Monday, April 14, 2014

Another Week Gone By

I brought my cord, so I can upload pictures on this old computer;)  haha.
This week was a lot more productive than last.  It was fun.  We contacted 13 referrals!!! That is a record for me!  It was great.  Sadly no one really wanted to listen to anything we said, but we did make a couple friends.  Probably 2 out of the 13.  When members help and introduce their friends to us then we are more likely able to share a message or uplift them or get them interested.  If we just show up on the door step, only 2 out of 13 even like to talk to us for more than 2 minutes.  So help the missionaries! =)
Monday we did explore Joseph.  It is pretty much the cutest town on the planet!  Got pictures by some big bronze statues.  They have a fantastic chocolate shop.  Delicious hot chocolate!  After that we had dinner with the Butlers (WML)  That was fun.  Very nice couple.  They did an awesome job with this area.  Visited EVERY single member on the records.  I might have already said that last time.. but oh well.  They are great.

Tuesday we had district meeting in La Grande.  1.5 hour drive through the canyon.  Very pretty.. very long.  But the meeting was fun.  There are only one other set of sisters and the district leader and his companion.  So only 7 in the district.  3 companion-ships.  Pretty small.  Later we contacted a lot of people.  Then went to a baby shower.  We only went so we could meet people since there wasn't church on Sunday.  It was a fun little shower. 
Wednesday we contacted a bunch more people.  Had dinner, then contacted some more.  Then went to mutual.  It was fun to meet the girls.  There are 2 young men, and about 7 or 8 young women.  So enjoy having such a big mutual group to do fun stuff =)
Thursday we got to help do some yard work.  It was fun... the lady kind of reminds me of Arlene =)  Then we drove to La Grande again to have interviews with president.  Then we found out there was a screw in the truck tire so we took it to get fixed, then had lunch then drove home.  After that we contacted more people.  Lots of contacting. =)

Friday was weekly planning.  In my planner it shows that we had a lot of people to contact but I have them crossed off, so I guess we didn't contact them.... I don't remember what we did instead.  Haha.  But we did have dinner with a really fun family.  Elk burgers =)  Way good.  After dinner we did contact people.  I can't believe I can't remember what we did the rest of that day. Haha.
Saturday was fun! Lots of hard work.  First we went to help someone move out.  Me and sister Leavitt cleaned all the windows.  It was fun to work with her and talk with her.  Got to know her a bit better.  She is great.  Very sweet!  After that we took a lunch break then helped the Hipples, down the street from our house clean up the cut bushes in their yard.  Then while Brother Hipple was taking it all to the dump we helped his wife move all the boxes and furniture out of his office.  Holy heavy!  It was a lot of hard work!  I'm surprised I didn't hurt my back.  It felt really good to work though.  We brought big file cabinets down.  GIRL POWER! .... or shoud I say... SISTER POWER! =)  He was impressed.  Then we helped him put it in the U-haul (lots easier than carrying it down the L-shaped stairs)  Then we went home and showered and changed... in 1 hour.  Then went back for dinner. He was impressed with that too.  He made a comment before we left that we were girls and would take longer than an hour to get ready.  He took that back when we showed up 5 minutes early for dinner and he still wasn't cleaned up ;)  It was funny.  Dinner was fantastic!  After that we contacted a couple more people on our list.
Sunday we spoke in sacrament meeting.  It went really well.  We talked about missionary work of course.  And stressed the members helping us contact people.  My talk was mostly how to use love to do missionary work.  I'll share the story I came up with.  It's kinda cool =)
Imagine John.  He is a really big, strong guy.  Now imagine a door.  A thick metal door with a dead bolt and strong hinges.  John wants what is on the other side of that door.  But he wants to prove his strength.... even though he has a key in his pocket he doesn't use it.  He rams into the door only to bruise his shoulder.  Then he kicks it. Nothing.  He goes and finds tools that will open the door.  Finally after denting the door, ruining the door frame, and breaking the lock, he shoves the door down and walks in.  He finds that the fallen door squished what was in the room.
Now imagine Ben.  Same senario.  He uses his key, opens the door, and walks in to find what he wants is perfectly intact.  Simple as that.
Love is the key!!  Using love in missionary work will not hurt the person on the other side of the door, and it will not ruin friendships in the process.  It will only open more and more doors and more and more friendships in the future. =)
I hope you have a great week!  That was my week.  And here comes a lot of pictures!
Love you!
Sister Radmall

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