Monday, February 10, 2014



This week went by pretty fast, but slow at the same time.  I guess that's how all the weeks are though.
On Monday we got a tour of an old radio station just outside of Weiser.  It was cool. 

Then we got to go to Ontario to go shopping and such.  I realized that my zone (which consists of 2 stakes I think) covers 2 time zones.  Weird huh?  LaterMonday night we went to Idaho pizza to have dinner with our investigator Ashley.  We talked to her about how she won't be able to get baptized if she is living with her boyfriend (this is the one that is moving to Oklahoma).  She understands, but doesn't want to think about anything else until she is settled and not as stressed.  She is excited to meet the missionaries down there, but is scared that "they won't be as nice as us".  She is going to write us =)  Hopefully the missionaries down there will help her feel the spirit more and help her want to get married and/or baptized.  I'm really curious as to how that will work out.  We saw her for the last time yesterday at church.  I got really attached to her in just the 3 weeks I've been here.  She is the only one that has called me her missionary so far =)

Tuesday we helped Rex with family history again.  That was super fun as always. It is just so awesome to see the excitement and light in his eyes when he sees that he can take a family name to get baptized.  He is so excited to take a trip to the temple sometime this month.  We also taught a lesson.  It went pretty good.  The spirit was there and they had been praying and reading as a family.  It was actually very interesting how the lesson came about.  We were really excited to teach about the plan of salvation because we thought it would be really good for them... but while we were planning neither of us could focus or really practice what we were going to say, nothing was coming to mind.  So we just decided that it would come to us when we taught.  We didn't say one thing about the plan of salvation in the lesson.  We started reading the Book of Mormon with them.  It was just interesting to see how much we were struggling with planning and it was probably because we weren't supposed to teach that.  Cool huh? =)  After dinner we went on exchanges with some people in the ward.  I went with a lady named Amber.  It was fun.  We only go into one house.. .but it made me have to step up and be in charge.  So that was good.

Wednesday we had a good lesson with another investigator.  I invited her to baptism and it completely shocked her... she said she likes what we are teaching her and wants to learn more, but isn't quite ready for baptism.  We challenged her to think and pray about it and come up with a date she feels she would be ready. We are praying for her.  Later we just went around visiting former investigators that we found in our area book.  To see if they are still interested or if they have moved, etc.

Thursday we had lunch with an older lady who had a stroke recently.  She had us pick up some pizza and we brought it back and we chatted and ate. It was fun.  She really needed the visit.  She makes SO much jewelry.  It's all over her house hanging up and decorating things.  They are all so pretty.  She gave me and Sister Breen both a necklace.

Friday we didn't do a ton.  Visited a lot of people, but didn't really get much done.  It was just a weird day. It snowed a bunch though, so later we went to the family history center to do some missionary training for Sister Breen and watched some mormon messages.  I'm scared to drive our fancy car into the ditch. Lol.

Saturday... interesting day.  Some elders called us and said one of their investigators was moving up to Weiser and asked if we could get some people to help.  So last minute we called a couple people and they willingly came and helped.  Kind of a sketchy dude.  Not judging! He had some pretty gross stuff.  It was snowing while we were moving too, so it was kinda cold and crazy.  Good times =)  Afterwards we went home and through all of our stuff in the wash.  Then we visited some people and went home early because the snow was really bad.  Watched The Testaments and talked and wrote in journals and such.  

Sunday was fun.  Long, but good.  Me and Sister Breen spoke in 3rd ward.  About turning our hearts to God.  Sister Breen talked about having a change of heart and king benjamin.  I talked about D&C 4.  It was one of the best talks I've written.  It was good.  Talked about how that truly turning our hearts to god requires us to gain the christlike attributes mentioned in D&C 4:5-6.  I expounded more on Faith, Hope, Charity and Love.  When I was finished I cleaned all my stuff off the podium, set it under my chair and headed straight for the piano (I was doing a piano piece as well)  haha.  It was a bit awkward.  But it was good.  I played "Redeemer".  The one I played at home a couple week before I left.  They loved it.  Sunday night we were super tired and it was a very productive night.  But we tried.  =)

That was pretty much my week.  I am out of time!  I hope you all have a great week.  Love you all!
Love, Sister Radmall

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