Tuesday, December 9, 2014


So I got transferred...It was so sad!  I really wanted to stay in La Grande for Christmas.  But I know this is where I'm supposed to be, and La Grande needs some new sisters.  It's still hard to leave though.  I've been there almost 6 months.  Made some amazing friends!  So I'll be in New Plymouth Idaho with Sister Clegg who is from Provo Utah.  I'm pretty stoked.

Sister Clegg
So I'm just going to mention the things that really stood out to me this week.
On Tuesday we had district meeting.  Sister Bailey's last one.  So for the skill check she decided to have everyone play chubby bunny.  That was pretty funny!

Best district ever!  I'm sad to leave.  That night we went to Elgin to a Relief Society activity.  Just so you know, Sister Bowles took a package for me and she will be bringing it down to you sometime this month.  Not sure if it will be before or after Christmas.  But she will call you =)
Thursday Sister Bailey and Sister Clegg's companion went to the temple.  So me and Sister Clegg were together for the day.  It was a foreshadowing of the new transfer.  haha.  That was fun.  I had a feeling I would be there, but I just didn't want to come to terms with it.  So I didn't prepare to leave.  I should have just accepted that I was going to leave La Grande.  Cuz I knew it.  Oh well =)
Friday was a crazy day.  In the morning I left New Plymouth with Sister Bailey and as we were headed back to La Grande the freeways closed because of ice rain and lots of accidents.  So we were stuck in Ontario for 3 hours.  It was an adventure.  We kinda just walked around because we couldn't do anything since it wasn't our area.  It was fun.  I met a trucker from Hyrum who was headed back home.  That was fun.  He knew of Radco Construction.  haha =)  After waiting for a while we finally were able to go back to our area.  We had an amazing meeting with the Jederbergs.  Sister Bailey went to say bye, and I said a maybe goodbye.  Before we left Sis Bailey felt like she needed to bear her testimony of Joseph Smith.  So she did, then I followed, then Brother Jederberg who is less active kind of bore his testimony too.  About how God is always there for us.  He really opened up and told us why he doesn't go to church and all this other stuff.  It was so cool.  Then he said the prayer!  That was awesome!  It was pretty funny.  After he offered his non-member wife's face was so funny.  SHe was like, "Let me just pick myself up off the floor."  =)
Saturday was so crazy.  Stressing to get everything packed!  We had to say bye to people, pack, clean, and all the appointments we already had.  It was crazy.  But fun. 
Sunday was a really hard day.  It was amazing though! For 4th ward we were invited to share our testimonies through music.  So we got up and did our Joseph's first prayer arrangement.  It set the mood so well.   All the testimonies after that were so amazing.  A couple people made me cry because they were talking about how we had changed their lives.  I was like, really??  Sometime I feel like I'm not doing anything to help anyone, because I'm just being myself.  But there are those that needed me, and I helped them in more ways than I  thought.  I felt their love and friendship as they thanked us.  It was amazing.  Then a less active man that we have been working with got up and bore his testimony.  When he got up he said that the spirit was so thick he could practically see it.  It really was.  I don't think there was a dry eye in the room.  I can't explain the feeling in there.  It's beyond words.  Amazing is the only word I can come up with =)  Love that ward!!!  We went to the Jackmans' after church.  They are the best!  I didn't want to leave.  The Christmas devotional was great!  I loved it.  I'm going to be watching it again tonight because my companion didn't see it.  I'm excited.
Sister Bailey and I in the transfer van. Our last time together :(
Sister Bowler!  She is going up to McCall, so I will be her sister training leader!

So, that was my week.  I wrote more than I planned.  haha.  Thanks so much for all your support.  I really appreciate it!  I love you all.  And I know the Lord is with all of you.  No matter what.  Just open the door and let him in.
have a great week! 
~Sister Cool-shoppingcenter ;) 

Here are some of the people in La Grande I have grown to love:



 Lesters, Bishop

Glabes, ward mission leader... with their 5 day old baby =)

Brother 'Papa' Orton

 Huntsmans, Bishop

3rd Ward Missionaries


Meyers, ward mission leader



Jessee and Hyrom


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