Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Almost a Year!

I love the fall!  I'm so excited to wear scarves and start to wear boots.  It gives me so many more options in my wardrobe that I am slowly getting sick of.  haha. 
So last week we got to play volleyball! It was so fun!  It's been way too long.  We are going to play again this week.  3 sets of elders are coming to play.  So it's gonna be a p-day party.  haha.  I'm excited!  Love volleyball!  But you all know that =)

This week we got 4 new investigators! It was fantastic!  They really were miracles.  The first one we met at Wendy's during district lunch on Tuesday.  He was waiting for his work schedule while we were ordering and asked what church we went to.  So we told him and then while sister Bailey ordered her lunch I kept talking to him and asked if he was interested in learning more.  He said he was! His name is Chris.  He said he goes to the light house church but doesn't feel comfortable there so is looking for another church. Perfect!  He lives in Elgin.  So hopefully we have enough miles to meet with him out there, but if not we may have to meet with him at the church here in La Grande.  

The next one was unexpected.  We got a phone call from a recently returned missionary while we were planning Wednesday night.  He told us he found us a new investigator!  His cousin.  She just came from the islands recently, so she doesn't know much English.  So that should be fun... he is going to translate what we teach.  Crazy huh!  Adventures of the mission ;)

And the last two were cool.  We went to a less active's, Sabrina, she ended up not being home.  So as we were walking down the stairs of the apartment complex Sister Bailey felt like we should tract the other three doors.  So we went back up and knocked on the neighbors door.  John answered and we talked for a bit.  We discovered that he was baptized but never went to church.  He just recently moved here and his 2 step kids are interested in learning.  So we set up an appointment to go back!  It was cool.  So hopefully we can get him to come to church, and get his two kids interested and also his wife.  I hope we can teach powerfully with the spirit so the spirit can touch their hearts and change them.  I'm stoked! =)

It was really a pretty good week!  Went by really fast.  It was a little gloomy, and we were super exhausted most days, but we still did what we could and because of that the Lord blessed us with people to teach.

Oh, and just so you know.... Sister Bailey loves running... so she has gotten me to run in the morning with her.  I know, crazy huh?!  It's fun... but I still don't love running.  I've gotten to the point I can run .5 miles without being super out of breath.  haha.  I could probably run a full mile without being too dead.  That's the next step though.
This week I really saw the love of the members towards other people.  We went to help a non-member move.  Her name is Kassie.  She told us to come at 2.  But then when we got there she said 2:15, then she was 5 minutes later than that.  We didn't mind too much... but we felt bad for the 4 members that came to help.  They took some time out of their busy day and she wasn't there when she said.  Then she ended up just needing help with packing, so the people with trucks weren't needed.  I was a little annoyed, but the members asked what day they could come back with their trucks to help.  That really humbled me.  Because I was annoyed for their sake, not mine.  And they weren't even annoyed.  haha.  They were Christ like and they showed their love by being there when Kassie needs them.
Sunday was so super long.  But it was good too.  I bore my testimony in both wards about Christ.  I talked about how Christ loves us so much.  If we knew completely how much he loves us then we wouldn't have any doubts about ourselves or others.  So I challenged the wards to pray and ask Heavenly Father to give them Christ like love for themselves... and then to ask for Christ like love for someone else so they can share the love.  I'm issuing that challenge to you =)  It's pretty easy.  It's awesome! I promise!  Best feeling ever! =)

So that was the week!  If you have any cool experiences that come with praying to gain Christ like love... let me know! Mail me a quick letter with your experience =) You know how much I LOVE snail mail!  My address is always the same... 1008 W. Sanetta St. Nampa, ID 83651.

I love you all!
~The one and only Sister Radmall

Sister Bailey

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