Saturday, February 22, 2014

Transfers... again! Email received February 17th

This week was rough, just because it was transfers and everyone was excited and anxious to know what was happening.  Plus me and Sister Breen had a pretty good cold going on  so we were always so tired. But we did our best at doing as much as we could =) 

Monday we got to go to Nampa! Sister Breen had to do something there so we made a fun p-day out of it.  We said hi to Bro and Sis Sayre, had lunch with some other missionaries that I miss, and went shopping a bit.  I got some spring clothes because I am tired of the boring winter colors I have. Lol.

Tuesday was Zone meeting in Baker city.  Baker is about and hour and a half from Weiser.. plus there is a time change.  So that took pretty much all the day.  Left at 9, got there at 9:30 (with the time change) then stayed till 3 and got home at like 5.  But we learned a lot of good things about how to street contact and how to find new investigators.  We had lunch at a pizza place and got a super HUGE pizza.  like 2 feet in radius. Haha.  When we got home we went to a relief society thing and talked about missionary work and what we can all do to be missionaries.  It was good.  The spirit was really strong.  Sister Breen is really good at bringing the spirit.  =)

Wednesday was one of the only days we really got a lot of missionary work done. We went around and visited a lot of people that have been kind of lonely.  It was fun.  Tried to contact some referrals that we got, but they weren't home.  We will try again!

Thursday we went to a lady's house who just got in a car accident.  She is just sore, but has a hard time moving around.  So we did all her dishes.  It took us about an hour.  Our hands were prunes.  Lol.  But she was very grateful.  Her husband has some kind of handicap so he can't do them either.  Then we went to dinner at a cute restaurant here called "Homestead".  Has really good food.

Friday was district meeting.  It was crazy.  We had breakfast with the district before hand because the elders had an appointment later. But it turned out they had canceled it... so we had breakfast, district meeting (also a bday party for the district leader), then lunch.  Spent a lot of time with the district.  Probably because it was the last one before transfers and we didn't know who was staying or who was leaving.  After dinner we weren't feeling very good so (for valentines day) we took the color personality test and love language test. I'm 75% white, just an fyi. :)  Haha.  We also helped out one of the sister's in Weiser who knew she was leaving and was freaking out about packing because she has so much stuff.  Tried to help her calm down.  So that was good.

Saturday was transfer calls!!  Everyone was so anxious.  I wasn't sure if I was just a 'floater' and was just going to go back where ever president needed me.  Or if I was going to stay in Weiser for a little bit.  But I get to stay! I am so excited!  Sister Breen is staying too.  Our whole district is staying except that one sister we helped move.  It's kinda funny. =)  But we are all happy.

Sunday was weird.  Both me and Sister Breen were feeling really sick when we were supposed to get up.  Neither of us felt like we could make it to ward council at 7.  So we slept and planned to go to church at 8:30 but Sister Breen was still feeling yucky.  I got up and ready so I could be ready for when she got up.  We finally got out to church when sacrament meeting was almost over.  We sat on the couch listening and one of our new investigators walked in.  We had forgotten to tell him what time his ward was when we moved him in last week.  He thought it started at 9, so if we weren't sitting on the couch he would have walked in (probably very loudly) and disrupted the meeting.  So I think us being late for church was meant to be so we could get him to the right ward.  Interesting huh? =)

So... ya! That was pretty much my week. I hope I didn't bore you all. =)  I am finally really settling into Weiser.  Feeling more welcome, and more like I belong.  And I love my companion. So everything is great!

I wanted to share a funny thing that my bishop in Nampa said... I don't even think he realized what he said, but I love it =)

"Sometimes all you can do is all you can do, and that's all you can do." ~Bishop Minor.

I hope you all have a great week!

~Sister Radmall
I found my name!

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