Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November 3rd --week 1 of 10th transfer

Monday we had a good lesson at the Bedards.  They invited their non-member friends and while we were there asked if they would like the discussions.  It was fantastic.  That is what we want every member to do!  Invite us over with their friends, introduce them to us, then ask them out of love if they want the discussions. =)  If you do that... missionaries will instantly become your best friend.  But remember, not everyone will say yes.  These people didn't.  But it's okay.  Now the Lord will trust them more with his children.

Tuesday Sister Bailey wasn't feeling well again, so we stayed in for the afternoon then went out and visited people later.

Wednesday we went to Elgin.  Had a missionary meeting with the ward mission leader and ward missionaries.  They are awesome.  We made a plan to teach the auxiliary heads the chapter in preach my gospel, "Finding People"  So that was pretty cool.  The ward missionaries are the Perrens.  She is sisters with sister Packer that we lived with in Weiser.  And He is brothers with someone Sister Bailey lived with in Caldwell.  Small world.  Pretty cool.  haha

Thursday we met a recently returned missionary.  She served in Japan.  We have been working with her family who isn't really active.  Hadn't been able to get them to church, but she did.  It showed me that missions not only help the people in mission boundaries, but also when a missionary goes home they help their families just as much.  And it's exactly what the family needs.  In this returned missionaries case it was helping her family be more active.

Happy Halloween!  We met a bunch of new people.  Then everyone went down town to trick or treat so no one was home and it was super duper crowded by our house since we live down town.  Everyone and their dogs were there ;)  We had dinner at a member's that has a tradition of taco soup and scones for the whole neighborhood every year.  It was kind of like going to the Griffins for spud-nuts. =) Then we went home and I carved a pumpkin.  Fun stuff.  Last holiday season on the mission.  Gotta live it up! =)

Saturday most of our appointments canceled... I was kinda gloomy.. like the weather. haha.  We went to our ward mission leader's, the Meyers.  We finished our meeting early and I didn't really want to go out in the wet cold again that night to talk to strangers who didn't want me on their door step.  But Sister Meyer just kept talking and telling stories, and she was funny, and we were stuck there until we had to go home.  It was just a little answer to prayers not having to go back out. 

Sunday was church.  It was fantastic.  I missed the sacrament last week.  Then our appointment canceled and so we visited a couple people.  Met a super nice less active lady who we thought would just tell us she wasn't interested.  But she said that we could stop in anytime and talk.  So that was pretty cool.

We got tons of referrals this week.  That is seriously an awesome compliment from the members.  Because they trust us!! Yay =)  So that was pretty great.

The weather was cold and rainy all week, and will be again.  Yipee for winter.  haha.  Snow is in the mountains.  It's pretty, but like I said, it's cold =P

How's everyone's Book of Mormon reading coming?  I'm catching up a little bit.  I'm in Mosiah now.  I read a lot while my companion was sick.  And we read the allegory of the olive tree out loud together.  I understood it!  It was pretty amazing.  Tons of blessings in it =)  Love it!

Love you all!  Keep smiling
~Sister Radmall

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