Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Transfer Week

I'm staying in La Grande for another 6 weeks!  With Sister Bailey!  She is going home in six weeks, so I get to be her last companion! I'm super excited =)
Sister Bailey's Birthday celebration
This week was very uneventful/eventful week.  haha.
Started out with a really good district meeting.  Our district is awesome.  So funny!  Then we went with Sister Hawks to her neighbor's to help load a ton of cardboard boxes into their little truck.  Earlier we also helped a sweet older couple peel pairs to can.... I may have accidentally sliced off my knuckle.  Whoops, got confused at which was pair and which was finger. haha ;)  It's healed pretty good already.

This week we made a goal of going 15 minutes early to dinner and tracting the houses surrounding dinner.  Then during dinner we would talk to the members about their neighbors.  We did it twice and it went really well.  In Imbler on Wednesday we tracted into a seventh day Adventist who raises hybrid wolves and is the Victorian Santa Clause in some of the wards in La Grande.  That was pretty cool.  People are so interesting.  I would like to just sit back and listen to what people have to say and learn about them.  It would be fun to just always people watch.  haha.

Happy birthday to Rachel and Brigham and Papa last week! =)  sounds like they all had enjoyable days. 

On Thursday we went to an appointment.  The kids we were going to teach weren't home.  They had gone with their grandma last minute.  But we were able to talk to their mom about attending church... while helping her fold her socks.  (Probably wasn't the best for my cut finger, the socks weren't very clean).  She was very appreciative.  And we loved helping.  We also gave her two friends that were there Book of Mormons.  It was pretty great.

Friday Sister Bailey woke up sick.  Stomach flu=P  Lame!  We had a really full day of lots of great stuff.  But had to cancel all of it.  I deep cleaned the whole apartment while Sister Bailey slept and ate ramen and slept some more.

Saturday she was still pretty sick.  Another full day canceled... but it was really super rainy and windy.  So it was a blessing that we didn't have to be out in the weather.  Saturday I read a bunch of talks and drew Sister Bailey's dream home (very unrealistic) haha =)  Boredom!  I can only focus for so long.  I also made magic bars. They were delicious! Shared with the elders so I didn't eat the whole thing.  They loved them too.  

Sunday we missed church... because she still wasn't feeling well.  We were supposed to do a musical number but obviously didn't do that.  I read a lot in 2nd Nephi yesterday.  That was fun.  There are TONS of blessings in Isaiah!  DIdn't even know it.  Blessings for the righteous, and Wo's for the wicked.  Pretty cool.

And that brings us back to today.  Sister Bailey is feeling better, and I'm not sick yet!  So we get to have a p-day and aren't stuck inside!  

I found a scripture I really like.... 2 Nephi 9:18

have a great week!
Love, Sister Radmall

What I do when my companion is sick.

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