Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Call--Sister Training Leader

I am a sister training leader!  Crazy!! So I'm supposed to cover some sisters to make sure there isn't drama, and make sure they are all okay.  Kinda the same as a zone leaders only for sisters.  But the only problem.... the closest sisters are an hour and a half away... so  not sure how that will work.  But we'll figure something out.

My new companion is Sister Bailey.  Do you remember her?  We went on exchanges a couple weeks ago.  I think I sent a picture.  I'll send another just in case.  She is from Alabama.  Super fun!  We get along really well.  She is going home in 2-ish months.  So I might be able to be her last companion.  
I forgot my old planner so I don't remember all we did.  May not be a long email.  Sorry.  
Monday we played frisbee a little bit with the elders.  We had no car so we walked.  Then we called a got a ride home from a member.  Tuesday was awesome.  We went on splits with a returned missionary.  It was an awesome experience.  We went to the Willards house and she wasn't feeling well at all.  She broke down because she is annoyed that she can't be in her family's life as much as she wants to because she is sick all the time.  She has questions of why this is happening to her.  So as a representative of Jesus Christ, I promised her that if she sincerely asked Heavenly Father a question, really believe that she could get an answer, then open her scriptures and read then she would get an answer.  She did that.  And she got an answer.  I hope she will take that answer to heart.  I hope it was a comfort to her!  I love her so much!  I just want to take all her pain away.

I'll share one more cool experience that happened this week.  Then that's all I remember...
So we were sitting in our apartment studying.  I get distracted pretty easily because I like to watch the people walk by.  I noticed this lady across the street that I sometimes see pulling her shopping cart behind her with all her belongings in it.  She is homeless and she decided to spend the night in the flower bed next the building across the street from our apartment.  All the sudden I felt Christ's love overcome me for this lady.  I wanted to take away all her pain and suffering.  I wanted to help her.  But didn't know how.  She started trying to move her shopping cart but it was stuck.  So I told Sister Mack that we needed to go help her.  So I hurried and got presentable, put my name tag on and got my bag.  We went across the street to help her.  She had already gotten her cart out but was trying to put a box on it.  We offered our help, but she declined.  So I decided I would offer her a Book of Mormon, because I know how much it could help her.  She declined that as well... That broke my heart.  I wasn't going to push it on her, but I so wanted her to have it!  There is so much in that book that she could benefit from.  And giving it to her was the only way I could help her!  So we went back to the apartment.  I was a bit sad because I wanted to help her so bad.  But I still love her.  I've seen her a couple times on a street since then, and that same feeling of love comes.  I hope someday she can be happier and not be homeless.

So those were my awesome experiences this week.  I love being on a mission!  It's so fun and fulfilling.

On Sunday I learned about repentance and what it really is... .I don't think I really knew until yesterday... It's like piano lessons.  Mom pays for the lessons.  But asks the child to practice.  The child practicing doesn't put money in Mom's hand. Or the piano teachers hand.  The debt was already paid.  Mom asks the child to practice so the child can become what Mom knows he can become.  He can become a great pianist.  Christ already paid the debt.  He just asks us to practice.  He doesn't even ask us to do our best because no one can do their absolute best all the time.  He just asks us to do a little bit better every time so that we can become who he knows we can be.  We aren't earning our way into heaven... we are LEARNING our way into heaven!  
That opened my eyes even more to what repentance really is.  It is practicing following the commandments so we can eventually become and amazing concert pianist =D  

Remember how much God loves you.  He really does want whats best for you, and knows what's best for you... so just listen to him.

Goodbye Sister Mack!

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