Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Week

So the week started out with our zone leaders telling us we could get on facebook.  Weird!  It felt really weird getting on and posting things.  It was fun though.  I enjoyed posting things about Christ everyday.

Monday we explored Joseph again.  It really is just the cutest town.  
Went into all the fun shops this time.  Lots of cute stuff.  But all expensive.  Got iced cocoa instead of hot chocolate and the Arrowhead chocolates this time.  SO good! 
 Then we had dinner at a member's and got on their computers to do facebook.  We couldn't get on at the family history center, we had to do it at a member's house.

Tuesday was district meeting.  It was good.  The blood drive people got there the same time we did so we helped them bring in their stuff.  Then they asked us what blood type we were.  Two of the elders had an O type blood so the people practically begged them to give blood. It was funny.  Se we had district meeting then went to lunch and the elders went back to donate blood.  There wasn't room on the list or else I would have done it again.  After that we started going through the ward list for the week.  Saw a lot of members.  Active, in-active, and part member families.  Everyone is really nice.  But everyone is pretty set in their ways.  If only they would listen for a little bit, they might learn something they didn't know before, or find something they are searching for!  I wish people would just be open minded about things.  Oh well... agency.

Wednesday we visited a lot more people.  Nothing too exciting.  Had dinner at the Hipples.  Awesome family.  Then went to mutual.  That was pretty much it.

Thursday was weekly planning like always.  Then we visited a lot of people again.  We visited an older lady in an assisted living center.  She reminded me a lot of a lady at work!  I loved it =)  That was pretty much it again.  We are making ourselves known to the county!  It's great =)
Friday we visited people.. again.  Started teaching a new investigator! We are excited.  Even though he only thinks we are 'practicing' on him.  He likes us though, so hopefully something will come of that =)  We had dinner in Lostine which is about half hour from Enterprise.  Then we visited people in Wallowa.  It was fun.

Saturday was a little more eventful.  We started out weeding the member's house that we live with.  Then we helped a family move a lot of heavy furniture to take to a storage unit.  That was hard work.  Definitely made me sore.  Then we went back to work at our house.  Making it look good so if she comes home anytime soon she will be a little less overwhelmed.  Then the wind started picking up.  A really bad wind storm came around.  So we went inside, got ready, then went to dinner.  That pretty much took up the rest of the night.  They invited non-members over, that was really good!  Then we got on facebook, then went home.

Easter!  Easter was great.  At church one of the speakers wasn't able to make it... so the other speaker had to take up the whole time.  It was a farewell talk.  He did a really good job taking up the time.  It was good.  We sang an extra song too.  The bishop said something that I really liked.  He challenged us to look out at the mountains on our way home and think of the atonement and how the mountains are a gift from the atonement.  Jesus Christ didn't only suffer and die for our sins and trials, he also died so we can have what we have... mountains, sunsets, animals, computers, family, buildings... etc.  Awesome =)

That was my week!  I hope you all had a great Easter week!  
Thanks for all you do for me =)  
Love you!!
Sister Radmall 

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