Monday, May 19, 2014

Hey 'yall
so I feel like a rancher this week.  Haha =) We did lots of stuff outside.

Monday we emailed late so I pretty much explained that day last week.

Tuesday we went to district meeting in La Grande.  That was fun.  We had lunch outside in the church parking lot.  The elders brought some tables and chairs out there and we ate while the people mowed the lawn around us.  It was pretty funny.  Then we went and helped a less active lady weed her flower bed.  That took 5 hours and we had to quit, go to dinner, then come back and finish because we took out all her bulbs and hadn't put them back in when dinner time came along.  She lost her legs because she was stranded in the mountains with a broken knee for 7 days in the winter.  So she has two prosthetic legs.  She is an amazing lady.  But has a hard time getting around and doing yard and house work.  I don't blame her!  It was a little odd to be sitting in the grass with her, with her legs 2 feet behind us.  Haha.  
The Road to La Grange--an hour long canyon drive
Wednesday we got to teach Larry again.  He is going to get baptized eventually, I know it! He is just scared to change his ways.  Understandable.  He is the type of person that puts 110% into everything.  So even though he wants to get baptized he doesn't want to make the commitment until he knows for sure that he can keep that commitment.  He is awesome.  =)  Just wish he would see that we don't have to be perfect to keep the commitment, we just have to try our best to keep it.  I met a McCalliter today.  I'm going to ask her if she is related to John D. T. or someone on that line.  That would be cool =)

Thursday night we went to a pancake dinner at the church.  It was a fundraiser for the young women girls camp.  Lots of pancakes! Then they had a pancake auction.  That was fun!  The people were very generous for some of those desserts.  Brother Nash (the one calling the auction) bid $52 for a chocolate cake then gave it to us.  We got to eat a fifty dollar cake.  Haha! First and last time for everything ;)  It was to die for though.  SO good!

Friday we met with Ranzie for breakfast and taught her the last lesson.  She is ready to get baptized now!  We are just waiting for her work schedule so she can set a specific date.  We are so excited for her!  After that we went and helped with lunch at a senior center thing.  They have it a couple times a week.  It's a big social thing for the seniors.  I got to play the piano as they were all coming in while Sister Leavitt and Duncan served them drinks.  It was fun!

Saturday felt like it came way too fast!  I couldn't believe it.  We went branding on Saturday.  For reals =)  haha!  It was great.  We didn't get totally involved.  But we did get to help.  Sister Leavitt prepared the tags on the tagger, Sister Duncan tagged their ears, and I held the bloody knife from.... uh .... ya.  I held the bloody knife.  Haha.  It was gross.  

After we went home and showered we got ready for the baptism.  It was awesome!  There were so many people there that we couldn't see inside the font.  Which was sad, but good!  When we walked out all dressed in his white shirt and tie he was just glowing.  He is going to be a great member.

Sunday was Nathan's confirmation.  That was good too.  He got a lot of promises in his blessing.  I absolutely love being able to see the changes in people so quickly =)  Me and Sister Leavitt got to say the prayers in sacrament meeting.  After church we went to the linger longer.  I love that they have a linger longer for everyone here.  After that was kind of a hard night.  Sister Duncan kind of had heat stroke from being in the sun so much on Saturday so we left her with Sister Hunter so we could go visit some people.  We saw a bunch of people that we needed to participate in the fireside coming up.  So that was better than just going home.

Today we went shopping then went home and relaxed the rest of the day.  I made magic bars! =)  I have been craving them so bad!  But the ingredients for that are more expensive almost than a whole week long of healthy food.  It was totally worth it though cuz I didn't have to buy anything else.  We were going to go hiking, but it was a little chilly and kind of rainy.  So we hung out at home then came to Wallowa to email at the bishop's.  This is most likely where we will be emailing from now on up here.  Just fyi.  So I won't be emailing till 4 my time 5 yours.  There are too many of us for the family history center, so president told us to email here.  

That was my week.  I found another cool thing in the bible dictionary again. If you look up earnest it says  "...the Lord gives us His Holy Spirit in this life as a foretaste of the joy of eternal life."  I love how it says that!  Every time we feel the spirit it's like we are getting a little glimpse of eternity.  =)  Cool huh?

I hope you all have a great week!  Keep smiling
Sister Radmall
Mascot dubbed "Chadwick"

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