Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I'm NOT Trunky!

We had some fun adventures this week.  Lots of new people to meet.

Just so you know, p-day is awesome here!  haha.  It's been way too long since I've been in an area that there are other missionaries that actually do fun things!  Usually it's just my companion and I to fend for ourselves.  But now we have lots of sisters and elders to do fun stuff with.

Tuesday we talked to a guy that was baptized and been to the temple and he still doesn't believe in the Church or in God.  He doesn't even believe in life after death.  It was so super sad to see.  He has all this knowledge from books and the scriptures and experiences and that's all he think it is, is knowledge.  He doesn't do anything with it.  He doesn't believe anything with it other than he is here to fend for himself and to do what he can before he dies.  I am so glad I have knowledge that we will live on forever.  Just gaining knowledge for the 80ish years that we are here on earth would seriously be a waste of time.  I would just go have fun!  But since I know that there is life after, I have the desire to learn all I can here so I can take it with me!

Wednesday we went to the relief society president's house and got lots and lots of people to visit.  That was good!   That night we helped out the elders and taught a young women class about preach my gospel.  It was the laurels..... and there was one laurel.  Poor girl.  We were talking about preach my gospel with just her and in the next room the mia maids were playing minute to win-it games.  She really wanted to go in there.  So we tried to make it fast and super interesting.  She seemed to like it alright.  Then one more laurel came in and we had some good discussions.  It was fun to teach, but I wish there were more girls there.  It would have been more fun.

Thursday we had a lesson with the Girdners.  Charles is going to get baptized on the 28th! =)  Charles is the dad.  His kids just got baptized a couple weeks ago and after that he has been super interested.  Before that he said he wasn't willing to give up a Sunday of good fishing to go to church.  And before that he wouldn't join the missionary discussions when his kids were being taught.  Witnessing his kids' baptism really changed his heart.  His wife and kids have all been praying that he would get baptized.  Now is finally the time that his heart has been softened and he is ready to get baptized!!  We are so super excited! =)

Friday we helped Gene with his yard and house.  Cleaned his whole house, then went outside and cleaned up rosebush clippings.  It was fun to work outside and play in the dirt.  I love dirt!  And I love service!  Later we went to a high priest dinner.... not the best I've been to.  There were about 7 people there.  We played volleyball for about 10 minutes, got root beer floats, then left.  Wasn't much of a party.

Saturday we planned a whole day of service.  Then guess what happened..... it rained!!  Great!  Plans foiled.  So we had lunch with Dave (who just got endowed and sealed to his former wife on Thursday) then went to the Girdners and in the rain started cleaning up her yard.  It wasn't too cold even with being wet.  Got a lot done though =)  So I guess not all our plans were foiled.

Sunday we gave talks in 4th ward.  I woke up not feeling very well.  I was a little light headed all morning.  So I told everyone, "If I pass out, just leave me on the floor."  The sad thing was, that I really did feel like passing out on the floor.  But I didn't!  My prayers were answered.  haha.  That night we had a great lesson about the gospel of Jesus Christ with Charles and his family.  He is so ready!  I felt like I should bring up the word of wisdom and it turns out he drinks coffee.  We didn't know that.  But he was very willing to just give it up.  He said it would be hard, but he knows he needs too.  I love seeing people so humble.  It makes me want to be humble so I can learn.

Speaking of being humble, I am reading the book of mormon again.  This time I am reading with the theme of pride.  Marking pride and opposite of pride.  It is very cool.  There are a lot of signs of pride.  It seems that everything has to do with pride.  Either someone has pride, or they don't.  We all have forms of pride.  And I think the reason we are on the earth is so that we can learn how to overcome pride.  That pretty much covers everything.  So I am working on getting rid of as much pride as I can.  It's hard.  Takes a lot of prayer.  But I'm working on it.

Thanks for all the support!  
Love you all =)
Love, Sister Radmall
P.S. My companion came up with the title to this email ;) 

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