Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Week

Well.. I'm a trainer.  Crazy huh?  It's fun though =)  I think I am better and more determined when someone looks UP to me rather then EXPECTS something of me.  So I feel like I am doing better as a missionary since I have to be the example.
Last Monday we had a training meeting and dinner at the mission home.  So we got nothing done on Monday after p-day.
Tuesday we had to go pick up our new companions who just arrived from the MTC like I did two months ago. We were there all day so we got nothing done on Tuesday either.  I got my companion, Sister Bowler.  She is awesome.  She is so determined and ready to work.  Now that we are all settled in and we are starting a new week we are going to do lots of work.  Hopefully we can find lots of people to teach.  Sister Bowler is a lot like me.  She went to LDS Business college to get an interior design certificate, which is what I have! =)  So we both like to talk about interior design.  And she doesn't think I'm crazy when I start drawing sketches and floor plans during breakfast and lunch. Haha.
Wednesday we had dinner with President and Sister Cannon.  That was fun!  I felt kinda bad for Sis. Bowler.  First dinner in the mission and it's with the president.  But it was good.  I shared the poem that I gave in my farewell talk with them and they really really liked it.  Later we had some fall through lessons and just visited people. Got a bunch of referrals.  So that's good.
Thursday, Thanksgiving!  We hung out at Sayer's most of the day.  It was fun!  We had dinner at 2 then played games for the rest of the day.  We played Ticket-to-Ride.  Reminded me of home.  I felt right at home there, so that was great!  Later we went to the Sweets and had some pie.  I tried pumpkin pie again, even though I don't like it.  Still don't really like it --but I can handle it. Lol.
Friday was just a lot of visiting members to get referrals and such.
Saturday was Brennan's baptism.  It was great.  I gave the baptism and holy ghost talk.  They did it before the Stake baptisms because Brennan has a short attention span.  So my talk was like 5 minutes and most of it consisted of questions for Brennan so I could keep him focused.  After that was Mya's.  She is the most precious girl ever.  Adorable!  She was so excited to get baptized.  She told everyone she saw afterwords that she got baptized.  I saw Esther Palmer!! She was at the stake baptism and she came over and said hi.  I showed her a couple pictures of the family and we talked about Trenton and who still lives there and all that fun stuff.  Hopefully we will be able to go to their house for dinner in a couple weeks.  I want to see the rest of her family =)
Sunday was another long day of church and meetings.  7:30 to 4, and fasting.  But it went by pretty fast.  We both bore our testimonies in two of the sacrament meetings so that the ward could see us and here our testimonies.
We decorated our apartment yesterday.  Sayers and one of the bishops gave us 2 little Christmas trees and some lights and ornaments.  So we put that up.  It feels like Christmas!  We listen to Christmas music almost constantly.  Love it! =)
I think that's all the fun stuff going on... I hope it is anyway.  This Saturday is Mandy and Trystin's baptism.  I am so excited!!!!  Mandy hurt her foot this week so she has a boot and crutches.  She told me that if she needs some extra help then I am going to have to get in the font with her.  haha.  So that will be interesting. I discovered that she had only started coming to church at the beginning of October.  So when I was in the MTC.  I thought that was cool.
I felt really disappointed yesterday.  More then I ever have... So our investigators that are trying to stop smoking were doing really well.  We went over to see how they were and they suspiciously wouldn't let us in.  Said they were sleeping.  So I hoped that they really were just sleeping but had a feeling they were smoking.  Then we drove by their house yesterday  (which is right across the street from the tobacco store "When you gotta habit") we saw them walking home from there smoking :/ It was really sad.  Especially since they were so determined and excited.  I really thought they would do it.  Hopefully they can do it again.  I'm praying for them.
okay... now I think that is all =)
Have a fantabulous week everyone!!

Love, Sister Radmall

P.S. this is a good scripture! D&C 101:32-36 =)

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