Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 2nd letter: A Birthday, Huckleberry picking, and a Hike up Mt. Emily

Hey!  So this week I have a lot of pictures.  They are all from p-day pretty much.  haha.  We have too much fun on p-day =)
I'm emailing on Tuesday because yesterday everything was closed.  So we got permission to email today!

Last Monday, my b-day, was so much fun.  I loved it.  Probably one of the best birthdays ever! We said hi to a couple of my best friends up there.  Then we went mini golfing with the sisters.  Then we went to the chocolate shop and got chocolate of course.  I got a free truffle cuz it was my birthday =)  Then we went to the Hipples and talked a bit, then to the Dikes and we played piano with her for a bit.  Then to the Chambers for dinner and a little celebration with them.  That was so fun.  They were so sweet to make sure my birthday was a good day.  Then we went to Bishop Lowe's house for another celebration but we were late so the sisters left already, and we were full of chocolate so we just took some cake home.  Still is the best area =)

Tuesday was district meeting.  It was great.  Elder Nelson's last one.  That was weird!  He was assistant to the president when I first got here.  Weird to see him go home.  We went on splits Tuesday night.  I love going on splits.  It makes the less active families more likely to come.  It's great.
Wednesday we helped paint the Elgin Opera house.  That was fun.  I felt very artistic (though I know I'm not) haha.  Brother Hanley is in our ward and is charge of the painting.  He is a fantastic artist.  He can practically paint anything.  So cool.  We were also able to teach our investigator, TJ, who has a baptismal date.  Sadly we will probably have to move that date because he has some addictions that he has to overcome before he can get baptized.  I really hope we can help him overcome those!

Thursday we weekly planned.  Then I was so tired I felt like I was going to pass out, so we took a cat nap then went to work.  Saw our new investigator, Marla.  She is so awesome.  So ready to hear the gospel.  We got to teach her the restoration and give her a Book of Mormon to read for the next time we see her.  She said she would come up with some more questions for when we see her again.  We are hoping to have the discussions at her friends house, the Westenskows. =)

Friday we went on exchanges.  Sister Thomas came here to La Grande, and I went to New Plymouth with Sister Bailey.  We got along so well.  It was probably the best exchange I've ever been on.  We saw one of their investigators who seems totally ready like Marla does.  Then we went to dinner... clear out in the desert.  That was weird.  I'm used to mountains.  Weird to go back down to the desert.  Then we helped a non-member move.  She was so thankful for that.  Hopefully she will get interested in the church after all the help she got.  
Saturday we exchanged back at a baptism.  Me and Sister Mackelprang played our duet at it.  It went okay.  We hadn't practiced much so it wasn't as good as it could've been.  We then went to eat lunch with the family at their house.  Super nice family.  I don't remember what we did later... I just know that we were rushing to get everything done.

Sunday was one of the few sundays that we had no meetings other than church.  IT was nice.  We had a full breakfast time and a full lunch hour.  Fantastic.  It was pretty busy after though.  We went to dinner with a family that had lots of non-members visiting. It was great!  One of the non-members is one we are working with, so that was extra great! haha.  Her son was ordained a teacher, so she came to church.  We were super excited!

Monday was labor day.  We went huckleberry picking with a member in our ward.  Jessee.  She is great.  She took us up to the top of Mount Emily.  Gorgeous view!  Tons of fun rocks to climb, and nice cool mountain air.  Then we went and picked huckleberries.  While we were picking somehow the tire went flat on the car.  And we could get the jack out of the side of the car!  That was exciting. So we were stuck in the mountains.  I finally jarred the jack loose. (took forever) and there was no lever for the jack.  So we used a screw driver and finally got the tires changed.  Great adventures!  We got home at like 5 and still had to shop and clean and fold laundry.  So we were rushing.  It was a fun day though.
This week is going to be a rough week for missionary work.  We are going to be gone today, and most of tomorrow.  Down in Nampa for Zone Conference.  Then Friday is Zone Meeting in Baker.  So that leaves us with Thursday, half of Friday and Saturday to prepare for the living Christ, and do missionary work all at the same time. Ah!! busy busy!  Should be fun though.  I like busy sometimes.

How is the challenge coming along?  Are you reading the book of Mormon?  Did you pick a theme to mark?  Let me know! =D
Love you all!
~Sister Radmall


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