Saturday, October 18, 2014

An Extraordinary Week

Hey everyone,
This week was probably the craziest week of my mission.  I was gone from Monday through Friday... it was pretty much a vacation.  But a legit vacation.
Monday we did a fun little photo shoot.  Forgot how much I missed taking pictures. 
 Then we drove to Nampa and ate Wendy's Kids Meals on the way down.  haha.  That was kinda fun. Then stayed the night at the mission home.

Tuesday we went to MCL (Mission Leadership Council).  That went from about 10-4.  Afterwards we went on splits with Sister Bowler and her companion Sister Dijkwel.  I got to spend a couple hours with sister Bowler again!  That was a blast! I miss her.  We stayed the night at the mission home Tuesday night again.

Wednesday we went to Cracker Barrel to celebrate Sister Bailey's Birthday early. (It's on the 18th... you should send her a little letter ;))  Then we drove to Baker to watch 'Meet the Mormons'.  That was pretty much awesome!! If you haven't seen it.... SEE IT!!  
Then I went to Weiser with SIster Leavitt and Sister Bailey went back to La Grande with Sister Paxton.  (Keeping all these names straight?=))  Sister Leavitt's b-day was on the 11th, so we celebrated a bit.  Got some iced cocoa and I gave her a cute minion.  And we did facial masques.  Pretty much a party =)

Thursday I was in Weiser all day... it was fun to be there again.  There was a lady we went to that sculpts people.  She sculpted Pirates of the Caribbean people.  They looked just like them.  It was cool.  She also had Willie Wonka, and the Mad Hatter (She likes Jonny Depp).  So that was pretty fun.
Friday was Zone Meeting.... and another exchange.  This zone meeting was probably the best one I've been too.  The zone leaders asked us to write down a spiritual experience that we would never forget.  Then we went around and shared a couple.  It was so cool.  The spirit was so strong.  I going to issue a challenge... Write down a spiritual experience that you will never forget, that you can share with someone.  Then share it with someone.  It can be at family home evening, or mutual, or just someone one on one.  It's amazing how much the spirit will be there when you share. =)  Let me know how it goes... and if you want to share your spiritual experience with me you're more than welcome to =)  I'd love to hear!
So after zone meeting I finally went home to La Grande with Sister Colby.  Sister Bailey went to McCall with Sister Clarke.  Me and Sister Colby had fun.  I didn't know her before, so I had fun getting to know her.  I love being Sister Training Leader.  It's just fun to be there for the sisters if they ever need me.  And to get to know them all better (even though they are 2 and 4 hours away).
Saturday we drove back to Weiser to exchange back.  Finally with my companion again!! I missed her.  President Cannon was at the Weiser church for stake conference so after the meeting he took us out to lunch at homestead cafe.  That was fun.  He is so sweet!  He's the best!  Then we drove home and I seriously fell dead asleep while Sister Bailey was in the restroom.  Power nap! haha. I was so tired... jet lag.. roadtrip lag.  We then helped set up for a stake Y.W. in Excellence.  It was great.  We were asked to share how getting our medallions has helped in our life.  I told them that I am more confident because of it, and it prepared me spiritually for my mission.

Sunday morning we went to Elgin's sacrament meeting.  Then we went back to La Grande to 3rd ward's Relief Society, then all of 4th ward's church.  So that was pretty crazy.  Sister Bailey spoke in 4th ward.  It was really good.  She talked about bearing up your burdens with ease.  It was really good.  She is a great speaker.  Then after dinner we went home and weekly planned because we weren't able to do it on Thursday with our crazy week.  

That was pretty much the week.  It wears me out just thinking about it.  haha.  But it was a really good week.  Went really fast... yet it feels like last Monday was forever ago!
Remember to write down and share with someone a spiritual experience you've had in your life.  I promise you'll feel the spirit.

Oh, and an update on President Kevan... he isn't doing much better.  Still in ICU.  So continue to pray for him and his family.

Love you all!!
Sister Radmall 

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