Monday, March 23, 2015

Sister's Conference

This week we had Sister's conference, on the 20th.  (Happy Birthday Lisa.  And Happy birthday Mom, the day before =)  The theme to the conference was, "The Road to Success is Always Under Construction."  It was a lot of fun.  We all dressed in yellows and orange and red and black to match the construction decorations.  We talked a lot about always changing, and always having the opportunity to become better.  We also took the love language test because it helps in a companionship to know how the other person shows love.  I am still a big quality time person.  But my physical touch has gone up a little (Thanks to Sister Bailey and Clegg haha)  But quality time got 11 out of 30, so it was pretty high compared to the other 4's and 5's.  We also talked about the 'types' of people.  type 1, 2, 3, and 4.  that was pretty cool.  I'm a type 2 dominant and type 1 close behind.  It's been helpful as we meet people to think about what type they are so we can connect with them better.  And we can understand them better.  Especially in a companionship.  I learned at that conference that everyone is different, but we all have a special divine worth.  We are all special to Heavenly Father.  It's important to look at people the way that Heavenly Father would.  Because everyone is so special to him. =)
On Tuesday we did some service.  We weeded part of a garden.  It's so fun to play in the dirt.  Then we helped Dave rake his yard.  He loved the temple last week.  That night was the relief society dinner.  The theme was 'A Few of my Favorite Things'.  It was super cute.  They had us go around to little booths and learn how to make a meal plan, clean the house, do service through crafts, and do simple kind things everyday.  I learned some good skills!

Wednesday was crazy.  We were running around everywhere it seemed.  We visited so many less actives.  It was great!  A lot weren't home, but those we did run into were super nice.  When we asked why they don't go to church though, most didn't have very good reasons.  Just excuses.  That frustrates me.  If you aren't going to go to church, at least come up with a good reason!  haha.

Thursday we planned a lot because we are doing The Living Christ fireside here.  I won't be here for either of them (they are doing 2)  But I'm helping the district leader put it together.  Kinda sad I won't be here :/  We went to Terry's after planning.  Boy is she a talker... we were there forever!  She is really funny.  She is pretty much confined to her bed.  We go cheer her up sometimes because she is kinda down a lot.  

Saturday was a great Stake Conference!  Got to meet Elder Johnson from the 70.  He is tall!  And from Cache Valley.  Kinda cool.  Sunday was conference too obviously.  It was a lot about revelation, the Holy Ghost, and Sacrament.  An 11 year old gave a talk... he was brave!  
I learned that in order to get an answer we must be moving.  Just like a GPS can't give you directions when you are sitting still, God can't give you answers when you aren't making decisions.  Sometimes we get answers right away, but in the times that the answers don't come we have to make decisions and move forward so God can either confirm our choice, or warn us of danger.  That was very helpful for me!  
I met a man on Sunday who grew up in Trenton.  Not only that, but he said his family used to own the property we live on!  He knows the Allsops, Merrills, Buttars, lots of people.  It was really cool.  Small world!  Can't remember his name though :P  Sorry.  haha. 

It's been a good week.  And this week is going to be even better!  Charles is getting baptized on Saturday!  That'll be a good day =)  And I just learned some good news.  Mandy, from my first area, the first person I taught and baptized is going to the temple in a couple weeks!  I'm going to be able to go! =)  I am super excited!  It's going to be so so cool to see her make the next covenant with God =)  Ah! I'm so excited!

Well, don't have much else.... have a great week!
Love, Sister Radmall
With Sister Cannon

With my current companion

With my first companion

All of my companions except two (who have already returned home)!

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