Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 5 of Transfer

Week 5 of the transfer always gets me off gaurd. It comes too fast!  I don't like the idea that there is a possiblitly that I can leave Enterprise.  I'm not ready to leave.  So... hopefully I won't!!

We are putting together another "The Living Christ" Fireside.  June 1st.  So excited!  I can't leave until that is over.  Haha.
This week... Monday we drove to Nampa again.  This time I drove.  It was fun.  A very pretty drive.  We hung out in Nampa... I may have already put this in last week's email huh?  Oh well.  haha.  We had dinner with the Minors.  So much fun.  I love that family!
Tuesday was sister's conference.  It was so fun!  Sister Cannon and the sister training leaders gave us some training.  About the area book and other things.  Then someone spoke to us about health.  It was really good.  Made me think about what I've been eating.  I've just been eating all the cheap snacks that are easy to grab and eat.  But it really isn't healthy.  So I am working on budgeting enough that I can buy more healthy stuff that I don't have to eat as much of.  And I also made exercise goals that should get me back in shape.  haha.  Every morining I've been making yummy smoothies.  I got some protien powder I'm going to start putting in them.  I put spinach and frozen fruit and fresh fruit and yogurt.  It's pretty much a cup full of energy =)  And super easy!  Lvoe it.  I had one today.  I feel like I could go forever!  .... sorry, kinda off track.  Sister's conference... yup, it was great.  We got to play with playdough.  haha.  We had some games that had to do with unity.  And we talked a lot about companionship unity.  I loved it!  I wish I had my journal so I could write down some quotes.  The only one that is coming to mind is one Sister Cannon said about health and food.... "If you can't pronounce what's in it, don't buy it."  haha=)
Wednesday we slept over in La Grande then had district meeting.  It was good as always.  For the skill check we did a shooting game kinda thing.  We discovered that almost all of the elders in my district are super competitive.  Not quite as fun.  Oh well.  It was funny.  Then we met with our investigator, Ranzie.  She is finally getting married!! So now she can get baptized =)  So excited for her!  Then we had dinner with the bishop and his wife.. They are the best.  I love them! Such a great new bishop.  Later we went to mutual and talked with the girls a bunch.  We are finally making friends with them =)  That was our goal in going to mutual.
Thursday we planned a bunch as usual then went to Joseph to visit people.  We stopped at one of our investigators house, Larry, and everytime we go there it's hard to get away.  They are talkers.  It was fun though.  He has a lot of deep questions we are trying to get out of him.  Haha.  He thinks the gospel is a lot more complicated than it really is.  We are trying to show that to him.  He will get it someday!  We also had a lesson with our other investigator, Nathan.  He wants to be baptized!  That was cool.  He had no interest in us when we first got here, but then all the sudden he decided he wanted to get baptized.  He is 15 and really improving his life.  It's awesome.

Friday was my 7th month mark! I really can hardly believe it! Crazy =)  I have less than a year.... and it's going by TOO fast!  We weeded a lot on friday.  We all got sunburned.  I didn't get it bad.  But Sister Duncan got a bad burn.  She isn't as used to the high elevation sun since she lives at sealevel in Alaska.  It was fun to weed and see live plants after a long winter =)  It's finally getting warm here!  Most days anyway.
Saturday was interesting.  We went to a plowing bee.  People from all over the state come to Joseph for a plowing bee where they bring their mules and horses, hook them up to a plow, and plow.... for fun, for two days.  It's kinda funny how much they love it.  It was fun to watch for a bit though.  We are trying to get the person in charge of it to take the lessons.  So we are making friends with him.  He likes us.... next step! =)  I got to drive a cart.  That was fun.  I had never driven mules before.  They really are stubborn... and really smart.  After we drove we got to brush them.  I may be weird... but it was really fun to brush a horse!!  well... a mule.  I miss it.  Hadn't done it for 7 months!  I have been craving it.  haha.  So I really enjoyed brushing them =)  It was stake conference so we went to that Saturday night.  It was broadcast, so we didnt' have to drive to La Grande.  It was nice.  But it was funny because whenever there was a musical number we couldn't hear them.  We could only see their lips move.  And we couldn't hear the music when we sang, so we were all laging behind on the hymns. haha.
Sunday was stake conference again.  It was good.  President and Sister Cannon both spoke.  They were great!  After that we went to Nathan's and his foster mom gave us lunch, then we commited him to a couple things to help him prepare for his baptism.  Then we ran around trying to find a member that would help us make flyers for the fireside.  Finally got it done, and printed and we tracted around a little bit handing them out.  I love having something centered on Christ because sometimes people are surprised that we believe in Christ.  And they like to come to see if we really do =)  It's a great way to share the gospel.
That was my week.  The weeks just get faster and faster as I got along.  I love being here.  It's great! =)   A mission is so fulfililng.  And such hard work.  It is making me grow in ways I didn't think I could grow. I am learing how to be more patient.  More loving.  More everything.  I am so glad I chose to have the opportunity to help others by sharing the gospel, and to help myself by sharing the gospel =)
Have a great week
Love, Sister Radmall

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