Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas!!

It was so fantastic talking to my family!  It's was weird though.  I'm excited to actually talk to you, not through a device.  haha =)  Brigham seriously sounds like dad.  And everyone else just looks older.  Stop growing up people! Isn't time supposed to stop when I'm gone? ;)


So this week was fun.  We went to a Christmas party/ wedding reception on Monday night.  We saw one of our potential investigators.  So that was pretty fun.

Tuesday was super crazy.  We were supposed to go on exchanges with one of the spanish sisters.  But for some reason they had to cancel last minute.  So that didn't happen.  We went to district first one here.  Our whole district is sisters.  Except for the district leader and his companion of course. So that should be interesting.  After district meeting we went to the Hicks to help her make Christmas plates and then we helped her deliver them. That was great!  Helped us find people we didn't know.
 Wednesday we went to lunch with a ward mission leader, Sister Hooper.  She is so sweet!  We went to a delicious pizza place, Garbonzos.  1 of the 2 places to eat in New Plymouth.  Great thing with small towns... the places to eat are always amazing.  (As long as they aren't sketchy;))  Then we went and saw the Hortons.  Debbie is still doing alright.  Made it to Christmas.  Those girls are so strong to see their mom have to go through this.  I look up to them.  I want them to have the gospel in their lives so they can have that support.  We then hopped around to different families and joined their family parties.  It's always weird to go to someone's family parties. I always feel like I'm intruding.  But we did have a lot of fun.  We had a very authentic Jerusalem dinner.  There were a few things that I would have again, but most of it I wouldn't care to try again.  haha =)

Christmas!!  My family is awesome!  We had a great time with the Hick's Christmas morning.  They invited us over at 7 am so we could watch all the kids get up and out of bed.  They were all super groggy.  Then we opened presents with them.  Sweet kids.  Then we skyped!  That was a blast as always!  My last time skyping.  That blows my mind.  We then went to Christmas dinner which was fabulous, then we went to a baptism.  His name is Neil.  He is in the Ontario singles ward.  Not the kind of person you would have thought would get baptized.  Somehow I got roped into playing the piano.  But I'm so glad I did, because there was an amazing spirit there.  Neil received the greatest gift Christmas day.  I can't think of much else that can top getting baptized! =)  It was a very cool experience.
Friday we were supposed to go on exchanges with the fruitland sisters.  But Sister Clegg woke up super sick with a flu.  So we stayed inside all day.  She slept most of the day (or tried). There were a bunch of crazy kids upstairs stopping and screaming away.  So it was hard to sleep.  I got a lot done while she was sleeping.  I organized a lot of my papers and my desk.  And I read a lot.  Sometimes it's a blessing in disguise when your companion is sick.  It's not fun for the companion, but you can get a lot done.

Saturday, even though sister Clegg still wasn't feeling great, she was determined to do something.  So we visited a few people, but in the end we just headed home so she could sleep some more.  But those 2 people we did visit were super good visits.  The Lord provides miracles when we do what we can.  We had a conversation with Sister Vincent, a less active.  She made a goal to read all the ensigns this year.  And to try to come to church.  Then her non-member husband came in and offered to show us his store.  So we went to his store outside and talked to him about making a baptismal goal.  So he will be thinking about that this week!  The Lord has prepared him so much!  He is so ready.  He is just a stubborn cowboy =)  His name is Jerry.  So pray that he will set a date! =)

Sunday we went to 2nd ward church, Sister Clegg got a blessing, then we headed home.  The kids were still running around upstairs so Sister Clegg couldn't sleep.  So we pulled her mattress out to the kitchen next to the heater so she could  be warmer and so the heater would muffle the kids.  It worked really well.  haha =)  She slept for 3 or 4 hours straight.  And I was stuck in the bedroom reading and writing and napping.  Then she woke up for an hour, then went back to sleep for 2 more hours.  Her body was exhausted!  Somehow she convinced me to let her go to dinner.  So we went to dinner and had steak of course.  That didn't make her feel very good :P  But God helped us out... the Cables (who we had dinner with) invited us to watch the Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert with them.  It was a blessing since Sister Clegg felt so sick.  She was able to relax and feel the spirit with some members.  God works in little ways like that, then we do our best... like I said before =)

So that was our crazy week =)  I really hope I don't get sick.  That would be lame.  I've still only gone on 1 exchange when we've had 4 planned!  So we dont' have time to get sick again.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas filled with love, joy, peace, Christ, and the spirit.  Have a wonderful new year.  Make some good, not too hard, goals that you can keep ;)

Every year from now on I am going to have a one word focus every year.  This last year was the word 'Be...'. The point of the word be was to help me be myself.  Be what I want to be. Be like Christ.  Be like my hero.  Be whatever!    So this year my word is 'Explore'.  I'm going to explore myself this year.  Explore everything I can.  People, places, school, myself, challenges, emotions, whatever I can =)  
You should try a one word focus!  They are pretty cool.  Not overwhelming, yet the word can be on your mind all the time.  I make a collage and put it on the wall so I can remember it every day.  Maybe try that if you want. =)  I highly suggest it.

Love you all!
Have a great week!
Happy 2015!
Love, Sister Radmall

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