Friday, January 16, 2015

January 5th Message from the Field

Hey! So this week just kind of flew by.  It consisted of 4 exchanges!  So needless to say... I'm really glad to be with my companion.  She is the best.  I am much more appreciative of her now that I can't be with her all the time.

Monday we went on exchanges with Sister Paxton and Ma'ukoloa.  I was in Fruitland with sister Paxton... and walking.  That was fun, and cold.  I was exhausted.

Tuesday all day I was with sister Paxton, then we did a last minute exchange with the other Fruitland sisters Tuesday-Wednesday.  They live in the same house, so I just switched beds.. haha.  I stayed in Fruitland again with Sister Johnston this time.  Sister Fox went with Sister Clegg.  This time we had a car.  I am so grateful to have a car!!!!  

New years day I was with my companion!  It was nice.  We saw a lot of people.  It was awesome.  Went down to sand hollow and taught our investigator, Jesse.  He doesn't remember a lot of things.  But he has a sincere heart and will probably get baptized soon.  =) 

Friday brought another exchange.  2 actually.  We went to Weiser's district lunch and had a short exchange with the McCall sisters.  Sister Bowler! And Clarke.  They are doing great together, so we didn't feel like we needed to use that many miles to do a 24 hour exchange.  Then Sister Keyser came to New Plymouth with me and Sister Nelson took my comp to Weiser.  But guess what she kept!  Our phone!  So we had no phone.... and we got lost going to dinner!  So we stopped and asked an older guy who was out shoveling his walk if he knew how to get there.  He didn't because they just moved from Boise.  But he knew who we were!  He said he loves the sister missionaries.  His wife is a member and he referred to himself as a 'dry Mormon'.  We asked if we could use his phone to call our dinner, and we got directions. Then we gave Hank our number so he could call us for help with unpacking.  It was a blessing that we ran into him.  A miracle!  And it wouldn't have happened if we had a phone.  So I'm really glad we didn't have a phone that day.  Even though it would have been nice to have. =)  God is in everything... everything happens for a reason.
Saturday we worked on a list of less-actives that the relief society president gave us because she didn't know if they lived there or not.  So we went searching.  We didn't find any, but we did find our non-member friend who goes to the exercise class with us.  We didn't know where she lived, but then we found her!  We introduced the Book of Mormon to her and committed her to read it.  Hopefully we can start teaching her! Her name is Phillis.  She is super sweet!  Then we went to Alona's, our possible Russian investigator.  They were having a Russian Christmas party and invited us in.  haha.  It was kind of awkward.  We didn't really stay long.  But it was good because we made our selves known to her co-workers.

Sunday was a long day of meetings.  Both ward councils. It was good though.  A lot less overwhelming than the first time when I knew nobody!  Now I know most of the people.  I'm loving this area.  I'm getting my bearings pretty good.  Know my way around mostly, and I know a lot of people now.  =)  I can't believe next week is the last week of the transfer!  December went by way too fast.  I knew it would... but I didn't think it would go that fast!

Sister Clegg and I got our trunky papers on Saturday.  Weird?  I think YES! So I filled them out and mailed them.  I'll be done with my mission April 14th.  It's comin' up fast.

Thanks for all the Christmas cards and wishes this last month.  They really boosted my spirits and made me feel loved and happy.  =)  
Love you all!
~Sister Radmall

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