Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Email from March 9th

Hey y'all!
So Kuna is great.  It's a cowboy town for sure.

4 things to describe Kuna:

1. It's pronounced Q-na
2. Everyone has a horse 
3. Everyone says, "A couple few"
4. At a baptism the musical number was a hymn converted into a country song and played with a guitar.

So this week we did a lot of meeting people.  When we got to our apartment on Monday we cleaned a little then went to find the grocery store.... we couldn't find it.  And we got a new phone so there were no contacts in it.  Luckily the Ap's had called us so we called them back and they kinda told us the right direction.  We went shopping then went home and packed.

Tuesday we did a lot of organizing of area book and the apartment.  Since both of us are new in the area we thought it would be good to figure out our area book.

The rest of the week we seriously just meeting tons of people.  I'd tell you about all of them, but I'd be here all day.  haha.

The bishops here are awesome.  So are the ward mission leaders.  So it's going to be a good transfer!  I'm excited.  

My companion, Sister Kleihege is awesome.  A great teacher!  She is from Artesia New Mexico.  So she has a nice big coat she always wears ;)  She has been out for about a year.  She came out with Sister Leavitt last April.  She is the youngest of 2 kids.  And is super sweet.  She wants to major in psychology.  So she really likes to learn about people and how they work.  It's pretty cool.  We have fun together.

So on Saturday we helped at a funeral.  We were able to meet a couple people there in the ward and didn't feel quite so blind.  Then we went to a stake baptism.  Again, met a couple more people.

Sunday was so so so crazy!  Obviously it was daylight savings.  So we had to get up an hour early in the first place.  But of course, on top of that, we had a 6:30 meetings.  So we got up at 5:30, our bodies thinking it was 4:30.  It was ridiculously early.  But when I introduced myself I still made people laugh.  I guess I can still have a sense of humor that early in the morning. ;)  that or I'm just funny looking.  haha!  Then we had ward council in one ward.  Then church.  Then ward council in the other ward (which is in a different building), and church after that.  It was an exhausting day.  Good though.  Met so many people!  Hard to remember so many people's names.  I really think that everyone else should have name tags.  There are only two of us, lots more of them!

That was our crazy week, and kind of what is going on. =)  
Love you all!  
I've learned on my mission that pray is really the way to talk to God!  I never thought of it as that before.... I knew that, but never really thought about it.  We can actually have a conversation with God.  We don't have to talk to him like he is a king (even though he is God) we can talk to him like we talk to our dad, or our best friend.  Respectfully, but open heartedly and just like we would anyone else.  I've really come to appreciate that.  Very cool. =)

Love, Sister Radmall 

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