Monday, January 20, 2014

Exchanges, Lessons, and a Trip to the Hospital


This week has been very interesting.  I'm pretty sure everyday had something weird or exciting or spiritual happen.  It has been the fastest week so far for me.

Tuesday we did exchanges. Our new sister training leader, Sister Nickaliason (Sista Nick) came to our apartment and I went to hers.  It was the first time I had ever been anywhere else! Pretty exciting.  It made me very grateful for where I live.  Because they have a tiny little room about the size of my room at home.  So I love our apartment even more now!  Because I hadn't been in that area I wasn't very helpful because I didn't know anything or anyone.... But I was senior companion because Sister Clark that I was with came out with Sister Foster.  So I got to drive... a minivan.  It was great.  Haha =)  The area I covered for that day was partly in the country.  It was fun to drive around in the country... but the houses are a lot more sketchy out there. haha.  Real redneck farm houses ;)  It was fun.  There are so many John Deere mailboxes here.  I've seen at least 5.  It's great.  On exchanges we wandered around trying to visit less actives but not very many were interested in us.  Not much success that day.  Later, after dinner, we went to teach an eternal investigator (eternigator) who just likes to debate with the missionaries.  They have been teaching him for 4 years or longer and he really isn't progressing.  No one is really sure why the elders have kept him for so long.  Anyway... there was an elder that finished his mission and went home on the 8th and flew back to live with this eternigator the 14th... So I saw him there.  It was super weird and awkward to see him in normal clothes, not as a missionary, with a scraggly beard.  Not sure why he came back so quick. Don't worry, I wont be coming home then leaving the next week.  I'll stay for a little bit. Haha =) So that was my super weird Tuesday.

Wednesday wasn't super weird, it was super awesome =) I will tell you a little bit about our investigator, Kristine.  She has made a lot of bad decisions since she was 19 because her brother died and she was mad at God.  She ran away and stayed away from her mom for a long time.  But she finally turned around (she is 50ish now) and decided to try living with her mom.  Her mom is so grateful to have her there with her and is always teary eyed when she talks about Kristine.  It's super cute.  Kristine is very open to anything and everything we say and is just an amazing women for being willing to change so much.  We taught her on Wed. about the plan of salvation and Sister Bowler committed her to be baptized! She accepted and is going to get baptized at the end of February =)  We are so excited!!!  She is going to have to stop smoking and drinking tea, but I think she will be able to stop those pretty easily. She is so accepting and willing.  We are praying for her =)  We also met a nice guy accidentally who says he isn't interested but totally is.  So we are going to hopefully start teaching him.  Gave him a Book of Mormon and was happy for it.  Brother Sayre is picking up his game as ward mission leader.  He is doing so much!! He is doing awesome.  We went over there to wash off Sister Foster's shoes (she stepped in the mud) and he told us to follow him to his old neighbors who aren't interested in the church.  He visited with them and introduced us and it went really well.  They still aren't interested in the church but they said we could come back anytime. Progress!  We are really proud of Bro. Sayre for being awesome.  He is helping his ward be missionaries, which helps us help them =)  IF that makes any sense at all.  haha.

Thursday was great. We went to a couple people's houses in the afternoon then after dinner we went to the Emergency Room with Sister Foster.  That was exciting.  She had the lap band surgery a couple years ago and ever since she has gotten here she has been throwing up everything she eats.  This week she couldn't keep anything down so we went to the ER to make sure her band hadn't slipped or anything.  We got there about 6 and they hooked her all up to the IVs and all that (we had to follow her around everywhere of course).  They took some X-rays (I have now seen X-rays of Sis. Bowler's skull and Sis. Foster's Ribs... just shows how close I am to my comps. Haha!!!) then we hung out in the room while the doctors tried getting ahold of people and while Sis Foster tried to keep water down.  We played Disney Pictionary, My Ship Came Home from Italy, and we sang some hymns.  We were trying to make sure Sis. Foster stayed happy because she was worried she would have to get the surgery again.  Finally President and Sister Cannon came at like 10:30.  Sister Foster got admitted to the Boise hospital and Sister Cannon went with her while me and Sis ter Bowler went home.  Got home at like 11... I have no idea how I stayed up until midnight at home. haha =)  I was so tired.  Sister Foster came home in the morning and she has been doing fantastic ever since.  They fixed it and it's all good =)  It was a fun experience.
 ER.  We are pretty happy for being in there for 4 hours.  We had the giggles really bad.  The nurses kept telling us we were having too much fun.  And we really were.  But it was fun =)

Friday was weird.  We taught Lillie.  She is getting baptized!  She is 9 years old and her mom is a recent convert... who doesn't really know a lot.  We aren't sure if the missionaries taught her everything. Haha.  Oh well. We taught the plan of salvation and it went well.  I really like teaching little kids the plan of salvation and the gospel of Jesus Christ because we have little charts and interactive things we use.  Lillie is going to be baptized on Feb. 15th and we are super excited.  Later was the weird part.  But it was fun.  We taught a less active member who doesn't know a lot.  JoAnn.  She wanted to take us to her neighbors house where she does bible study with some other people.  She wanted to make sure we new that she wasn't being taught something wrong or something against what we believe.  So we went over there and her friend started teaching us out of and amplified bible.  It was so hard not to laugh while she was reading a verse that was totally different then ours.  There were a LOT of extra words in there that made it more complicated.  It was fun =)  Then we taught the gospel of Jesus Christ to her and JoAnn.  I don't know what she thought of it.  But I thought it was a pretty good lesson.  

Saturday I guess was pretty normal.  Taught the plan of salvation to a 10 year old again.  That's always fun.  Especially when they get into and enjoy learning what we are teaching.  Went to Sayre's and Sweet's of course... just like every Saturday.  Probably spent a little too much time at Sayre's though. Haha.  They always tease me about the etch-a-sketch.  They say "you have way too much time on your hands... it's because you're homeschooled."  It's funny.

Sunday we taught Kristine again.  Taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ.  One of my favorites to teach everyone.  She is so excited to get baptized... but I think her mom is even more excited for her.  We had dinner at there house and she is an amazing cook!  Had some really good spinach artichoke wantons.  She said she has felt the spirit while we are there.  And she also said that we are an answer to her and her mom's prayers.  As a missionary that is pretty much the best compliment anyone can give us.  Because that is what we strive to be... answers to people's prayers.  It shows that we have been following the spirit. =)

Today we are going to play games with some of the Elders and Sisters.  Hopefully there is a foosball table at the church we are going to=)  It's gonna be fun.  

I hope that everyone has been have a great January.  I have no idea where is has gone, this has been the fastest month on my mission so far.  They say that it gets faster and faster as you go along... I really am going to be home quick if that is the case.  I love serving the Lord.  I love serving the people in the Nampa East Stake.  I have made some friends that I will remember, and hopefully keep in contact, for the rest of my life.  I have learned that happiness comes from serving others.  And I am so happy!  Missionary work is super hard but it's pretty much the best thing that has happened in my life so far.
I have probably said this already but oh well.... remember that missionary work is love in action! =)

I love you all!
Have a great week
Love, Sister Radmall

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