Thursday, October 9, 2014

Year Mark!

Well... this week I've been out a year.  Can't even believe it!!  I feel like I said that last week.  haha

So on Monday we played volleyball with the elders.  so much fun.  I had a blast.  But I think I played too hard.  haha,.  I was a little sore.  And I had a bruise on my thumb pad in my left hand from hitting the ball so much. haha.  Later that night we taught an awesome less active lady who's kids aren't baptized.  But it sounds like they want to be!  So we will be teaching them!

Tuesday we taught Clara.  She is from the Marshall Islands... so her cousin had to translate the lesson.  I hope she understood.  I kinda feel like she didn't.  But she felt the spirit.  So that is the most important part anyway!  It was cool to listen to them talk in Marshallese though.

Wednesday we went to Nampa for a new leadership training meeting for me.  Trains us how to be leaders... since I'm an STL. there were only 4 of us in the meeting.  It was a nice small setting to be taught by the mission president.  It was great.  I loved it.  Sister Bailey went on a little exchange with Sister Bowler while I was in the meeting.  They had fun.

Thursday we walked... all over the place.  We took a ward directory of 4th ward with some of the bishop's notes on it and visited the people he wanted us to.  It was good.  Most weren't home, but the ones that were, it was awesome.  Got lots of exercise.  haha.

Friday we had our whole day planned with good service opportunities.... and they all canceled.  Lame!!  So it was a rough day.  We tried to visit a couple people but they weren't home.  So it was not a very productive day.  We went to the EOU homecoming parade for like 10 minutes.  That was kinda fun.  Saw some less active members that we've been trying to get in touch with.  Then we went to the Jackmans and had an awesome dinner.  It's always awesome at the Jackmans =)

Saturday... CONFERENCE!!! I was so excited!  It was so good!  We watched the first session at the stake center.  I'm going to make it a goal from now on to watch at least one session of conference at the church building.  Because I actually sit and listen and get stuff out of it.  Then a member took us out to lunch at a cute restaurant owned by Mennonites.  They are so nice.  Then that member let us watch the next session at her house.  She loved having company instead of watching it by herself.  That was fun.  Then we went to dinner then visited some people.  My favorite talk was in the afternoonsaturday session.  The one who gave 6 points to spiritual confidence.  I loved how bold he was.  It was just fantastic!  I want to be bold like that some day.

By the way... it was weird to have conference at 9-11 and 1-3 instead of the Utah time.  It took me a while to figure that out. haha.

Sunday we went over the the Hutchins and helped her do her quilt.  That was fun.  Then we had lunch with them... their tradition is toast with mushed up boiled eggs on top, with white gravy over all of it.  It was pretty good.  Then we watched the afternoon and did more quilting.  =)  After conference we taught Clara again.  She accepted to be baptized!  Next step... helping her understand everything... when we can't speak her language.  

Well, that was my week.  Don't know what else to say.   Hope you all enjoyed conference.  And also, how is the Book of Mormon reading coming, for those of you that are doing it? 

Oh ya, anyone who is reading this, will you please pray for President Kevan.  He is in the stake presidency here in La Grande.  He got t-boned by a car on his bike this last week and broke his neck.  So please pray for him and his family.  Thanks =)

Love you all!
have a great week!

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