Monday, April 28, 2014

This week in Enterprise

We had a fun week.  It was really kind of crazy.  Where to start.
Monday was fun.  We explored Enterprise.  Cute town.  Joseph is still the best though!  We went into a lotion shop thing and met the owner.  I gave him a Book of Mormon because he seemed relatively interested.  So we are going to go back there and see if he read it.  I hope he did! It took a lot of courage to give it to him.  10 seconds of courage =)  After that we went to an antique store.  They had an awesome old piano.  It sounded so good.  So I played on that for a while and my companions talked to that lady about the gospel.  It was great.  The pros of having 3!  She invited us back next Saturday to the chocolate walk so I could play the piano when people come in.  We might go, I don't know. We shall see.

Tuesday we drove to Nampa. One of the La Grande sisters was going to the temple and Wednesday we had the 3 week training we had to go to.  So Tuesday we got to drive around my old area and say hi to people. So much fun!!! I loved seeing people I knew from my first area!!  Made me excited to come back next year when I'm home and have time to visit everyone I want to!  Later that night we went on splits with some other sister's so they could get more work done.. between all of us we visited a lot of people in their area.  It was great!
Wednesday was 3 week training.  That was good.  Then we drove home and went with the La Grande sisters to a couple places... places that wouldn't care about having 5 sisters in their house.  Haha.  We stayed the night on the floor in La Grande.
Thursday we had district meeting.  Which is why we stayed the night in La Grande.  That was fun.  Had really good pizza =)  Then we went home and visited a bunch of people in Wallowa since we were driving through it. 
Friday we were planning on doing service but then it decided to snow =P  So we didn't.  We had to do a little extra studying and planning because we had been gone that whole week.  So we didn't really get out to do much.  Saw one person down the street from us.  We are completely out of miles so we had to walk everywhere that day (wasn't far).  After dinner we walked to the church to help set up for the talent show.  Fun talent show! There was such good talents.  Loved it!!  Sister Duncan did some gymnastics.  That was fun.  And I played the piano.  I played waterfall.. But because I was so nervous I played it like twice the speed it's supposed to be played.  Haha.  I played it perfect, but it sounded awesome cuz it was so fast.  Everyone loved it =)  It was fun!!
Saturday we went to Joseph "Ammon tracting"  Ammon tracting is going around tracting in pants and looking for service.  People take us more seriously around here when we are in pants instead of a skirt.  It would have worked really well if one of our investigators didn't keep us the rest of the night.  Haha.  Larry is a talker!!  And so is his wife.  So we went to see if we could do anything for them (while it was snowing) but they didn't have anything.  So they talked our ear off and we never got the chance to say we had to go.  Then they invited us to dinner, or we accepted and they talked our ear off some more during and after.  We finally got to leave, like 3 hours later.  Haha.  To meet with the Butlers.  So we didn't get a lot done that day.  But we did set an appointment to actually teach Larry.  So hopefully we can answer some questions he has.  Or should I say... I hope the spirit can answer his questions!
Sunday was fun.  We went to ward council early but they weren't having it.  So we just had our own meeting with the bishop. Told him all our good ideas we had.  We have a lot =)  We are going to do a fast and find.  So the people that sign up to feed us will fast that day for someone they can share the gospel with, then they will break their fast with us at dinner.  Another was a missionary bulliton board.  Finished that one already.  Another is a service Saturday.  Saturdays are dedicated to service only.  And the last idea is do The Living Christ Music Fireside again! I am so excited.  I really hope it turns out as well as it did in Weiser!  June 1st is when we are doing this one =)  After a great day at church we had a fantastic dinner and taught a great lesson to our (somewhat stubborn) investigator.  All around a good day.  I feel like the work is progressing now in Enterprise!
Today (Monday) we drove to Nampa again.  Killed our miles =P  And energy.  haha.  Tomorrow is sister's conference and we didn't want to leave at 4 in the morning to get here on time.  So we are spending P-day... well what's left of it anyway... in Nampa.  We are going to have dinner at Bishop Minor's house! I am so excited!! I miss them =)
So... that was pretty much my week.  Lots of good things happened even though we didn't get a lot done. We are finally starting to see the good things that are coming from our obedience and diligence to do our best.  I absolutely love being a missionary.  My favorite part is feeling Christ like love for everyone I come in contact with.  Knowing how Christ feels about them makes me want to help them progress in whatever way they can!
I love you all =)  And have a great week
Love, Sister Radmall

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