Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Transfer Week!

Hi =) This week was interesting. Haven't quite had a week like it. Started out with an odd P-day cuz it was transfers. Then we had a training meeting for the trainers that night. Tuesday we picked up our new companion and were at that training all day long so we got nothing done that day either. Sister Foster is our new companion. Straight from the MTC. She is from Boulder City Nevada so she is pretty cold (even though it has been in the high 40's low 50's). She is part Hawaiian. She has a strong testimony, and loves sharing her experience on how she became a missionary. We are trying hard to get used to a threesome. It's kind of hard, but we are adjusting!
Sister Foster, Sister Radmall, and Sister Bowler

Wednesday was a lame day. I had the flu. So we couldn't really go anywhere even though Sister Foster needed to email and go shopping. Sister Cannon invited us over to the mission home so the new missionaries could email. And President Cannon gave me a blessing. Then the others sisters went to walmart while I took a nap in a super comfy bed at the mission home. =) 

Thursday I was feeling better. Just getting my strength back. Nothing exciting or spiritual happened... Friday was better. We taught a really good lesson. The spirit was super strong. I just hope the person we taught felt it! We also got a new investigator. Another 9 year old. Lol.... we have noticed a pattern here. We teach either 9-year-olds or people with really bad health problems. It's great. Guess they are the people that are most ready.

Oh yeah!!! I forgot something big that happened. We lost a ward :( Our area split last minute. Other sisters took 34th ward. So the Stokes aren't our ward mission leaders anymore. We are super sad. But I guess it's good. We can focus better on the 2 wards. Now we don't have to go to 8 hours of church. Just 5!

Yesterday went by so fast because we didn't have as much church and our night was full. Last night we had a really good night. I have been struggling to know if I have been growing or not. It's hard to see in myself. So I prayed to be able to see a change in myself. We taught a family where the dad is inactive and his wife and two boys are not members. I was able to explain the restoration very easily when before I have struggled. You all know that I have a hard time getting what is in my head, out. But I was able to get everything I wanted to say out smoothly. The spirit was really strong and I could feel the spirit working not only on me but on the people we were teaching as well. It was a really good feeling. After that we went to a pie and ice cream social at Bishop Minor's house with some other members. Bishop Minor asked us to share a message so we decided to share our missionary plaque scriptures and our journey in becoming a missionary. Again.. I was able to share my experience with great boldness (not bragging, I promise) and I could feel the spirit radiate from me. Another amazing feeling. And one more time that night it happened. We taught Sandra. We have been worried about her because she isn't progressing. She hasn't read the Book of Mormon passages we assign to her. But this time she read.. just didn't remember it. We feel like she isn't interested in the gospel, but the service and friendships the church provides. She doesn't understand the gospel part. So we went back. We talked about the importance of baptism and the celestial kingdom. It was another very powerful lesson. She is like a roller coaster, it is actually very frustrating. She will feel the spirit at one thing we say and start tearing up, then the next minute she will be talking about how tired she is and only be interested in our sympathy. Then she will feel the spirit again. It goes up and down and It's lame. We are going to have to drop her if she doesn't come to church this next week :P It's sad, but it needs to happen.

I think that was pretty much my week. It was a good week. Just really weird. But that's okay. It's good to mix things up a little bit so it doesn't get boring.

Have a fantastic week full of the spirit!!
Love, Amber

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