.

I gotta go.  Out of time.  Talk to you later!

Love y'all!
<3 Sister Radmall

Pictures of people I love in New Plymouth:

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