Monday, December 15, 2014

Greetings from New Plymouth!

New Plymouth:  known for being the biggest Horseshoe in the world!  Pretty cool, huh?

On Monday we had a crazy crazy day.  Trying to get everyone and their luggage where they needed to be. I was so grateful to get home and un-pack.  I felt very rushed.  But transfers are always like that.  
I don't think I told you about Sister Morales.  I was in my 4th trio on Monday and Tuesday.  But only those two days, because she was going back to Temple Square.  That is her mission.  She was only in this mission for 3 months.  She is from Mexico and has an awesome accent.  It was fun to be with her for 2 days.

Making tie quilts

Tuesday we ran around meeting people and going to appointments.  It was a super busy day.  I was so so tired.  It's great to be tired.  Means you're working hard!

Wednesday was MLC.  We dropped off Sister Morales then went and learned about the Christlike attributes.  It was pretty cool.  I made a goal... I am going to work on 1 Christlike attribute every transfer.  I only have three more, but I'm going to pick 3 things to work on.  This transfer I'm studying and working on humility.  I'll let you know how that goes =)  For dinner we went to the Moscripts.  So I went in there knowing the he owned something in the town, so I asked him what it was he owned.  He replied, "The town"  haha!! It was funny.  But it's kind of true.  He owns most of the town and is building a subdivision of 45 houses that will be done fairly soon.  They are very well off people, but so so humble.  It's amazing.  They are so giving of what they have.  If everyone was like them no one would be lacking in anything.
Santa is coming to town in a nice truck and boat this year ;)

Thursday We went to an exercise class that the bishop's wife does.  There is a non-member there that we talk to.  It was kick-boxing.  My arms were so sore!  It was a really good work out.  If I stay in New Plymouth for the rest of my mission I might actually be in shape when I get home ;) haha!!  Then we went and helped out at the senior center.  We worked in their thrift shop for a little while.  They need a lot of help, so we will be doing that a lot in the future.  And we also helped serve lunch.  That was fun.  It reminded me of working in the center at home.  Good times.  So every week, sometimes multiple times a week we go over to the Horton's.  They aren't members.  We help the twins, Sage and Lane read their books and do their homework.  Their mom is dying of cancer.  They are hoping she makes it to Christmas.  It is so sad to see.  We do what we can, offer service, and uplifting comments.  They are a happy family even with the circumstances.  But we can only do so much.  They have a belief in Christ which is why they can be so happy in such a sad time.  Anyway, we helped them on Thursday.

Friday was zone meeting.  New zone!  I've been in the La Grande zone for a year.  So it was weird to go to a new zone.  haha =)  Then we went and helped Sage and Lane clean their toy corner so their grandma wasn't so stressed. Friday night was a Christmas party for 2nd ward.  It's always so overwhelming to try to remember everyone's faces and names.  But it was still a lot of fun.  One of our investigators came.  So that was good.

Saturday we went to a ladies house with a member.  Her house is undergroud.  Kind of.  It's covered in dirt.  That's what the roof is.  It was pretty cool.  Later was the 1st wards Christmas party.  We got roped into doing something for the program.  They did what's called the 'pains' of Christmas.  So we sung "on the first pain of Christmas... on the second pain of Christmas..." etc.  That was fun.  
Sunday I got to get up and introduce myself and bear my testimony.  Love that.  I always introduce myself by saying, "I'm Sister Radmall.  That's like a cool-shopping-center; Rad-mall.... now you'll never forget it." They usually think that's pretty funny.  After both wards we were able to go to our potential Russian investigator's house.  She is soooo sweet.  We walked in and she was like, take your coats off, sit at the table.  So we did.  Then she said, you always are serving other people, now it's time for you to just have some fun.  haha =)  So we painted Christmas cards.  It was a lot of fun.  haha.  We talked about the church a lot too.  That was even better ;)

 Later we went on splits with a recently returned missionary, Amy.  She just came from Jades mission!  She got home in September, so didn't meet Jade.  But it was pretty cool.  We met with our investigator, Sherry.  And committed her to a baptismal date!  So that was super exciting!

I am happy here in New Plymouth!  While I miss La Grande it's been fun to have a change.  And sister Clegg is awesome.  She is so fun.  I love being with her!  We get along great.  I don't know if I told you where she is from... but she is from Provo.  Another Utah companion =)
Well, that was my crazy week.  We are super busy, and it's awesome.  Time is truly flying!  Can't believe next week is Christmas! I am so excited to see you all!! =)  What is everyone doing for Christmas?    

#HeistheGift   <------- watch this!!!! =D then share it!!!

Love you all!
have a great week
~Sister Radmall

 Only in Idaho.... it even makes shooting sounds!

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