Monday, January 27, 2014

Emergency Transfer

Hey! So this week was super crazy and super sad and super exciting and just a lot of supers =) Monday we went to the Birch building in Nampa and played pool and fooseball and volleyball.... I totally whooped the elders in fooseball ;) It was super fun to be able to relax, wear pants, and play volleyball. (I've noticed I use the word 'super' a lot lately, sorry. It's a fun word. Haha.)

Tuesday I got a phone call at about 12 from President Cannon. He told me that I was being transferred because one of the sisters had to go home on a medical leave. I bet you already know where I transferred to... word seems to get around fast. I'm in Weiser now. Little redneck town out in Idaho. So Tues after the call we went to say goodbye to all my favorite people in Nampa. Got pictures, exchanged addresses and phone numbers and all the a fun stuff. It was super sad. I felt like I was leaving home again :P And I really didn't want to leave Sister Bowler and Sister Foster. I had so much fun with Sister Bowler! Bishop Minor and Brother Sayre took us out to Olive Garden . That was lots of fun.
 Bishop Minor, his wife, and their dog... Sabella (like the melaluca product ;) Haha!)
 Last supper in Nampa at Olive Garden
 Then we went to a relief society party and I broke the news to everyone there. Gave hugs and went home to pack. Everything fit! I was surprised. Good thing I sent that package home when I did. Wednesday, got up, finished packing.... President and Sister Cannon came at 8. I said bye and went to Weiser. Met my companion got a car (a super nice 2014 car that is so fun to drive) and got to work. Met people, saw people, talked to people, all that fun stuff with people. ;)

Now an explanation of Weiser. Population 5,000 people. 4,500 of which are farmers and old people. The other 500 are.... just other people. Haha. It reminds me of Preston. There are a couple cute little grocery stores, and tiny hospital. It's just really small and old. I live on a hill above Weiser and have an awesome view of the whole town. We are pretty spoiled... we have queen size beds that are super comfy. So I am not complaining at all. I think I live in my dream house. =) My companion... Sister Breen. She came here from Hawaii. She is awesome. She is 23 and loves to work. So it's been good. She is so cute. Loves talking to people and giving them hugs. She is just so sincere when she talks to people. It's awesome. She isn't used to going out and working so hard because her companion before was sick and there would be ups and downs like crazy. So they would try to go out but would have to come back in because her companion couldn't handle it. So she is excited to actually be able to go out and work.
My new companion, Sister Breen

My crazy new district
Thursday we worked... that's pretty much it. Friday we worked some more... met more people, tried to teach but appointments fell through. Saturday we finally taught our first lesson together and it went pretty well. I don't like teaching someone I've never met. It's hard. But I guess It's what I do as a missionary. Sunday was overwhelming. I was trying to hard to remember everyone and it just didn't work. But that's ok. I'm trying to be patient and remember that I can't remember everyone after meeting them once. I just really want to feel welcomed and I want to know people. It was hard, but it was fun to meet people. They are all super nice. I miss Nampa like crazy. Miss all the people, and I miss recognizing things and places. It feels like I left home again. But it will probably be the same feeling when I leave Weiser too. So I guess I should just get used to it. I know Heavenly Father is helping me be patient and calm. Because I haven't been nervous one bit, just excited. I hope I can make a difference in Weiser. It sounds like the work has been kind of slow since sisters got here. Sister Breen and her companion didn't involve the members and didn't get to know them very well, so I think that is going to be our goal. Because in Nampa when we spent time with the members and got to know them we got referrals that were ready to be taught. So hopefully we can get the work going by working through the members. We are here to help them with the work, not the other way around. And we need to rely on the spirit more. So that was my week. Like I said, it was super crazy and all those other super things. Even though I am sad to leave Nampa, I know the lord put me here for a reason. And I am determined to accomplish whatever that reason is, whether I figure out what it is or not. I know that as long as I am obedient and try my best the Lord will place the people that need me in my path. And everything happens for a reason whether I like it or not. God's ways are not my ways. So I'll trust him and do my best to be happy and make it a positive experience for me and everyone around me. I hope you all have a fabulous week! I am going up to Macall in about 10 minutes to see the ice festival with my district. I am so excited!!! I will have pictures next week =) Love you! Sister Radmall

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  1. Ha ha! You said it right when you said Weiser is a lot like Preston, just not as many members! :) Macall is beautiful! Glad you are doing so well and having fun! Evelyn


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