Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 1 of Transfer 8

Well this week was a lot of fun.  Nothing really special happened though :P  Most of the week we introduced sister Bailey to the members and investigators. 

We get along so well I don't feel like it's only been 1 week.  Haha.  It's been great.  She has a lot of energy and keeps me going.  

On Monday night we got to teach Colton.  He has been struggling with family issues.  And during the lesson we laughed a lot and really didn't teach anything.  We just committed him to find his favorite scripture and mark it.  But after the lesson we were thinking about it and realized that we really didn't teach anything.  But we also realized that maybe all he needed was a little bit of time that he could just forget about everything and laugh.  So even though we didn't teach anything the spirit was still there and we were guided to his needs.  Which was laughing =)  It was a great testimony of how the spirit guides every lesson if you depend on him and if you do your best to plan and study for the lesson.

Tuesday we spend a lot of the afternoon and evening helping a family move.  They really appreciated the help.  They moved from our ward into another ward.  We are sad they aren't in our ward anymore but their house is so much better for their growing family.  

Wednesday we went to the eye doctor (who is our ward mission leader) so he could check sister Bailey's eye.  A month or so ago she got hit in the eye with a nerf dart and her eye was bleeding.  So she was doing a follow up to see if she could start working out again in the morning.  It's all good now!  Then we went to Elgin and visited people.  Had dinner at subway met lots of people and went home.

Thursday we again visited lots of people.  We went to one less active lady's house.  She gave us a tour of her gorgeous house.  We talked about lots of different things... she gave us corn and plums and huckleberry jam!  We shared a message about the atonement.  And I shared what I learned... I think it really struck a cord with her.  Because when I was sharing she got really quiet and wouldn't look at me.  I love when that happens.  haha.  Just because it makes me feel like I'm saying something that they need to hear.  It happened twice this week =)  So that was cool.  I'm really hoping it made her think, and makes her want to come to church!  Then, after dinner we went back out to Elgin for a relief society activity.  It was a book exchange and the institute teach from the college, Brother Wilcox, came a spoke.  It was great.  There were only about 6 of us there, so it was very small and we were able to really discuss things.  He talked about women in the scriptures.  It was just fantastic.  We talked about Nephi's wife, and Ishmael's wife, and Lehi's wife and how they had to give up everything to go with their husbands.  They had to trust in the Lord.  Nephi's wife had to leave her sisters when they fled.  How hard would that be?  It was just an awesome discussion.

Friday we got to see Katie.  She is doing a lot better.  Her stomach isn't hurting as bad.  So that's good!  

Saturday we helped the Jackamans glean potatoes!  We went to a potato farm and picked all the really big potatoes that the farmer didn't care for or make money off of.  We filled up a whole pickup load.  Then on Sunday the Jackmans brought their truck to church and let anyone take potatoes. It was great.  There were a lot of potatoes!  Lots of fun =)

Sunday at dinner was another time that I shared a message that I think moved the less active that was there.  When I started sharing it he wouldn't look at me.  Pretty great.. haha

That is my week!
Let me know how your book of mormon reading is coming along!
Love you =)
~Sister Radmall 

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